Volume 40,   Issue 6                                June  2005

22nd Annual Guide to New Products & Services

W&W Planar(s) Ahead
W&W Glass from Nanuet, N.Y. now offers the Planar™ SentryGlas Plus System, as part of Pilkington’s line of Planar Systems. The system, which is made with DuPont™ SentryGlas® Plus structural interlayers, is a collaborative effort among Pilkington and DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers. 

The Planar SentryGlas Plus is considered by W&W to be the latest in frameless glazing and is sold with a 12-year warranty.

It has been used in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre (pictured).

Imaging Sciences Introduces GlassChromia®
GlassChromia is a new, patterned, chrome look that Imaging Sciences LLC has added to its Imagine Glass™ product line. The company says it has developed a process through which it can convert any image or design into a solid or patterned chrome appearance to produce mirror-like images in laminated, decorative safety glass. 

GlassChromia can be used alone in clear glass in any thickness or as a multi-color design. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It can be used in insulating, as well as bent glass applications. 

Now You See it, Now You Don’t
Pilkington North America, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, has developed an anti-reflective glass, OptiView™, which is produced through Pilkington’s online pyrolytic process. The company says that unlike clear glass, which reflects 8 percent of visual light, OptiView reflects less than 2 percent.

OptiView glass is made by combining two pyrolytic surfaces into a single, clear PVB-laminated glass plate. Standard thicknesses include ¼ and ½ inch; other thicknesses are available upon request.

In addition, Pilkington says OptiView glass transmits 90 percent visible light and blocks more than 99 percent of ultraviolet transmittance.

Wired for Safety
Technical Glass Products, of Kirkland, Wash., has announced a recent addition to its product line. The company now offers Pilkington Pyroshield™ Plus, which it describes as “a new breed of wired glass that offers impact safety in addition to fire protection.”

According to the company, the product is made by taking traditional wired glass with a special interlayer and laminating it to another layer of clear glass, giving the product the strength to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s impact safety standard CPSC 16CFR1201 (Category I).

Pyroshield™ Plus carries fire ratings up to 90 minutes in doors and up to 45 minutes in other applications. It is available in either diamond or square mesh patterns and can be cut to size.

Light my Fire
Schott North America Inc. has introduced its Pyran® brand fire-rated glass to the North American market. Schott has offered such products in Europe and Asia for more than 25 years.

The company is now offering two glass-ceramic lines, Pyran Star and Pyran Crystal. Both are UL tested for fire ratings from 20 to 90 minutes, and both pass the hose-stream test.

Pyran is available in a number of finished forms: standard, polished, laminated and filmed. The company says Pyran Crystal offers true color rendition, setting a new standard in clarity.

Make a Statement
Oldcastle Glass® has introduced a new line of decorative glass products called Montage™ Visual Effects Glass that allows architects and designers to combine different decorative glazing designs and technologies. The line includes textured patterned glass, custom colored coatings, silk-screened patterns and rice paper designs. While each effect can be used on its own, multiple processes can be combined to create a completely unique, custom look.

Oldcastle Glass’ Louisville, Ky., facility is dedicated to Montage production.

Profilit™ Channel Glass System Passes Hurricane Zone Testing
Westcrowns Inc. of Ocean Isle, N.C., has announced the Pilkington Profilit channel glass system has passed Miami Dade hurricane tests. The testing took place January 7, 2005. 

“The testing people were extremely impressed by our structural load test performance that evaluates wind pressure, in our case 60 psf,” said Michael Clay, field engineer for Westcrowns. “All other Dade County products require passing two impacts. Since our product is so unique, we had to pass three impacts and still maintain the same results as those tested twice.”

The structural glass system is laminated with polycarbonate inside the channel glass surface. The product currently has U.S. patent-pending status.

Vistawall Offers Impact Resistant Storefront System
Vistawall Architectural Products has developed the StormMax FG-5000, an impact-resistant storefront system engineered to provide protection against wind-borne debris as mandated by South Florida’s hurricane code.

According to a Vistawall press release, the storefront system has the ease-of-installation that conventional storefront systems offer and complies with Miami/Dade County Protocol 201, 202, 203. 

The system can be shop- or field-glazed and allows for anchor inspection either before or after glazing. Also, according to the press release, the StormMax FG-5000 was tested with Vistawall 84-inch by 98-inch MS-375 impact-resistant entrance doors.

