Volume 41, Issue 4 - April 2006

Shaping the Future of the Glass Industry

A Special GANA Section in Cooperation with USGlass Magazine

An Introduction to GANA

Founded in 1994, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) originated as an amalgamation of the Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA, founded in 1967), Glass Tempering Association (GTA) and the Laminators Safety Glass Association (LSGA, founded in 1981). The three associations had a history of cooperation, having first worked together in 1976 to form the multiple association management firm, Associated Services Corp., as a means of providing more efficient and less costly administrative services to their respective associations and other interested associations. Some years later, GANA also aggressively pursued the formation of the Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC) as a means of dealing more effectively with the model building codes. More recently, member concerns regarding the number of industry meetings each year and the quality of the programs led to the inauguration of Glass Week™, the annual glass industry convention. The amalgamation was the logical next step in their organizational evolution.

Structure of GANA
The original structure of GANA consisted of three divisions: distribution/installation, laminating and tempering, with each division having equal representation on the association’s board of directors.

 In 1997, the distribution/installation division split into two divisions: distribution and building envelope contractors (BEC). The BEC division diversified to focus on the specific needs of the building envelope suppliers and erectors. In 2000, the North American Association of Mirror Manufacturers (NAAMM) joined GANA and formed the mirror division. Following that merger, the Primary Glass Manufacturers Council (PGMC) followed suit and in 2002, became the flat glass manufacturing division. Also in 2002, the GANA board of directors voted to transform the distribution division into the insulating division to serve the manufacturers and suppliers of the insulating glass industry. Currently, the association strives to serve the needs of the glass and glazing industry with six divisions: building envelope contractors, flat glass manufacturing, insulating, laminating, mirror and tempering.

Meetings are an important resource for GANA members. They provide regular opportunities for members to share information, ideas and experiences with peers, customers and suppliers. GANA conducts numerous industry meetings and educational seminars each year. 

While each division has a number of committees that address subjects of specific concern to its members, their technical committees are responsible for the association’s major publications. GANA publishes a number of technical manuals and informational bulletins, and the Glazing Manual, Sealant Manual, Engineering Standards Manual and the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual are the most referenced and extensively used by industry, government, architects and specification writers. The technical committees make a concerted effort to see that association technical manuals and information reflect the current state of the industry.

More for Members
GANA staff members actively represent the industry in the development of industry codes and standards, and serve as liaisons to other fenestration related organizations such as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, GICC, Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA), National Glass Association (NGA) and Protective Glazing Council (PGC).

GANA’s general counsel monitors the activities of Congress and those federal regulatory agencies that impact the association’s members or the industry. In addition to advising the officers, directors and staff, the counsel regularly attends association meetings and monitors its activities and publications to ensure strict compliance with current laws and regulations, particularly anti-trust.

Timely communication is essential in today’s business environment. The association’s website, www.glasswebsite.com, Glass Reflections, GANA’s electronic newsletter, Special Bulletins (issued on an as-needed basis), monthly Safety Bulletins and as-needed Human Resource Reports, all serve to keep members informed regarding those technical, people and environmental issues that are a part of the day-to-day operations of a glass business.

In addition, USGlass magazine has served as GANA’s official publication since 2003. USGlass has the largest circulation of any glass trade magazine and provides the industry with news articles and features on topics that matter in an unbiased manner.

GANA is committed to continuing its efforts to help members develop the management skills needed to remain competitive in a continually changing business environment, while maintaining the flexibility to respond promptly to matters of importance to members and the industry.

GANA Volunteers

GANA Board of Directors

GANA president
Julie Schimmelpenningh
Solutia Inc.

GANA first vice president
Andrew Gum 
Thomas Glass Co. Inc.

GANA second vice president
Brad Austin 
Apogee (Viracon)

GANA treasurer
Michael Ondrus
Atwood Mobile Products Inc. /Spec-Temp Glass

GANA secretary
Ben Beeler
Virginia Glass Products Corp.

BEC division chair
Max Perilstein
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

Flat glass manufacturing division chair
Henry Gorry
Guardian Industries Corp.

Flat glass manufacturing division vice chair
Stephen Weidner
Pilkington North America Inc.

Insulating division chair
Bob Larson
Craftsman Fabricated Glass Ltd.

Laminating division chair
John Bush
Oldcastle Glass

Mirror division chair
Tom Crawford
Donisi Mirror Co.

