Volume 40,   Issue 10                          October  2005


Impact-resistant products

CINTEC America Anchors Down
CINTEC America, based in Glen Burnie, Md., has unveiled its Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems. The product offers a customized solution for each application and masonry substrate to provide high resistance to explosions.

The anchor system consists of a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve. At the jobsite, the system is inserted into the masonry and then connected to the frames. A specially-developed, non-polymer, cementitious grout is then injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout fuses with the mesh, expands band shapes itself around the steel to fit the space. 

The company uses dry or low-volume wet diamond drilling techniques to reduce or eliminate water damage associated with conventional concrete wet drilling.

Numerous Blast Window Retention Anchor Systems are available, and each system is designed to meet the conditions under which it must perform, according to the company.

Shipping the StormFront™ 
United States Aluminum says it is now shipping its Storm Front line of high impact-resistant storefront framing and entrance systems. IG500 is a 2.5- by 5-inch storefront framing system for 0.5625-inch laminated glass, and IG600 is a 2.5- by 5-inch storefront framing system for 1.3125-inch insulating laminated glass. 

Both systems are center-glazed and utilize screw spline assembly. The Storm Front entrance is for 0.5625-inch laminated glass, has 4.625-inch stiles, 4.6875-inch top rail, 7.3125-inch bottom rail, 0.125-inch wall thickness, requires just one glass stop and is 2.1875 inches thick. According to U.S. Aluminum, the line of products has been tested and approved for use in areas where requirements for high wind resistance is up to 210 miles per hour. It can also withstand large missile impacts.

Glaverbel Introduces New Colored Glass Product
Blackpearl colored glass is the latest product launch from Glaverbel. The company says the product is ideal for providing a perfect balance between spandrel and vision glass.
According to Glaverbel, Blackpearl offers a light transmission that is close to zero, making it nearly opaque. The company says the product also offers long-lasting mechanical strength and is chemical resistant. 

Blackpearl is available in stock sheets that can be processed in the same way as other float glass products.

Easy Does It
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), headquartered in Los Angeles, is now offering a component railing system featuring non-welded mechanical connections allowing for on-site installation. According to information from CRL, the new system implements 1 1/2-inch Schedule 40 stainless steel posts and CRS adapter fittings.

CRL says the new railing system is designed for use with 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch tempered glass infill panels that are secured without the use of glass clamps. CRL claims that this feature greatly simplifies the installation process.

According to CRL, pre-fabricated posts are available for both welded flange mount and core drill mount applications. Polished or brushed stainless steel finishes are both available from stock.

Products Demonstrate Green Test Results

GlassKote USA, located in Bridgeport, Conn., has announced its glass color coatings have test results demonstrating green (environmental) properties. The company says its products do not have any isocyanates, which are often found in color treatments and are proven to cause chronic illness.

“To our knowledge, GlassKote is the only isocyanate-free, two-part glass coating available in North America,” said Warren Belkin, principal of GlassKote USA. “We are committed to bringing safety and security to companies that are involved in the architectural glass industry, homeowners and businesses that live with these materials.”

The company says it has received test data from independent, certified testing labs in which the GlassKote product was tested to have pull-off adhesion strength of more than 2100 pounds per square inch. It has approvals for structural silicone applications as well. 

DL Labs of Brooklyn, N.Y., conducted ASTM testing for GlassKote USA. The following tests were performed: chemical resistance, ASTM D 1308; adhesion, ASTM D 3359; pull off adhesion strength, ASTM D 4541; pencil hardness, ASTM D 3363; humidity resistance ASTM 4585; blistering after humidity test, ASTM D 714; adhesion after humidity test, ASTM D 3359; and MEK solvent rubs ASTM D 4572/D 3732.

The structural sealant/weatherseal testing was done by Dow Corning. 

Unique Fabrication
The new Taffeta line of glass products is the latest from UltraGlas® of Chatsworth, Calif. The company says that Taffeta offers both unique aesthetic qualities and durability.

According to the company, Taffeta field tiles feature a cross-linear structure embossed on the top surface that creates the effect of taffeta fabric. The tiles are lead free and can be ordered in a variety of standard and custom sizes and thicknesses.

A Brilliant Alternative
A number of new OKACOLOR products are available from SCHOTT North America Inc. of Elmsford, N.Y., as alternatives to body tinted or ceramic frit float glass. According to information from SCHOTT, OKACOLOR offers improved color consistency, depth and brilliance compared to similar products. Production is also said to be less time-consuming than that of coated glass or ceramic frit. SCHOTT says the process allows architects freedom to design colorful graphic exteriors while still meeting structural requirements. 

OKACOLOR technology allows for the complete reproduction of black and white and multi-colored images, as well as solid-color coatings, on heat-strengthened and tempered float glass. The OKACOLOR coatings used implement inorganic pigments instead of infusing colors into the glass, according to the company, and the use of digital origination allows for the reproduction of images over the surface of multiple lites of glass. 

