Volume 40,   Issue 6                                 June  2005


Help Wanted!
GANA Offers an Industry-Specific Job Search

by Brian Pitman

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) is introducing a new website aimed at matching those seeking employment in the glass industry with employers. The site, found at www.glassjobsearch.com, features job listings as well as resume searches and company profiles for prospective employers. Though posting job listings and resumes is fee-based with competitive rates, GANA members do receive a discount.

By providing a simple, intuitive interface, GANA will be providing one of only a few job search websites specific to the industry that isn’t outsourced. 

Industry Specific 
One of the disadvantages of an outsourced job search that prospective employers have expressed to GANA staff is that listings are inevitably segmented into a “one-size-fits-all” mentality that does not embrace the specifics of the glass and glazing industry accurately. By providing a job search by the industry, for the industry, GANA members will be able to keep the subtle industry nuances within the parameters of the search. Furthermore, with no cross-referencing of other industries lumped together with glass and glazing, users will see two benefits: 

• Fewer workers lost to other industries; and
• Fewer non-glass industry experts crossing over into a job that doesn’t accurately fit their knowledge base.

The Job Hunt 
Version 1.0 of GlassJobSearch debuted at the beginning of June, but its evolution will continue with the feedback offered by those who will use it the most—glass industry companies offering job listings and potential employees seeking those jobs. This feedback is important in increasing not only the effectiveness of the search, but also in keeping the “by the industry, for the industry” mantra evident in the site itself.

GlassJobSearch 1.0 offers a basic set of features. First and foremost, it offers companies the opportunity to provide job listings that have customized descriptions, qualifications and more. Companies place the job in one of 13 separate categories that run the gamut from human resources to sales to installation positions. Additionally, companies listing jobs can fill out a profile that describes employee benefits, information about the company itself and other pertinent details. 

Job seekers can search for employment based on a number of criteria, including educational requirements, location of the position, type of position or even by company. Additionally, they will be able to browse through the aforementioned company profiles to gain more information about their prospective employer.

In addition, job seekers can post resumes for potential employers to browse. Those posting resumes will fill out an online form to determine their experience, education and other relevant criteria. They can also upload their resume, which will be converted to a PDF and offered as a download to companies seeking employees. Posting a resume on a website created by an industry association assures the expected number of browsers each month will be significant.

Finally, all who use the website to post jobs or resumes will be given the opportunity to fill out a comprehensive feedback survey to evaluate the site’s effectiveness, workability and future features set to be implemented in GlassJobSearch 2.0. Stop by the site and start using it as a tool to have the best possible people in your company’s employment.  

The Author:
Brian Pitman is the marketing and communications manager for the Glass Association of North America based in Topeka, Kan.

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