Volume 40,   Issue 9                                  September  2005

Dear USG

Dear USG:
For the past several months I’ve been following Lyle Hill’s running commentary regarding surcharges in his USGlass column known as “The Business,” and now I’ve come to conclude that maybe we in the glass business have it all wrong. Maybe we, the contract glaziers in particular, should embrace the surcharge concept and pass surcharges along to our customers! For instance, we’ve been hit with 25-percent and 27-percent increases the past two years for our group health insurance premiums. Maybe we need to add a “health insurance” surcharge to our invoices. 

Obviously, the skyrocketing cost of oil affects any petro-related service or product. So in addition to fuel surcharges, we could add “laminated interlayer” surcharges. Just think what the vinyl window guys could do with this. 

Of course, bad salespeople would have to add (or perhaps deduct) a “polyester” surcharge. The list could go on and on and on. 

Of course, the customers I deal with, the general contractors, probably wouldn’t go for it, but maybe we glazing contractors should give it a try anyway. What have we got to lose?

Rod Van Buskirk 
Bacon & Van Buskirk
Champaign, Ill. 

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