Applications of OKACOLOR glass include monolithic single glazing, laminated glazing and insulating glass on annealed float, tempered and cast glass substrates.

The image at left, created with OKACOLOR, shows an artist’s depiction of a brain MRI. The glass wall is located at the Tanaka Business School at Imperial College in London. 

handling & transportation
Heavy Lifting
Beta Max Inc. of Melbourne, Fla., is now offering the Leo Series of portable hoists for glass hoisting. The hoists feature integrated variable frequency drive controllers, soft start and stop capabilities, and the ability to lift glass lites in finite increments according to Beta Max.

glass floors
Walking on Sunshine
GlassWalk™ from IBP of Fort Worth, Texas, is a structural glass flooring system that utilizes laminated glass lites from the 12 by 12 inches and individual pieces up to 40 by 45 inches. The concept comes from the company’s 6-inch glass paver floor system, which IBP says is a pre-engineered system that increases the visual appeal of the floor and light transmission, while reducing lead times for product fabrication in both residential and commercial applications.

The GlassWalk system can be installed on-site much like the standard IBP Grid Floor System, which utilizes an aluminum grid framework. The laminated glass is available in more than 30 different ceramic frit patterns that ensure a non-slip walking surface that meets the most stringent codes, according to the company. An open weave frit pattern can be applied to the top surface for slip resistance without an obscurity layer below. 

Special order laminated glass can be made with company logos, directional signage or custom patterns screened on the interior glass surface. Custom radius corners, curves or special sizes or shaped laminated glass can be created, as well.

shower doors 
Hinges with Elegance for Shower Doors
The Accent shower door hinge by Agalite of Tukwila, Wash., has been redesigned and improved for the company’s Accent and Euro Collection 0.25-inch swing doors. Body and rounded corners have been added to give the hinge a soft, elegant look.

The hinge comes standard on all 0.25-inch thick glass Accent and Euro Collection and Allure Option swing door shower enclosures.

New Vertex2 Skylights from Naturalite
The Vertex2 from Naturalite Skylight Systems of Terrell, Texas, is the company’s newest line of fall-protection skylights. According to company information, the Vertex2 skylights meet OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23 (e) (8) and have been tested to an impact of 1,000 foot-pounds. 

Thermalized curb construction is also an available option to help reduce condensation inside the skylight. Vertex2 features a double-dome design and is available in both dome and pyramid shapes.

Naturalite also offers EZ Pyramid and EZ Ridge skylights. Both of the EZ skylights come with pre-fabricated parts, marked to coordinate with drawings, according to a company news release. Unlike pre-engineered programs, which dictate size and pitch, both skylight products are available in a variety of sizes, pitches and finishes, and accept a variety of glazing infill thicknesses. Lead times are minimized by custom fabrication software and stocking inventories. 

architectural metals
Finishing First
Linetec of Wausau, Wis., is debuting a new copper anodized finish for aluminum products. According to the company, the finish offers the look of real copper and is resistant to salt run-off stains, galvanic corrosion and patina in harsh environmental conditions. Linetec says the finish uses actual copper to color the aluminum, while isolating the copper in the coating.

The finish meets all AAMA 611 Class 1 specifications and, according to Linetec, samples have been tested for up to eight years without significant change in color or gloss. The aluminum can be anodized before or after fabrication in both sheet and extrusion form and is ensured within five delta Es.

Along with introducing this new finish, Linetec has expanded its finishing capabilities to include materials up to 48 by 96 by 360 inches in dimension.

The Natural Solution
CENTRIA of Moon Township, Pa., has introduced Durallure®, a finish for the Formawall™ Dimension Series®line of panels. Accord-ing to the company, Durallure is designed to give the look of natural, bare metal with a spangle-free finish.

Durallure is fully recyclable and, according to the company, showed no red rust in ASTM B117 testing. The finish is offered in embossed, smooth and striated finishes and comes with a 20 year warranty against rupture.

fire-rated glass
Taking the Heat
Technical Glass Products of Kirkland, Wash., is now offering its FireLite® IGU, a fire-rated, insulating glass ceramic unit. The IGU is constructed with FireLite or FireLite Plus® on one side, a lite of float or tempered glass on the other, and an air space in between. According to the company, FireLite IGU is ideal for exterior applications where energy codes require an insulating product, or for interior applications with special needs, such as sound reduction. 

According to company information, FireLite IGU carries fire ratings of up to three hours for doors and from 20 to 60 minutes for other applications. It has also passed the hose stream test and meets the impact safety requirements of 16 CFR 1201 (Cat. II) when constructed with FireLite Plus.

FireLite IGU can incorporate low-E, tinted, reflective, one-way mirror and art glass, and can be etched (or beveled when using FireLite Plus) on one side without affecting the fire rating. FireLite IGU is available in sizes up to 48 inches by 96 inches.

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