Tempering division chair
Cliff Monroe
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

Immediate past president
Lee Harrison
Walker Glass Co. Ltd.

BEC Division

Technical committee chair
Henry Taylor
Kawneer Co. Inc.

Flat Glass Manufacturing Division

Educational committee chair
Steve Farrar
Guardian Industries Corp.

Website committee chair
Stephen Weidner
Pilkington North America Inc.

Insulating Division

Education chair
Bill O’Brien
Dow Corning Corp.

Marketing committee chair
Tracy Rogers
Edgetech IG

Technical committee chair
Tim Moore
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

Laminating Division

Ball drop test method task group chair
Julie Schimmelpenningh
Solutia Inc.

Education chair
Dan Laporte
Solutia Inc.

Laminated Glazing Reference Manual task group chair Julie Schimmelpenningh
Solutia Inc.

Marketing committee chair
Jeff Granato

Product labeling task group chair
Peter Anderson
Apogee (Viracon)

Glass flooring task group
John Bush
Oldcastle Glass

Technical committee chair
Dan Laporte
Solutia Inc.

Mirror Division

Canadian standards committee chair
Lee Harrison
Walker Glass Co. Ltd.

Promotions committee chair
Randy Brooks
Gardner Glass Co.

Tempering Division

Education chair
Cliff Monroe
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

Hole and notch task group
Bill Coddington
W.S. Coddington Consulting LLC

Optical distortion subcommittee chair
Joel Feingold
Strainoptics Inc.

Standards and engineering committee chair
Chuck Wencl
Apogee (Viracon)

Vehicular subcommittee chair
Henry Gorry
Guardian Industries Corp.

GANA Technical Committees

Each division of GANA is encouraged to address technical issues relating to their specific areas of expertise through the formation of technical committees and related subcommittees and task groups. Division member companies are encouraged to designate a technical representative for participation in the technical committee. The following is a summary of the current divisional activities.

Building Envelope Contractors Division

Technical committee chair Henry Taylor
Kawneer Co. Inc.

The BEC division technical committee has identified the following objectives for future committee efforts:

  • Development of informational bulletins relating to shop drawings;
  • Update of the GANA Glazing Manual and Sealant Manual; and
  •  Update of the GANA Fabrication, Erection and Glazing Hours Manual.

The BEC division technical committee meets at the annual BEC Conference (held each year in Las Vegas) and for work sessions as directed by subcommittee chairs.

The technical committee was responsible for the development of the recently published GANA Project Managers Reference Manual. Phil DeSautell of Curtain Wall Design & Consulting Inc., led the task group that developed this new manual.

Insulating Division

Technical committee chair Tim Moore
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

The insulating division technical committee is responsible for the identification, development and implementation of technical projects relating to commercial insulating glass units. The committee has identified the following projects for subcommittee efforts:

  • Creating a document on describing insulating glass constructions;
  • Creating a document on edge seals and sightlines for commercial insulating glass units; and
  • Creating a document on terminology in the commercial insulating glass industry.

Laminating Division

Technical committee chair Dan Laporte
Solutia Inc.

The technical committee for the laminating division has provided numerous technical resources to the fenestration industry including the GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual (2006 edition), a reference manual detailing technical applications for laminated glazing constructions. The committee also serves as a primary source for the development and maintenance of industry standards and specifications related to laminated glazing material fabrication, testing and application. Current subcommittee and task group efforts include:

  • Educational subcommittee chair Dan Laporte
    Solutia Inc.

The educational subcommittee provides program planning for the laminating sessions of the annual Glass Fabrication Educational Seminars. The educational seminars provide detailed training for production management, supervision and line operation personnel for glass fabricators across North America.

  • Ball drop test method task group chair Julie Schimmelpenningh
     Solutia Inc.

The ball drop test method task group developed the Standard Test Method for Ball Drop Impact of Laminated Architectural Flat Glass and is now working to create a specification to evaluate the impact performance of laminated flat glass.

  • Glass flooring task group chair John Bush
    Oldcastle Glass

The glass flooring task group is working to develop a Glass Informational Bulletin on glass flooring.

  • Laminated Glazing Reference Manual Task Group chair Julie Schimmelpenningh
    Solutia Inc.

The Laminated Glazing Reference Manual task group continuously works to compile and develop materials to update the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual for release every two years.

