Volume 40,   Issue 7                                  July 2005


Something to Rely On
Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, has introduced its Reliance Curtain Wall™, a high-performance, pressure-equalized system. According to the company, the new system is zone-glazed, offering water control, thermal performance and straight forward fabrication and installation.

The system has a 1-inch infill system, with snap-in adaptors for ¼-inch infill in spandrel applications, as well as a complete ¼-inch infill system. Two gasketing options are available as well: the standard optimization utilizes an EPDM dense gasket for exterior and interior applications; the second utilizes an EPDM dense gasket for the exterior and a sponge gasket for the interior to accommodate molded corners when necessary.

Solar Innovations Offers Glass Wall Options
A news release from Solar Innovations Inc. , of Myerstown, Pa., says it offers a complete line of curtainwall systems with ornamental details and accessories that can be combined to create custom products. The curtainwall systems create an easy transition to a sloped glazing system, creating a single unified structure. 

In addition, the company is offering a folding wall panel in 1-inch insulating, ¼-inch tempered, single pane or 9/16-inch laminated, single pane. The panel is available with out- or in-folding, top- or bottom-load and a thermal or non-thermal frame. Individual panel sizes are available up to 36 by 120 inches. 

window hardware
Casement Hardware from Ultra Hardware
Ultra Hardware of Pennsauken, N.J., is delivering a range of products to the casement hardware market. New to the line are casement operators, handles, mounting tracks and multipoint locks. The items are designed to retrofit most existing configurations for quick and simple replacement, according to the company.

A fold-down crank handle is also new to its casement line. It adjusts into fully-extended, half-stopped and fully collapsed positions.

Truth Makes an Encore
Truth has unveiled its new Encore system and Fusion™ lock and latch system. Encore is an operator that offers an interchangeable cover and folding handle design.

According to the company, it incorporates all of the same strength and performance characteristics as its Maxim® operators, and meets performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of large, versatile casement and awning windows. 

Its Fusion™ lock and latch system is a new product for the single/double-hung window market that allows the homeowner to operate the lock-and-tilt latch from one central point. The tilt latches can be enclosed within the sash. 

The company has also introduced its new line of 2-point mortise locks. The new locks offer the added security and increased performance of multi-point locking with a variety of styles to meet the demands of sliding door manufacturers, according to the company. The locks have a unique anti-slam feature that assures they cannot be damaged by mistakenly closing the door with the hooks extended. 

Light the Way
Schott North America Inc., located in Elmsford, N.Y., has available an illuminated glass product that has no visible wires. Called LightPoints™ Led Glass, the product is ideal for airports, hotels, office buildings or any location where an upscale look is desired. It can be used in skylights, glass handrails, lit building facades, elevator ceilings and advertising signs.

The LightPoints system incorporates light-emitting diodes (LED) into transparent glass conductor plates that are protected by a top and bottom layer of laminated glass. According to the company, the clear conductive layer allows electricity to travel throughout the glass so there is no need for visible wiring.

One-Stop Shopping
The PPG Building Renewal Program is one of the latest innovations from PPG Industries. Through the program, PPG is serving as a single-source supplier, giving building owners and facility managers a one-stop resource for coatings, glass and paint products.

According to Roger Mabe, manager of the PPG Renewal Program, the initiative was developed partly in response to the construction boom of the late 1970s.

“Thousands of commercial buildings and skyscrapers were erected during a building boom that began 30 years ago,” said Mabe. “Many components of these building exteriors have reached the end of their lifecycle. Facility owners and managers are now deciding the best way to rejuvenate their buildings in order to maintain tenant satisfaction and lease revenues.” 

Included in the program’s offerings are solutions for architectural glazing renovations. Products available include Solarban® 60, an energy-saving, low-E glass. According to PPG, Solarban 60 transmits 70 percent of the sun’s visible light, while transmitting only 38 percent solar heat and maintaining the traditional appearance of clear glass.

