Volume 40,   Issue 3                             March  2005


Editor's Note:  Industry Ironies is a new section in USGlass that takes a look at some not-so-serious glass-related news items of a questionable hard news value.  Have you heard an interesting or humorous glass story?  If so e-mail it to us at echilcoat@glass.com.

A Birdís Eye View
It seems humans arenít the only creatures who enjoy a stiff drink from time to time. According to a recent article, birds do as well. An article from www.thestate.com, an online newspaper out of Columbia, S.C., reported that a flock of cedar waxwings flew into the glass-walled breezeway of the Middleburg Park office building after eating holly tree berries in the office courtyard. The birds, however, got drunk off of the berry juice and then confused by the glass walls that enclose the courtyard.

The article reported that Carolina Wildlife Care picked up 98 birds; 62 of which are expected to recover.

Divine Intervention?
Bullet-resistant glass has been installed on the windows of the Clearwater, Fla.-based Shepherds of Christ office building, and itís protecting more than just the occupants. Many visitors also claim the buildingís windows show a 60-foot image of the Virgin Mary.

According to an article from www.local6.com, an Orlando, Fla.-based online news site, Shepherds of Christ Ministries spent $55,000 for the protective glass after a teenager vandalized three of the buildingís windows last year.

The image first appeared a week before Christmas in 1996, and drew nearly 500,000 visitors in the weeks that followed. Itís believed that the image was caused by a chemical reaction and corrosion of the metallic elements in the glass coating, but there is no explanation as to why it took the shape that it did.

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