Volume 40,   Issue 11                      November  2005


Cleveland Slips Back
by Lyle R. Hill

OK, I admit it. I was a little rough on Cleveland in my October article. But you have to understand that those pesky Indians came within just a couple of victories of ruining the Cinderella story of my beloved Chicago White Sox. And now that the ending has been properly written Ö in case you didnít know the Sox won the World Series and looked fantastic in doing so Ö I can now lighten up a bit. 

But then again, maybe itís too late:

E-mail received on 10/24 (from Arthur B.): Where do you get off making fun of Clevelandís Cuyahoga River? Are you not aware that the Chicago River is the only river north of the Mason Dixon line that never freezes over? And do you know why it doesnít freeze?

Because it is so polluted with chemicals that it canít freeze, thatís why! 

E-mail received on 10/24 (from Arlene W.): I am really surprised that you made fun of the Cleveland Indians logo. I think the smiling, one feathered Indian is cute. He appears to be happy, fun-loving and sincere. I think you are jealous because your logo is nothing more than a sock. How creative is that?

Voice mail message on 10/25 (from Janeen M.): Hey Lyle, if you want to badmouth New Jersey or any of those other forsaken places, you just go right ahead. But youíd better leave Cleveland alone cause itís a wonderful place and Iíd take it over Chicago any day. Itís a great place to visit or live. And I think if you will check the cumulative records of the White Sox and Indians over the past five years or so, you will quickly see who has the better baseball team. 

E-mail received on 10/25 (from Alan R.): Iíve been told that the Chicago River is so polluted that the only thing that ever gets fished out of it is dead bodies. And you want to make fun of the Cuyahoga? Shame on you, Lyle.

E-mail received on 10/25 (from Stanley T.): Your White Sox got lucky. Just wait til next year. 

Voice mail message on 10/26 (from anonymous): Hey you idiot, I just finished reading your article about Cleveland and all I can say is ďdrop dead.Ē

E-mail received on 10/27 (from Larry E.): I want to comment on your comments regarding Cleveland being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As I recall, Chicago was one of the finalists but was beaten out by Cleveland. My guess is that you simply havenít recovered from this snub as yet, and are therefore extremely jealous. 

Fax received on 10/27 with a copy of an article on recent corruption convictions (from Christina W.): I have heard Cleveland described as The City on the Lake, whereas Chicago is regularly described as the City on the Take. How many of your city politicians and city employees have been convicted of wrong-doing in the past year? At last count I believe it was more than 20! And isnít that your former governor whoís currently on trial for all kinds of corrupt activities that took place while he was in office? I donít know how you have the nerve to make fun of a terrific place like Cleveland while you live in such a corrupt place like Chicago. 

E-mail received on 10/27 (from Mike P.) Iím not going to trash Chicago because itís an okay place, but I personally think Cleveland is better. And now that I have your attention, can you explain to me why a team that calls itself the White Sox actually wears black socks as part of its uniform? You and your city are very confusing!

Okay. There you have it. A sampling of just a few of the 30 or so responses Iíve received in the last few days regarding my comments about Cleveland. I must admit that I am a bit surprised, although I also need to tell ya that there were a few people who agreed with me.

I donít know who or what is behind this campaign for Cleveland Ö although I am impressed. 

But for now, Iím going to step away from this fracas, perhaps take a little stroll along the banks of the Chicago river to see what (or who) has been fished out lately, and be comforted by the reality of knowing that the Chicago White Sox Ö a team that I have cheered for since my youth Ö are the baseball champions of the world. And I really donít care what color socks they wear!

PS: I was serious about coming to Cleveland the next time the Cuyahoga River catches on fire again, so somebody make sure to call me Ö 

The Author:
Lyle R. Hill is president of MTH Industries of Chicago.

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