Weathering the Storm
Dependable Glass Works of Covington, La., is manufacturing hurricane-/impact-
resistant glass to meet building code requirements. The company’s Safety Plus II® hurricane-resistant glass has passed the large missile, small missile and cyclic wind tests and is Metro-Dade County approved for use where hurricane-resistant glazing is mandated.

According to the company, the system is engineered to mechanically capture the PET film that runs through the interlayer. The patented process, in conjunction with a compatible structural adhesive, is strong enough to ensure large insulating glass units remain intact during rigorous wind testing, according to the company. A variety of glass configurations and thicknesses can be used in the manufacturing process.

Shower Doors from CRL Available For 
New Construction and Remodeling Projects

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has created a line of shower doors, the Cottage Series, designed for both new construction and remodeling projects.

“We designed the Cottage Series to cover many new construction and remodeling needs,” explained Brad Murphy, CRL technical sales department manager. “Because they feature a top-hung design, the bottom track and side jambs remain uncluttered, creating an attractive design and making cleaning easy.” 

Murphy said that until this product launch, such a high-end look was unavailable off the shelf.

“The supplementary extrusions and hardware add versatility to the kits and allow installers the option of adding additional panels to an enclosure to create a designer bathroom. With these supplementary components, the kits can be converted to also create angled enclosures or wider inline units. Vertical metal can be completely eliminated, making for a truly frameless look. This is possible through the use of exclusive components and installation concepts. At the heart of this innovation are clear polycarbonate jambs. These virtually invisible jambs are quickly installed with clear hi-bond tape, and with their compact size they do an excellent job of water management.”

Rack ‘Em Up
Milwaukee-based F. Barkow is now manufacturing its own stainless steel rook rack. The company says the 102-S Roof Rack fits any American-made and most foreign-made cargo vans and is designed for easy customer installation. The roof rack is shipped partially assembled so it can be installed in about 20 minutes, according to the company.

Something to Hold on To
A complete line of glass rail and flush rail systems for architectural applications is available from Taco Metals. The railing systems provide top rail, tempered glass panels, pre-drilled bottom rail and all of the caps, corners, inserts and cladding required. Systems range from 1 ½-inch to 4-inch diameters and are precision roll formed every three inches for strength and stability, according to the company. Stainless steel and brass top rails are available with #8 or #4 finishes. 

Stainless steel flush rail systems are also available in 1 ½-inch or 2-inch diameter tubes.

Set Sail with New Lines from Mayflower
New product lines are now available from Mayflower Sales.
The company is stocking DORMA closers, including the BTS75VB, BTS8080 and RTS88 models. The company says it has substantial inventory to ensure fast delivery; technical support personnel have also been trained in application and installation of the closers.

In addition, Mayflower is now distributing Sargent Hardware. Products available include exit devices, mortise and cylindrical locks and door closers. Technical personnel have been trained to enable and answer questions about the products as well.

Kaba Introduces Pushbutton Locks and Anti-Spy Shield
Kaba Access Control, headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C., has introduced mechanical push button locks for controlling access between public and private areas. The Simplex 1000 Series design comes standard with a recessed button area that inhibits outsiders from viewing authorized code entry. For areas that are particularly susceptible to unauthorized surveillance, the company has also created a new Anti-Spy Shield.

The Anti-Spy Shield is described by company information as providing additional user privacy without obstructing the lock’s use and one-handed operation. It also is said to provide additional benefit against severe weather environments when used in outside applications.

Modular Interlocks with Rotary Switches, Bolt Interlocks Now Available
Fortress Interlocks, an industrial safety specialist headquartered in Erlanger, Ky., has extended its range of mGard trapped key safety interlocks. The range now consists of modular units that range from one- to ten-module versions. The ten-module versions have a patented sequencing system with up to 39,000 different sequences. The company’s door module, bolt module and key exchange modules are all available with 20A, 32A, 63A or 150A rotary switches and are approved to BS, CSA, GOST, IEC and UL standards.

Also available from Fortress Interlocks are two modular, mechanical bolt interlocks. Bold Module (BM) and stainless steel version BMS, are designed to interface with devices such as power breakers, valves and earth switches, indirectly interlocking power sources. They are also part of the mGard range of modular interlocks.

Adams Rite Offers Non-Handed Deadlatch
Adams Rite, headquartered in Pomona, Calif., has introduced the 4900 Series Deadlatch, a non-handed design featuring a 5/8-inch brass latchbolt that can be reversed with only a screwdriver, according to company information.

The mounting plate bevel can be changed for flat, left-hand or right-hand beveled doors, and both flat and radius faceplates are supplied to cover wood, hollow steel and aluminum stile doors. The faceplates are available in clear, dark bronze or black anodized finishes.

