Volume 40,   Issue 10                          October  2005

USGlass Annual Guide to New Equipment & Machinery

Wheels Keep a Rollin'
A Look at Some of the Latest Machinery & Equipment Roll Outs

As part of the USGlass magazine 10th Annual Guide to New Equipment and Machinery, the next three pages offer a detailed look at some of the newest lines available. Suppliers are offering everything from bevellers and edgers to tempering ovens and laminating lines. For even more machinery offerings, be sure and check out the chart on page 54.

IGE Solutions Gets an “Edge”
Located in Jupiter, Fla., IGE Solutions (IGE) has a number of product lines available from several different manufacturers. 

The company offers drilling, notching, edging and fabrication equipment from the Italian company Forvet. IGE says Forvet drilling machines can drill and notch thick glass lites, and can be programmed quickly for custom and out-of-square work. The drilling machines also feature dual-opposing spindles.

A variety of equipment lines for beveling, edging and drilling, as well as fabrication equipment, laminating machines and production lines are available from the Chinese company Fushan as well.

In addition, Golden Glass (also from China) tempering ovens are available. IGE says Golden Glass machines are ISO 9001 certified, and manufacturing lead times are half that of European competitors. 

Mappi Celebrates Five Years of Business in the United States
This year marks the fifth year that Mappi, an Italian manufacturer of glass tempering machines, has operated in the United States. The company’s first line was sold in 2000 in the United States to Mirror Mart Inc. of Logansville, Ga. The Mappi equipment line is distributed and sold in the United States by Besana-Lovati Inc. of Winston-Salem, N.C.

Mappi has since sold 18 tempering lines here, the two most recent, still in installation phases, were sold to New Angle Beveling of Hyde, Pa., and Chicago Tempered Glass in Chicago.

According to information provided by the company, Mappi has combined the economic aspect of production with technology advancements and environmental considerations. The company says its machines feature rapid lighting, an intelligent system of matrixes for heating room optimization, a direct current fan with automatic electronic speed regulation for controlling the use of air and reducing energy costs.

Mappi ovens also feature a Glaverbel-patented GHBS convection system that allows it to process low-E glass products. In addition, the ovens do not use SO2 gas, which can be harmful to the environment and those operating the equipment.

Glassrobots: Bending, Tempering and Laminating
Glassrobots says it is prepared to meet the production needs of glass fabricators with its equipment lines for tempering, bending and laminating.

For temperers, Glassrobots offers the RoboTemp™, which combines the advantages of true convection furnaces and radiant furnaces. It can heat clear glass in 25 seconds per millimeter; soft-coated glass takes 10-20 percent longer. 

The FuzzyTemp™ multi-convection, forced convection furnace is also available and is ideal for tempered value-added glass products, such as bronze silvered, coated solar and low-E.
Also available are several different bending furnaces, including single-, double- and multi-chamber furnaces in either semi-automatic or automatic versions.

A complete line of production equipment for flat laminated glass is also available. The equipment features flexible lines for both stock size and custom size production. Efficient convection heating allows fabricators to produce colored and reflective glass, as well.

Salem Distributing: Drilling Away
Salem Distributing of Winston-Salem, N.C., is offering the VitroDAM TLF and VitroDam 3016 lines.

The VitroDAM TLF is a numerically controlled double-turret drill. The machine is capable of drilling holes through both sides of a glass lite and seams the holes with two independently driven vertical spindles. It can select the appropriate tool for each type of drill application automatically.

The VitroDAM 3016 is a CNC work center and features constructional sturdiness, extraordinary power and torque of the working head and quality components, according to the company. VitroDAM can perform a number of operations, including drilling, milling, sawing, edging, polishing and beveling without having to reposition the work piece.

Edgetech Puts it All on the Table
Edgetech I.G. Inc. of Cambridge, Ohio offers three different tables for insulating glass production.

A 60- by 60-inch suction table features air flotation for easy glass movement, reverse suction that ensures positive glass holding during the application process, an aluminum extrusion air chamber for level surface and high strength, as well as a ¾-inch grid surface for muntin installation. In addition, the table features a foot pedal for hands-free operation, as well as numerous other features.

Edgetech also offers a tilting grid table and an air float table. The tilting grid table has a 48- by 84-inch surface so it can handle a wide range of glass sizes. Other features include reverse suction for positive glass holding during matching, retractable stops for easy glass matching, a replaceable Arboron top surface for extended wear, ¾-inch grid surface for muntin installation, an aluminum extrusion air chamber that provides level surface and high strength, as well as numerous other features.

The air float table features an 84- by 84-inch surface, air flotation for easy movement, reverse suction and vacuum cups that rotate and traverse for easy glass manipulation. A disc brake system allows for positive glass holding during applications, and friction brake locks traverse movement during the application. Numerous other features are included with this table, as well.

Billco Takes the Edge Off
The Ultra Series cutting system with edge deletion, available from Billco Manufacturing in Zelienople, Pa., has been designed to meet the increasing demands for fast and efficient edge deletion. The system, according to the company, is capable of deleting any shape or contour to ensure uniform material removal. 

It can operate at linear speeds of up to 7000 IPM, and has dual drive motors for accurate positioning at any location on the table; the table vacuum creates overlaid deletion and score paths. In addition, the automatic wheel-wear and glass thickness compensation minimizes wear and downtime, according to the company.

Also from Billco is the FlexiGlyde, which offers IG manufacturers a cost-effective horizontal solution for applying any flexible spacer. The company says the equipment is designed to be integrated into a variety of layouts, and can easily replace existing manual application tables. The FlexiGlyde features a dual-headed application option that allows production-minded facilities the ability to use the same equipment to apply spacers from different manufacturers with zero changeover time, according to the company.

Grenzebach Stacks Up
Grenzebach Corp., the U.S. subsidiary of Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, has introduced a high-speed glass stacker that it says is designed to increase efficiency and flexibility for manufacturers. 

According to the company, the high-speed stacker stacks cut lites from a conveyor to a rack used to transport them to other facilities or to customers. The system can handle multiple sizes of glass with varying orientation, either landscape or portrait, tin side in and tin side out, providing manufacturers with flexibility to adapt not only the product, but to rack and equipment changes as well.

Hegla: Introduces the ReMaster System
Hegla Corp., the Atlanta-based subsidiary of Hegla International, building equipment supplier headquartered in Beverungen, Germany, has introduced its Hegla ReMaster automated system.

The ReMaster automatically stores remnant pieces from the cutting process and automatically feeds them back into the cutter as needed. The ReMaster can be used with manual and automatic breakout systems-both new and existing-and is not limited to working with Hegla equipment. 

According to the company, the automating function manages what remnants are saved and what is discarded to improve overall glass yield and the machine eliminates safety and quality issues involved with the process.

Casso-Solar: Laying it on the Line, Laminated Line, that Is
Casso-Solar of Pomona, N.Y., has unveiled a flat glass laminating line with special IR and convection combination tacking oven. The line includes a free-fall load table, two lay up conveyors with vacuum lift, pop-up table and pneumatic bridge, IR preheat oven with pre-press, IR tack oven with three zones convection heating sections, tack press, acceleration conveyor and a tilt unload conveyor.

In addition, the company says it is developing an autoclaveless process for complete laminated glass production without an autoclave.

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