  • Product labeling task group chair Peter Anderson
    Apogee (Viracon)

The product labeling task group is developing a Glass Informational Bulletin to address marking/labeling requirements for laminated architectural glass products.

The laminating division technical committee and related subcommittees and task groups meet at Glass Week and the Fall Conference. The committee chairs may convene additional work sessions.

Mirror Division

Technical committee chair To be Announced 

The mirror division technical committee is working to address issues relating to mirror fabrication, handling and use. The mirror division played a major role in the development of the ASTM International (ASTM) document C 1503 Standard Specification for Silvered Flat Glass Mirror and numerous other publications relating to mirror design and application.

Tempering Division 

Standards and engineering committee chair Chuck Wencl
Apogee (Viracon)

The tempering division’s standards and engineering committee has a long history of providing technical reference materials relating to the design, fabrication and use of heat-treated glass products for architectural construction, decorative, appliance, furniture and transportation applications. The committee also serves as a primary source for the development and maintenance of industry standards and specifications related to heat-treated glass fabrication, testing and application. Current subcommittee and task group efforts include:

  • Construction subcommittee chair Mike Rupert
    PPG Industries Inc.

The construction subcommittee has developed Glass Information Bulletins addressing the characteristics of heat-treated glass surfaces, proper procedures for cleaning architectural glass and construction site protection. Current projects include the development of Glass Informational Bulletins on quench patterns in heat-treated glass and thermal stresses in architectural glass.

  • Educational subcommittee chair Cliff Monroe
    Arch Aluminum and Glass Co. Inc.

The educational subcommittee provides program planning for the tempering sessions during the annual Glass Fabrication Educational Seminars. The educational seminars provide detailed training for production management, supervision and line operation personnel for glass fabricators across North America.

  • Optical distortion subcommittee chair Joel Feingold
    Strainoptics Inc.

The optical distortion subcommittee strives to develop test methods to measure observed deviation from flatness of heat-treated architectural glass products.

  • Engineering Standards Manual task group

The Engineering Standards Manual task group is working to compile and develop materials to update the manual.

  • Hole and notch task group chair Bill Coddington
    W.S. Coddington Consulting LLC

The hole and notch task group is reviewing industry standards for holes and notches in fabricated flat glass products.

The tempering division standards and engineering committee and related subcommittees and task groups meet at Glass Week and the Fall Conference. The subcommittee and task group chairs often convene individual work sessions.

Individuals interested in participating in GANA technical committees or in suggesting technical projects for the divisions should contact the association headquarters at 785/271-0208.

GANA Meetings and Events

Glass Week™

Glass Week is an annual meeting for all six divisions of GANA. Dating back to 1987, the meeting provides a wide range of technical and general information during individual committee meetings and general sessions. Glass Week attracts industry leaders, suppliers and peers from across North America. Glass Week 2007 will be held January 20-25, 2007, at the Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Sarasota, Fla.

Building Envelope Contractors Conference™

The annual Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference addresses a number of issues affecting the building envelope industry. Attendees discuss industry trends and challenges with peers, suppliers and customers. Conference sessions feature technical, business, legal and industry panel discussions. The 10th annual BEC Conference will be held March 4-6, 2007, at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Contract Glazing Educational Conference™

In addition to its annual BEC Conference, the BEC division hosts a Contract Glazing Educational Conference, which provides project managers, estimators and contract department personnel forums for educational development and interaction with their peers. The conference features a tour and two vigorous days of educational programming and discussions led by industry leaders and outside experts. The 2006 Contract Glazing Educational Conference will be held May 18-20, 2006, at the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport hotel in Dallas.

Glass Fabrication™

Glass Fabrication is an annual series of insulating, laminating and tempering educational seminars, co-sponsored by the insulating, laminating and tempering divisions of GANA. This two-day seminar features general glass industry topics for morning sessions and detailed insulating/laminating/tempering topic breakout sessions each afternoon. Glass Fabrication 2007 will be held April 16-18, 2007, at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport hotel in Pittsburgh.

GANA Fall Conference

The annual GANA Fall Conference provides the opportunity for members to participate in committeemeetings, general technical sessions and human resources presentations. This meeting is scheduled for September 20-22, 2006, at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

New Committee Chair Profiles

Profile: Insulating Glass Division

Chairperson: Bob Larson, Craftsman Fabricated Glass

Bob Larson, vice president of sales and marketing at Craftsman Fabricated Glass of Houston, is the new chairperson of GANA’s insulating division. Larson says he will pull from his previous experiences with the association, including being a member of the heavy glass door guideline subcommittee, the tempering division and the insulating division, to lead the group.