A Kinlong Time Coming
Hong Kong’s Kinlong Hardware offers a vast array of hardware devoted to architectural point-fixed glass engineering and the research associated with it. The company’s product catalogue includes more than 40 high-quality spiders and routels for architectural point-fixed glass engineering. Kinlong fittings have been used in high-profile projects such as the new Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou, China, which has a total glass façade area of 98,000 square meters.

Kinlong also provides related technical consultation.

Stocking Codelocks
Boyle & Chase of Accord, Mass., has announced the newest access line for the company, called codelocks. The codelocks carried by the company range from mechanical to electronic with uses from residential to heavy-duty commercial. Available with one code or for multiple users, the company stocks each model, function and finish available including cover plates, deadbolts and latches.

Bromer Offers New Cutting Line Option
Bromer Inc. has added the ZPD (zero positioning device) option to its automatic loading table, which allows for glass lite “squaring” without having to tilt the table. 
With the new option, glass lites are grabbed by two rotating rubber wheels, and slid to the side of the table. According to the company, the guided movement keeps the glass from rebounding. The rubber, retractable wheels grip the glass, allowing for stabilization on the moving table.

Casso-Solar’s Combination: Laminating and Tacking Oven
Casso-Solar Corp., headquartered in Pomona, N.Y., has introduced a flat glass laminating line with special IR and convection combination tacking oven.
The line includes a free fall load table, two lay-up conveyors with vacuum lift, pop-up table and pneumatic bridge. It also has an IR preheat oven with pre-press, an IR tack oven with three zone convection heating sections, tack press, acceleration conveyor and a tilt unload conveyor.

The company is also developing a process for complete production of laminated glass without the use of an autoclave.

Cefla Keeps Rolling On
Cefla Finishing America now offers the new Glassline Laser Roller, which, according to the company, delivers glazed, enameled, metalized and opaque effects on plate glass from one foot to 8.3 feet in width. The machine is available with one or two application heads, electronic control of the roller drivers and laser engraved application roller surfaces. According to the High Point, N.C.-based company, the technology ensures a smooth, uniform coating even in heavy applications. Glassline Laser Rollers apply vitrifiable, oil-soluble, water-soluble and UV coatings as well as additional component coatings.

Hawkeye Defect Inspection System for Flat Glass Available
LiteSentry Corp. of Dundas, Minn., has introduced a high-resolution camera-based inspection system that inspects both front and rear surfaces of monolithic glass as it moves down the fabrication line. An on-line defect inspection system, Hawkeye operates at conveyor velocities up to 700 mm/s and is intended for integration into glass fabrication lines (including tempering, coating, IG and cutting) at any line width.

The system seeks scratches, surface pits or debris, coating pinholes, coating spot clusters, abrasions, finger prints, skid marks and tire marks, among others, and logs information for each defect into a database. The database allows users to run reports and sort defects by type, location, glass size and thickness, date or time.

New IGE for Fushan Equipment
IGE, headquartered in Jupiter, Fla., is bringing the full line of a Chinese glass and stone fabrication equipment supplier’s machines to North America soon. The Chinese company, Fushan, manufacturers 88 models of flat glass fabrication machines, all of which are certified to ISO 9001, according to IGE. 

Bystronic Introduces Vertical Glass Cutting Technology
Bystronic has introduced a vertical glass-cutting machine called verticut. The machine is comprised of several modules: automatic loading, intermediate residual subplate storage and management, automatic shape cutting with optional edge deletion and X-breaking. Y-, Z- and trim breaking may be tailored to specific requirements, either manually on an air float table or with a vertical automatic breaking system.

According to the company, which is headquartered in Hauppague, N.Y., the machine is programmed to cut only what is required at any moment, and the cutting and breaking system can be connected to an automatic sorting system for I.G. line feeding, an automatic seaming machine or directly linked to a vertical IG line.

Saff Forni Offers Electric Single Layer Kiln
Italy’s Saff Forni is offering an electric single layer kiln for glass firing. The kiln has fired enamel sheet metal on the outside and high-density ceramic fiber lining on the inside. The machine’s firing cycles are programmed by computer and the equipment can handle up to 15 programs, each with up to 20 steps. It is designed for use in glass bending, double-glazing fusion, color decorations, mosaic and laminated glass fusion.

What’s Your Angle?
The Wagner Companies of Milwaukee has announced the addition of angle roll bending services to its manufacturing operation. The new capabilities include bending aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and bronze and for bending shapes such as round pipe, round and square tube, angles and channel.