Comfort Zone
AFG Glass of Kingsport, Tenn., has announced that for the first time it is offering Comfort Ti-AC 40™—its premium solar control low-E coating—on a variety of tinted substrates.
By glazing the low-E coating on the second surface of a commercial insulating glass unit rather than the third surface, the coating is closer to the sun, resulting in enhanced solar protection and year-round energy efficiency for commercial buildings, according to company officials. Compared to a third-surface low-E coating, AFG’s new second-surface Comfort Ti-AC 40 (on a green tinted substrate) reduces solar heat gain from 0.37 to 0.31, while the shading coefficient also improves, from 0.43 to 0.35.
To meet a spectrum of aesthetic and design needs, Comfort Ti-AC 40 is available on green, dark green, bronze and gray substrates. 

Designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency, AFG’s new low-E tinted products are also available with post-temperable coatings. 

glazing hardware
Stand and Deliver
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles has introduced 1 ½-inch and 1 ¼-inch square standoffs and cap assemblies as part of its display hardware offerings. The products are available in standard lengths of ¾, 1, 1 ½ and 4 inches with chrome, satin chrome and brass finishes.

According to CRL, the square standoff cap assemblies can be installed and aligned easily with its square standoff bases due to their exclusive design. The secondary cap, which features removable allen screws, has two flat sides used to secure the cap to the panel material. When firmly in place, the top cap is placed over the secondary cap, then aligned with the square base material and held in position with undetectable double-sided tape.

hurricane-resistant systems
Wausau Introduces New Option for Hurricane Series Windows
Wausau Window and Wall Systems®, of Wausau, Wis., has introduced the latest addition to its hurricane series—new 3250i-HP Insulbar® out-swing and fixed thermal barrier aluminum windows. 

Available for all markets with hurricane, tornado and high wind performance needs, the windows have received Florida product approval and are backed with up to a 10-year limited warranty.

According to information provided by the company, the window configurations can consist of almost any punched opening or horizontal ribbon stacked combination of fixed, awning and casement windows. Maximum frame dimensions extend to 59 inches wide or 98 inches high in design load capacities of up to 90 psf. The windows’ aluminum frames may be painted with dual color finishes to match both exterior and interior color schemes or customized to match school or corporate colors. Screens and applied between-glass grids also may be added upon request.

alternative glazing
TGP Announces Launch of Neopariès Products
Technical Glass Products (TGP) of Kirkland, Wash., recently introduced two new products—Neopariès and Neopariès LT, which are crystallized glass ceramic architectural panels. The company says the products are stronger than granite and more resistant to scratching and abrasion than marble. 

Neopariès products can be used for cladding interior and exterior walls, flooring and counter and tabletops. They can also be installed on buildings and other structures made of reinforced concrete, steel or a combination of both.

The Neopariès products were developed by Nippon Electric Glass and are made using a specialized technique that crystallizes the glass. According to TGP, the process produces tiny needle shaped crystals that give the product a soft color and marble-like texture.

Increased Thickness of Makrolon® Available 
Sheffield Plastics Inc., headquartered in Sheffield, Mass., has announced that Makrolon Window Grade (WG) polycarbonate sheet is now available in sheets ranging in thickness from .75-inch to 2 inches. Previous Sheffield polycarbonate sheet products had a maximum thickness of up to a ½-inch. The new range of thickness makes Makrolon WG suitable for such applications as sight windows for tanks/vessels, viewport windows, medical parts and some military parts, according to a Sheffield press release. Makrolon is UV-stable.

IR Security Offers Online, Offline Access Control
IR Security and Safety’s Electronic Control Systems (ECS) has announced the release of new IR Schlage security management software, which offers access control, digital video capture, badging, visitor management, alarm monitoring, security touring and other security applications tailored to the end user. The software manages offline programmable locks, such as Schlage Computer-Managed (CM) locksets, to online systems including Schlage Value Integration Platform (VIP) and Wyreless open architecture locks.