Within the last decade, Larson’s GANA involvement has included work on industry standards and guidelines for heavy glass entrances, and helping to complete the Fully Tempered Heavy Glass Door & Entrance Design Guide. He has also participated on the marketing committee for the tempering division and has also helped grow the insulating division, by helping to define areas of concern for the manufacturers, insulators and architects; developing standards and guidelines; establishing consistent terminology for insulating glass construction; and developing educational presentations for the construction industry.

Larson says that the association helps members keep abreast of the latest technology and standards in the industry, and is also valuable because it allows members to meet and discuss industry issues with the experts. 

“In our market, customers consider us the experts, and it is because of our resources from GANA, and our contact with the other GANA members that give us this knowledge,” says Larson. “GANA is important to our industry, to establish standards, guidelines and education. When you attend these meetings and look around the room, you realize that there is no other group of people or companies in North America more qualified to do this. If you are not a member of GANA, you should be. There is a division for everyone in our industry, and we want your input,” he adds.

Profile: Mirror Division

Chairperson: Tom Crawford, Donisi Mirror Co.

As sales manager for the small, family-owned company, Donisi Mirror Co., Tom Crawford says he often wears many hats, including serving as the company’s representative for GANA since joining Donisi in 1991.

Within GANA, he has previously served as chairperson of the membership committee and a member of the promotions committee. Now he is taking on another important role: mirror division chairperson.

“As the new mirror division chairperson, I would like to continue the good work that my predecessor, Drew Mayberry, did in building the membership. Concentrating specifically on getting more silverers in the organization,” says Crawford. “I would also like to increase the active participation of our current membership. To do this, I believe we need to be more pro-active in promoting the benefits of membership,” he adds.

Crawford says that the benefits of being involved with the association are numerous and cost-effective. 

“It [GANA] creates an opportunity to meet on a regular basis with our peers to discuss the challenges that our industry is facing and to explore new opportunities that benefit the industry as a whole. We have quick access to the latest technical and legal information that affects us through the various publications published by GANA and its divisions and through its very knowledgeable staff,” says Crawford. “We are provided a say in the development of building codes, standards and guidelines that may directly affect our products,” he adds.

“In addition, GANA provides strength in numbers. The association takes a number of relatively small industries and pools them to present a strong and unified voice on issues that affect virtually every aspect of our operations. It allows for interaction between members and the exchange of ideas, which is critically important in today’s increasingly competitive business environment,” adds Crawford.

Profile: Laminating Division

Chairperson: John Bush, Oldcastle Glass

Eleven years ago John Bush, who today serves as the director of laminated products and development for Oldcastle Glass, attended his very first GANA meeting. He became a regular participant four years ago and has been involved in a number of projects including work on several task groups, one of which is the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual. 

During Glass Week this year, the level of Bush’s involvement reached a higher level when he took on the role and responsibilities of the group’s laminating division chairperson. His goal for the group is straightforward. 

“…To further promote the use of laminated glass by providing consensus information to assist all the influencers in the supply chain.”

After 11 years, Bush says there are many reasons to take an active part in the association. While, personally, he says it allows him to better understand the nuances of the industry, there greater overall reasons as well.

“[Involvement] helps to promote the use of laminated glass, which is [used] much less in North America than it is in Europe and the Far East,” says Bush. “Being involved with GANA is also a way to work with the industry to create a level playing field, and that ultimately helps fabricators, specifiers, design professionals and end users.”

Bush adds that activity and involvement in GANA is beneficial to the industry, as well.

“GANA provides a framework for the industry to create generic documentation that supports the work of all participants and end users,” he says. “GANA is a way to understand issues from other people’s point of view.”

Profile: Tempering Division

Chairperson: Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co.

This year the tempering division installed a new chairperson: Cliff Monroe, senior marketing specialist with Arch Aluminum & Glass Co., who says his involvement with GANA began 30 years ago. 

“My initial involvement was to attend meetings so I could learn from leaders of the industry within GANA, learn how to better perform my job and learn more about both product and process knowledge,” says Monroe. His involvement and activity primarily have been with the tempering division.