The company indicates that the addition of the services builds on existing capabilities of rotary bending, CNC bending with capacities of up to 4.5 inches OD, smaller roll bending and support cutting. Wagner offers CNC measuring devices and pipe and tube cleaning/finishing and forming machines.

Open and Shut: New Slider Window from Crystal
The series 6200 aluminum slider window is now available from Crystal Window and Door Systems of Flushing, N.Y. The window, which features a 4 ¼-inch jamb depth, has received architectural window and heavy-commercial classifications with AAMA 101-97 ratings of H-AW45 and H-HC60 respectively. 

The window can be used in many commercial and multi-family residential buildings in both replacement and new construction applications. It comes in both 2- and 3-lite configurations and has a thermal break aluminum frame and sash construction. It also includes dual-pane 1-inch insulating glass units with a PPG Intercept spacer and double meeting rail interlock to ensure energy efficiency.

Westview Products Introduces Structural Window
Westview Products Inc. of Dallas, Ore., has completed engineering work and has a patent pending on a clad-wood window system to maximize viewing area through a given wall of glass. The frame of the VuMax™ system is fabricated from glue-laminated beams of Douglas Fir, with columns that carry the vertical load of the building as well as accommodate a wide range of wind loads, according to a company press release. The system has an integrated header to directly carry the roof system or a floor load above the window.

Initial efforts have been directed at a corner assembly, with up to five feet in each direction from the corner, and heights up to 10 feet. The fixed glass assembly can be fabricated to accept most major brands of clad-wood windows. The product has NFRC certification for energy performance, and testing for air and water infiltration has been completed, according to the company.

High Performance Terrace Door from Kawneer
Kawneer, headquartered in Norcross, Ga., now offers the 2000T terrace door for hotels, condominiums, lofts and apartments. The 2000T terrace doors, which are described by the company as integrating easily into Kawneer framing or curtainwall systems, include ISOWEB® thermal break—two parallel, glass reinforced, nylon strips installed continuously along the length of the door and frame members for low thermal transmittance and high condensation resistance. Additionally, the doors and frames have double rows of weather seals that are used as additional protection against harsh weather.

According to the company, 2000T doors have mitered corners and include heavy-duty internal reinforcement block that is mechanically fastened and sealed.
The terrace door is available with single or double leaves, which are designed to swing inwards or outwards. Designers can add true or applied muntins and horizontals, and applied muntins can be attached to one or both sides and are proportioned to scale. Door rails and stiles are 3 3/4 –inches wide and 2 1/4-inches deep, and can accommodate infills from 1/4 - to 1 1/8-inches. 

Locking gears throughout are stainless steel with a four-roller system, latch lock and deadbolt. Shoot bolts are standard on the inactive leaf of any pair and optional at the top and bottom of the active leaf. Other options include a heavy duty, concealed stainless steel doorstop and a parallel arm closer.

Three locking options allow key operation with an exterior cylinder and either a blank escutcheon or thumb turn interior, or a blank escutcheon on both sides. The hardware package also includes three heavy-duty, aluminum butt hinges with a stainless steel hinge pin.

Hot Stuff
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has introduced what it calls the “World’s First 20-minute All-Glass Fire Rated Door.” Manufactured with SGG Pyroswiss Extra glass technology, the door comes furnished with a complete hardware package and is available in a variety of finishes. The doors, made of tempered safety glass, are currently made in two sizes: three feet by seven feet and three feet by eight feet, and in thicknesses of 3/8-inch and ½-inch.

U.S. Aluminum’s Patent Storm Front
United States Aluminum Corp., the Waxahachie, Texas-based subsidiary of International Aluminum, has announced that it has been granted a patent on the design of the Storm Front™ entrance door. The patent relates generally to the glazing methods and apparatus, and particularly to the installation of glazing panes in doorframes, said John Frey, chief design engineer for International Aluminum. 

United States Aluminum has also introduced a Thermal Entrance Door that utilizes the polyimide nylon thermal break and has mechanically fastened corners. It is available in narrow and medium stiles. The Series 250-T and 400-T thermal entrance doors are designed for 1-inch insulating glass, and a 10-inch bottom rail is available for ADA requirements, according to the company.

Tremco’s Proglaze® Structural Glazing Silicone Seals Strong
Tremco Commercial Glazing System of Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced Proglaze SSG Structural Glazing Silicone Sealant for protective glazing systems.

