Volume 40,   Issue 5                                 May  2005

Industry Outlook

Considering all of the options for bringing glass inside, we can’t overlook furniture. This month USGlass polled glass shops in Little Rock, Ark., Minneapolis and San Francisco to ballpark their prices for a 46 by 78 inch clear glass tabletop, ¼-inch thick with a polished edge and beveled edge. As you can see from the charts below prices varied significantly, especially on the West Coast. The exception on the West Coast being shop #3, whose prices were not only considerably below the others, but the person to whom we spoke also provided some advice.

“You might not want to put a bevel on a tabletop, because if someone puts a glass there it could tip over,” he said.

Most companies we talked with explained they did not do beveling in-house, so the glass would have to be out-sourced for that service, which could be partly the reason for the increase in the beveled prices.

Although most shops were friendly and helpful, one in particular (shop #1 in Little Rock) provided exceptionally good service. Not only was the person we spoke with friendly and helpful, he went so far as to also offer a price for a seamed edge ($108.67). With glass shop employees like that out there, it’s a safe bet that customer service does indeed go further than price.

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