Now, taking on the role as that division’s new chair, Monroe, who is optimistic about the group’s future plans and activities, also admits he is facing a personal challenge.

“As the new kid on the block, I have the most difficult task of attempting to fill the substantially large shoes of Ren Bartoe [of Vesuvius McDanel] as the tempering division chair,” he says. “But the goals for the group are to provide direction and leadership to meet the division’s current and future concerns and desires. The tempering division will continue to provide the tools, guidelines and best practices through its memberships participation.”

Looking at GANA as a whole, Monroe also points to the many benefits of association involvement.

“[GANA] is an organization that pulls from its membership what it feels is needed within the industry to better facilitate respective businesses and products,” he says. “Second, the GANA organization is a gathering of industry leaders such as contractors, fabricators, suppliers and primary manufacturers who collectively have an influence on how to best plan for the industry’s future with technical support, both verbal and written.” Monroe continues, “Membership and participation within GANA provide current updates and happenings within our industry; it is a communication platform on how to manage and prepare your business and process operations, today and for the future.”

GANA Member Company and Affiliate Member List


A-1 Glass Inc.
Accura Systems Inc.
ACH Float Glass Operations
Adeli, Bob
ADG Associates LLC
Admiral Glass & Mirror
Advanced Building Concepts Inc.
Advanced Glazing Systems LLC
AFG Industries Inc.
AGP Plastics Inc.
AGP Inc.
Ajay Glass Co.
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.
Alcan Composites USA Inc.
All Weather Tempering
Almond Glass Works Inc.
Alorisa Glassworks Inc.
Alumicor Limited
Aluminum Curtainwall Systems Inc.
American Industries Corp.
Anco Inc.
Anderson Glass Co.
Arani, Mo
Arcadia Products Inc.
Arcadia Inc.
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. Inc.
Architectural Glass Products
Architectural Skylight Co. Inc.
Argent Refining Corp.
Arkema Inc.
Atwood Mobile Products Inc./Spec-Temp Glass
Azon USA Inc.


Bacon & Van Buskirk 
Glass Co. Inc.
Barber Glass Industries Inc.
Baxter, Earl
Bayer Sheffield
Bent Glass Design Inc.
Benteler Mechanical Engineering Inc.
Berger, Israel
Billco Manufacturing Inc.
Bluffton Glass Co.
Bottero Flat Glass Inc.
Breeze, Edward
Brin/Northwestern Glass Co.
Bruce Wall Systems Corp.
Bystronic Inc.


C.R. Laurence Co. Inc.
California Glass Bending Corp.
Cardinal Glass Co.
Cardinal IG
Cargotec Inc.
Carmel Architectural Sales
Central Pacific Glass Inc.
Ceradyne Inc. Thermo Materials Division
Charpentier, Ethan
Chesapeake Glazing
Chicago Heights Glass Inc.
Chiesa, Edward
Childress Engineering Services Inc.
City Newark Glass Co.
Coddington, William
Commercial Glass & Metal Inc.
Commercial Insulating Glass Co.
Connell, Lee
Coral Industries Inc. - 
Glass Division
Corona Aluminum Co.
Corte Cladding Consultants LLC
Craftsman Fabricated Glass Ltd.
Curtain Wall Design 
& Consulting Inc.
CYTEC Surface Specialties Inc.


an IIMAK company
Dependable Glass & Mirror Corp.
Desert Glass Products
DGB Glass Inc.
Dirkse Glass Inc.
Donisi Mirror Co.
Dorma Glas Inc.
Dow Corning Corp.


Eagle Glass Specialties Inc.
East Coast Glass Systems Inc.
Eastern Glass Resources Inc.
Ebert, Cynthia
Eco Coat Glass 
Protection Systems Inc.
Edge Seal Technologies Inc.
Edgetech IG Inc.
Edgeworks Inc.
Engineered Glass Products LLC
EPG Inc.
Evans Tempering Support Inc.


Fackelman, Lee
Falk, Stephen
Fargo Glass & Paint Co.
Fenzi S.P.A.
Ferro Corp.
Flex-Strut Inc.
Fort Meigs Engineered Systems L.L.C.