According to the company, the sealant provides strength and flexibility that increases personal safety and diminishes damage to provide “the highest level of protection currently available on the market today.” 

Proglaze SSG has tensile strength at maximum elongation of 350 psi and cures to approximately ¾-inch in depth in a closed glazing pocket within 21 days and up to one inch in 28 days. A one-part, high-modulus, neutral cure sealant, Proglaze SSG can be used for sealing joints within window wall systems as well as a cap, heel or toe bead, according to the company. It can be applied with conventional caulking equipment and tooling is recommended immediately after application to ensure firm contact with the joint interface. It is available in 1/12-gallon cartridges, 20-ounce sausages, 4.5-gallon pails and 50-gallon drums.

Capital Tape – What’s in Your Toolbox?
Capital Tape Company, headquartered in Cleveland, now offers the VK Series of structural glazing tapes. The line of tapes, according to the company, features high-density products coated with aggressive acrylic adhesives and are designed to meet stringent performance standards required for structural silicone glazing applications. The tapes are silicone compatible and available in different thicknesses. 

Sika’s New Plan
Sika Corp., of Madison Heights, Mich., has introduced SikaPlan®-SAF100 self-adhered flashing for OEM, InstallationMasters™ and ASTM E-2112 recommended fenestration installation practices.

SikaPlan-SAF100 combines a proprietary synthetic rubber mastic with a heat-treated polypropylene to form a durable, flexible, self-adhering flashing material. It is neither asphaltic nor butyl based. 

According to the company, SikaPlan-SAF100 can be used in conjunction with Sikaflex® sealants to create the Sika Installation System.

Frank Lowe Adds to Line of Fenestration Products
Frank Lowe Rubber and Gasket Co., is celebrating 50 years in business this year at its headquarters in Farmingdale, N.Y. In honor of the occasion, it has introduced two new items to its line of fenestration products, foam wrap tape FWT-2000 and glazing tape.

The FWT-2000, also known as Window Wrap and Jamb Foam, is used to eliminate air flow around replacement windows by filling the void between the window assembly and the frame. It is made with a pressure sensitive tape that adheres to vinyl lineals. It is shipped compressed to reduce freight charges and storage space.

According to the company, the glazing tape is AAMA-approved and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, weathering, oxidation and temperature variation. The tape is made from high performance cross-linked polyethylene foam coated with solvent-based acrylic adhesive on both sides and is supplied with a non-tear film liner.

Making Glass Graffiti Go Away
Glass Technology, headquartered in Durango, Colo., has announced the inclusion of anti-graffiti film into its catalog. According to the company, the film will save Scratch Hog and scratch removal users time in the repair process. It is currently available to new and old Scratch Hog users.

JVM Aluminum Wood-Grain Finished Products
JVM Aluminum Inc. of Brooklyn, N.Y., is now offering storefronts and other architectural aluminum products with a wood-grain finish. 

The finished products are made through an electrostatic powder coating process. The products can be used in both interior and exterior applications and are not affected by UV-radiation or other weather conditions, according to the company.

The products are available in mahogany and oak. Other finishes are available upon request. 

Pinpointing Alignment Problems
Pinpoint Laser Systems of Newburyport, Mass., has introduced a new, precision machinery alignment kit for use in factories and manufacturing facilities. The Laser Microgage kit includes a laser squaring attachment called the 90-Line for checking machine beds, vertical cutting machinery, roll parallelism, squaring sides and gantries and measuring geometric parameters.

A laser beam enters the 90-Line through a port in the front and exits out the side port at a 90 degree angle to the incoming beam. Internal optics allow operators to place the 90-Line anywhere along the laser path to establish precise right angle references. The tool allows multiple references and has a locking mechanism for pre-set positions and a friction lock to hold the beam in place.

According to company information, customers have used the 90-Line in aligning rollers on converting and laminating lines, positioning parallel rails for precision slides and checking milling and cutting tools.

Bit by Bit
Mirart Inc. has added to its line of drill bits with a new 2-inch bit. The company says a new manufacturing process keeps the cost low.

The new bit joins Mirart’s line of diamond drill bits for portable glass drilling machines.

briefly …
… Republic Windows and Doors, headquartered in Chicago, has introduced Enhancement window systems, which according to the company, is designed to “out-perform all others in the vinyl window category for beauty, performance, ease of operation and low maintenance” 

… Unruh has announced that it has received notice that it has met DaimlerChrysler’s criteria to become a special equipment manufacturer of glass transportation for Sprinter Cargo Vans of the DaimlerChrysler Customer Assurance Program 

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