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Volume 41,   Issue 2       February 2006

decorative glass

DecoTherm: Digital, Ceramic Frit Glass Decoration

DecoTherm is a new process from Amherst, N.Y.-based IIMAK, which uses digital technology and simplifies the process for decorating glass. This patented ceramic frit decoration process allows digital images to be placed on flat glass, resulting in detailed, permanent images. 

Glass shops can select from more than 250 stock designs that are available online, or create a custom design from a digital image or hand-drawn sketch. A decal of the image is then printed using ceramic frit-based inks, and is then applied to the glass and tempered to make the image permanent, fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean. The company says the process doesn’t weaken the glass.

The process allows designers to choose any design, high- or low-resolution, and create a detailed, decorative piece of glass. It is cost effective to create a single piece of glass, and turn around time is quicker than traditional techniques, according to the company.

Another aspect that sets the process apart is the option of multi-color imaging—any design can incorporate up to three colors. The colors are applied at the same time for one-time tempering, reducing the risk of breakage. Four colors are available currently, and more are being developed.

Two companies, Oldcastle Glass and Arch Aluminum and Glass, have been licensed by IIMAK to produce glass through the DecoTherm process. 

“We are now producing DecoTherm orders regularly and the quality is great! There is so much potential for our customers to express creativity using DecoTherm colors,” says Brad Thurman, sales manager at the Oldcastle Glass Louisville, Ky. plant. “The digital nature of the technology gives us the ability to use half-tones and shading for depth and dimension in designs. Color highlights and accents can be incorporated into any image without significant cost increase.”

Licensed DecoTherm fabricators, such as Oldcastle Glass and Arch Aluminum and Glass, provide “one-stop shopping” to glass shops because glass does not have to be transported to and from a sandblaster. 


access equipment

JLG® Replaces Ford with GM Engines

JLG Industries Inc. of McConnellsburg, Pa., has begun installing General Motors Vortec™ 3000 engines in its combustion-powered boom and scissor lifts. The engines represent a change from the Ford engines whose production has been discontinued.

The GM Vortec 3000 engine is a four-cylinder gas engine that has a 3.0-liter displacement, delivering 82 hp at 2,800 rpm. The engine has a multiport fuel injection system with the injectors positioned to spray fuel directly on the back of the intake valves to enhance power, improve throttle response and start up characteristics.

Further, the company says this design promotes more complete combustion and helps reduce emissions so that the Vortec 3000 is Tier III compliant.

Along with extensive pre-production testing, JLG says it has started inventorying GM parts and anticipates providing a high level of replacement parts capability for the GM engines, as well as continuing to support the large installed base of Ford-powered products.


adhesives and sealants

Complete with all the “Trem”ings

Tremco Commercial Glazing Systems of Beachwood, Ohio, offers a standard products list that includes more than 75 non-proprietary extruded rubber products and pre-slit polyurethane structural foam glazing tapes. The products are available from the company’s Ashland, Ohio, rubber extrusion manufacturing plant and, the company says, are shipped to distributors within three days after an order is placed.

Tremco says it tests all products for compatibility with its one- and two-part silicones for non-structural glazing applications. For structural glazing, the company’s SGT-900 series foam tapes are compatible with its silicones.

Other products available from Tremco include the new Proglaze® SSG structural silicone glazing sealant, which, according to the company, provides protective glazing systems with added strength and flexibility, and quick green strength that allows units to be moved fast.



Get a Grip with FluoroGrip Films

Integument Technologies Inc. of Tonawanda, N.Y., has unveiled FluoroGrip® optically-clear, fluoropolymer film to protect windows, machine guards and equipment from manufacturing environments. The company says it offers a cost-effective alternative to thicker sheets currently used to protect standard glass and polycarbonate used on equipment such as critical clean and etch and post-ash clean/photoresist strip.

Peel and stick installation can be applied easily over glass, polycarbonate and other surfaces. 


glass railings

New Westech® Glass and Vinyl Railing Offers Flexibly

Westech Building Products of Mount Vernon, Ind., has introduced a unique glass and vinyl railing system that offers an increased opening viewing area without compromising structural integrity. The new Presidio® glass is designed for outdoor decks, porches and balconies. 

Each custom-supplied tempered glass panel on the vinyl rails is attached to the top and bottom rails with the same double-sided closed cellular foam tape used to form a single glazed unit in window construction. 

The maintenance-free vinyl posts and rails are available in white, almond and pebblestone colors. The railing kits are available in 6- and 8-foot lengths and complement an extensive line of Presidio vinyl decks, docks and railing systems. 


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