Galaxy Glass Corp. Inc.
Gardner Glass & Glazing Inc.
Gardner Glass Products
Garibaldi Glass Inc.
GE Sealants & Adhesives Construction
Gemtron Corp.
General Glass Co. Inc.
General Glass 
International Corp.
George Ford & Sons Inc.
Glass Coatings 
and Concepts LLC
Glass Distributors Inc.
Glass Group Inc.
Glasslam N.G.I. Inc.
Glassrobots Oy
Glasstech Inc.
Glenny Glass Co.
Goldray Industries Ltd.
Graham Architectural Products Corp.
Guardian Industries Corp.
Guthrie Glass & Mirror Inc.


Haley-Greer Inc.
Halfen Anchoring 
Systems, division of Meadow Burke Products
Hecker Glastechnik 
GmbH & Co. KG
Heitmann, Glenn
Helima Helvetion International
HHH Architectural 
Tempering Systems Inc.
Hilemn Corp.


I.F.D. Inc.
IBA Consultants Inc.
ICD High 
Performance Coatings
IGE Solutions Inc.
Independent Mirror Industries Inc.


J.E. Berkowitz L.P.
JA Weir Associates
Johnson Matthey Inc.


K.T. Fabrication Inc.
Kaneka Texas Corp.
Karas & Karas Glass Co. Inc.
Kawneer Co. Inc.


Laurier Glass Ltd.
Lenoir Mirror Co.
Linel Signature
Lisec America Inc.
LiteSentry Corp.
Lloyd, Ken


Masonry Arts Inc./Physical Security Division
McFarquhar, Dudley
Mid-States Glass and Metal Inc.
Miller-Holzwarth Inc.
Miron, Greg
Missouri Valley Glass Co. Inc.
MJR Enterprises Corp.
Model Glass Co.
MTH Industries Inc.


National Glass and Metal Co. Inc.
New Hampshire Glass
North American Curtainwall LLC
North American 
Specialty Glass
Northwestern Industries Inc.
Noveon Inc./Thermedics Polymer Products
Nyman, Robert


Oak Cliff Mirror & Glass Co. Inc.
Oldcastle Glass


PCC Construction Components
Peacock Laboratories Inc
Peter M. Muller Inc.
Pilkington North America Inc.
Pittco Architectural Metals Inc.
PMC Software Inc.
Power Brushes Inc.
PPG Industries Inc.
Precision Glass Bending Corp
Prelco Inc.
Pucci, Michael
Pylkki, Russell


R&D Reflections Inc.
R. C. Hemm Glass Shops Inc.
Republic Windows & Doors Inc.
Richter Enterprises Corp.


SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions
SAGE Electrochromics
Samuels Glass Co.
Schilling Graphics
Sekisui S-LEC America LLC.
Shelton International
Smith, Barry
Smith, Kirk
Solar Seal Co.
Solinski, Joseph
Solutia Inc.
Sommer & Maca Industries Inc.
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc.
Southwest Glass & Glazing Inc.
Sowell, Urmilla
Stevens Urethane
Strainoptic Inc.
Structural Glazing 
Systems Inc. (SGSI)
Swift Glass Co. Inc.
Syracuse Glass Co. Inc.


Tamglass Ltd. Oy
TC Glass Distributor Inc.
Technical Glass Products
Tem-Pace Inc.
TEPCO Contract Glazing Inc.
Thad Ziegler Glass Ltd.
The Bratton Corp.
Thermal Industries
Therma-Tru Corp.
Thomas Glass Co. Inc.
Toledo Mirror & Glass Co.
Torstenson Glass Co.
Tower Glass Co. Inc.
Trainor Glass Co.
Tremco Incorporated
Trosifol North America Ltd
Trulite Industries Limited
TSI/Exterior Wall Systems Inc.
Tubelite Inc.
Turnbull, John


Uniglass Engineering Oy
United Glass Corp.
United Plate Glass Co.
Utica Glass Co.


Vesuvius USA
Vild, Don
Virginia Glass Products Corp.
Vistawall Architectural Products
Vitro America Inc., 
corporate office
Voigt, Robert


W & W Glass LLC
W.A. Wilson & Sons Inc.
W.G.G. Inc.
Walker Glass Co. Ltd.
WALTEK & Co. Ltd.
Walters & Wolf Glass Co.
Wang, James
Weissbach, Marc
Werner Systems Inc.
Western States Glass
Westshore Glass Corp.
White Bear Glass Inc.


Yee, Stanley


Zagar Ltd.
Zinsel Glass
Zircon Corp. 

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