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Volume 41,   Issue 2       February 2006

GANA Perspectives
    Industry Resources

A Multitude of Technical and Educational Resources

by Ashley M. Charest

With continuous improvements and changes in the glass and glazing industry, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) is focused on providing the most reliable and up-to-date technical and educational information. 


The GANA Glazing Manual, often called the “industry bible,” is recognized as the definitive source in the glass and glazing field and includes comprehensive information about primary and fabricated glass products, quality standards, design considerations, general and specific glazing guidelines and glazing in hazardous locations. The 2004 edition addresses changes in building code requirements and introduces new technology and performance standards available in high-performance glazing. 

The GANA Project Managers Reference Manual provides procedural guide references that begin with the estimating and contract processes, the establishment of the project team and continues through installation and project close-out. The GANA building envelope contractors (BEC) division developed this manual based on many years’ experience in the industry. Emphasis is placed on finishing a quality project that adheres to industry standards.

The GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual presents useful information, technical and performance data and the installation guidelines for laminated glass products. The manual includes the latest information on laminating interlayers, as well as in-depth discussions of the applications of laminated architectural glass including: safety, solar control, ultraviolet radiation, sound control, security, sloped glazing and skylights, wind storms and hurricane resistance and earthquake resistance. Updates on laminated glass strength, cutting, handling and installation are highlighted. It also features an up-to-date listing of standards that apply to laminated glass.

The GANA Engineering Standards Manual includes current technology and standards for tempered glass products. This glass tempering manual is designed to assist manufacturers and users of fully tempered glass, engineers, architects, architectural specifiers and purchasers of tempered glass parts. The manual includes several revisions as well as the addition of sections on decorative architectural flat glass and fully tempered interior butt-glazed fixed glass panels. A section for decorative glass terms is included in the glossary. 

Getting Technical

The GANA Blueprint Reading and Labor Estimating Course is designed for beginning estimators in the contract glazing business. It is intended to provide the beginner with many of the basic facts about the materials used as well as a basic systematic approach to estimating metal, glass and labor. Those who conclude the curriculum successfully will receive a certificate attesting to the fact that he/she has satisfactorily completed the course. 

The Specifiers Guide to Architectural Glass can also be downloaded for free from the GANA website. Designed to provide architects, engineers and specifiers an introduction to today’s architectural glass, the guide begins with a description of how float glass is manufactured, helps design professionals consider the various types of glass, its performance characteristics and how these items relate to the design, specification, building code and construction requirements for buildings. 

Mirrors: Handle with Extreme Care is another free download from the GANA website. This document focuses on tips for the professional care and handling of mirror products, and was created and is maintained by the GANA mirror division.

AIA Accredited Provider

GANA is an accredited provider of AIA continuing education units. The first accredited presentation, titled Glass in Today’s Architecture, was created by the flat glass manufacturing division, and includes most of the primary glass manufacturers in North America. The presentation focuses on the flat glass manufacturing process, and the various fabrication processes that alter glass in many different ways. The presentation also gives a standard definition for many of the terms used in describing the physical properties of glass. 

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