Controllers accommodate up to 16 readers, including PIN-enabled locks, magnetic stripe and proximity card readers, iButton readers and biometric HandReaders and FingerKey readers.

According to company information, the new security management system meets most banking data center security standards, viewing, acknowledging and securing all alarms. It also defines alarm conditions, sends alarms to predefined work stations and receives videos of alarms. The software supports both online and offline credentials and lets users design and edit badge layout, according to the news release.

Stand-Alone Dealer Quoting Tool Available from Friedman
Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., has created a software package designed for dealers and suppliers in various construction trades, such as glass and mirror. Called PowerPak, the program allows users to address the different aspects of the sales cycle, from creating the quote to printing the final invoice.

“This is the first tool of its kind targeted specifically at distributors, subcontractors and suppliers of non-configured products,” said Alan Russell, product manager. “PowerPak is expanding into a single, comprehensive dealer solution that tackles both sides of the equation related to price book maintenance.” 

TruSeal Introduces Spacer for Decorative Glass 
DecoSeal™, a specially engineered warm-edge spacer system for decorative glass used in windows and doors, is the latest product launch from TruSeal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio. According to the company’s announcement, DecoSeal is designed to reduce assembly steps in fabricating triple glazing by accommodating and supporting the center lite of glass or decorative panel.

The spacer system features multiple air spaces and is wrapped around the perimeter of a decorative panel. It is then placed between two additional lites.

Benefits, according to the company, include a low moisture vapor transmission rate, a concentrated desiccant layer for rapid dew point development, a low profile to accommodate secondary sealing or structural reinforcement in large lites, the ability to incorporate high-performance glass and gas options and the ability for use in single- and dual-seal construction.

Sold on Solera
Advanced Glazings Ltd. of Sydney, Canada now offers Solera, a translucent glazing made of glass. Considered to be one of the company’s high-performance products, Solera is made with light diffusing veils that eliminate glare and disperse daylight into interior spaces.

Also part of the composition is a honeycomb, transparent insulation and two spacer options to allow the product to integrate with any curtainwall, window or skylight system, according to the company.

machinery & equipment
New Measuring and Alignment System
Pinpoint Laser Systems in Newbury, Mass., has introduced a new precision angular measuring and alignment kit for industrial applications. The system’s angular measuring sensitivity is accurate within 1 arc-second, according to the company, and is designed to align precision mounts and fixtures, antenna arrays, molding machine platens, press faces and other assemblies. Precision angles can be measured and checked over surfaces up to 40 feet in length.

The company has also introduced the Microgage 2000 for machinery alignment on the factory floor. The system consists of a cylindrical laser that is held in the tool holder or mounted directly to the machine. The laser reference beam is projected to a digital receiver that is also mounted on the machine and measurement readings are transmitted to a handheld display. Readings as small as .0001 inch show the degree of misalignment on the machine as well as the changes needed for optimal performance, according to a company press release.

Lovati Introduces New CNC Machine
Lovati Fratelli SRL has introduced its latest CNC innovation, the LOV-622-2T/S, a numerical control machine that grinds and polishes the edge on shaped glasses with internal curves, external curves, straight-line sides and mitred corners.

The machine has two grinding spindle units, allowing users to grind and polish two sheets simultaneously on each working table; the work table is divided into two parts, which slide on hardened guides with high precision ball sliding blocks. According to the company, using the machine makes it possible to work any shape and profile by means of linear and circular interpolation on the X, Y and Z axis.

The machine also comes equipped with a 16 position tool crib with automatic selection for tool withdrawal and deposit, CAD/CAM automatic design station and transmission by modem. The two sides to the sliding table can each accommodate two lites up to 480 x 1700 mm or one lite up to 1160 x 1700 mm; when put together, the table can hold glass up to 1840 x 1700 mm.

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