Volume 40,   Issue 11                      November  2005


GANA Executive Vice President Withdraws from NFRC Board Election

Stanley L. Smith, executive vice president of the Glass Association of North America (GANA), has withdrawn his name from election consideration to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) board of directors. Smith was recommended by other NFRC members for potential nomination in two categories: general interest and fenestration industry. The NFRC board reviewed Smith’s nominee questionnaire and GANA’s membership status (fenestration), and approved his nomination into the fenestration industry category only, rather than the general interest, the category Smith preferred. 

“I am of the opinion that by my placement in the new [fenestration] category, I, if elected, would not adequately represent that segment of the industry and, therefore, I have withdrawn my name from consideration,” said Smith. (See box below.)

According to Jim Benney, NFRC executive director, the general interest category is designated for individuals who are affiliated with members that purchase or specify fenestration products, are involved in the regulation of the use of fenestration products and/or have a significant interest in promoting building energy efficiency. 

“This definition is not intended to infer companies that purchase or specify glass, metal or other fenestration components,” said Benney in an e-mail to USGlass magazine. “If it did, it would not be a general interest category. All manufacturers could say that they purchase fenestration components (i.e., glass, lineals, spacers, etc). Glazing contractors are similar; they purchase fenestration components and manufacture/build/install curtainwall and storefront systems. GANA is a trade association whose principal business activity is representing glass and glazing fabricators and manufacturers’ interests and issues.”

Benney continued, “It has been NFRC’s long-standing practice that nominees who are affiliated with glass fabrication or manufacturing be placed in the fenestration industry category. Only one of their multiple divisions represents companies who theoretically ‘purchase and specify fenestration products.’ That division also includes glazing contractors, curtainwall manufacturers and glass fabricators. NFRC’s bylaws establish a very specific division of categories to assure that six of 12 board seats are held by persons not affiliated with the fenestration industry and who are affiliated with purchasers of fenestration products, regulators of fenestration product use and other organizations interested in building energy efficiency, including not-for-profit and public interest organizations. The minority of NFRC board seats (5 of 12) are designated for representatives of fenestration product manufacturers. 

It is therefore incumbent on the board to ensure all candidates are placed in board categories so as not to skew this careful balance on the board. NFRC is not a trade association; we do not represent the interests of the fenestration industry. We are to serve the public good.”

DuPont Expands Production of Safety Glass Interlayers 
Responding to a global demand for impact-resistant products, DuPont of Wilmington, Del., has announced a number of expansions.

Now operational in Fayetteville, N.C., is a new SentryGlas® Plus manufacturing line. The SentryGlas Plus interlayers are designed to meet stringent building codes, such as hurricane codes, and can be used in applications such as high-rise building facades, balustrades, handrails, floors and overhead glazing.

In Wilmington, the company has opened a facility to produce SentryGlas Expressions™. This safety glass product combines the company’s inkjet and polymer science to create a decorative architectural glass product.

In addition to these U.S. expansions, DuPont has also launched additional production capabilities at its Retrim safety glass interlayer plant in Zlin, Czech Republic. The company also added production capability for its Butacite® interlayers for windshields with shade bands at its Ulsan, Korea facility.

NFRC Board of Directors Categories Defined
According to NFRC bylaws, board categories are defined as follows: Fenestration Industry: Members involved in manufacturing fenestration products or components or with members who are trade associations or other organizations formed to represent such manufacturers. Of those five positions, at least three (3) shall be filled by one individual from each of the following categories: (i) a primary glass manufacturer; (ii) a manufacturer that sells the majority of its fenestration products for use in non-residential construction; and (iii) a manufacturer that sells the majority of its fenestration products for use in residential construction.

Laboratory: A member who is employed by or affiliated with an NFRC accredited test or simulation laboratory.

General Interest: Members that purchase or specify fenestration products; are involved in the regulation of the use of fenestration products and/or have a significant interest in promoting building energy efficiency including, but not limited to, consumer or public interest organizations, energy service providers, builders and other construction contractors, architects, engineers, attorneys, specifiers, state or local energy offices, building code agencies, institutions of research and higher education and trade associations or other organizations formed to represent any of those groups. Of those six positions, at least three (3) shall be filled by one individual from each of the following categories: (i) a representative of a state or local government energy or building code office; (ii) a not-for-profit institution of research or higher education; and (iii) a not-for-profit consumer, environmental, energy efficiency or other public interest organization.

In the October USGlass the telephone and fax numbers of Ashton
Industrial were incorrect in the advertising index and the Annual Guide to New Machinery and Equipment. 

The correct numbers are: 

    phone: 01144 208 551 4046 and
    fax: 01144 208 551 1433.

USGlass regrets the errors.

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