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Volume 41,   Issue 1      January 2006

From the Fabricator

Web Talk 
The Hot, the Trendy and the Happenings of ’05 
by Max Perilstein

Over the years that I have been fortunate enough to write for the best magazine in the industry, I have covered many topics. I once got to do a live web chat and, amazingly, that opportunity popped up again; when Charo could not fill her 1-hour time slot, I got to jump in. Here is the transcript:

Moderator: OK everyone, WebChat USA continues. We now have Max Perilstein online ready to take your questions. Fire away!

MOMinFLA: I love this web thingee, surely more than hurricanes. Anyway, how was 2005 for you and the industry? I’m curious because you never call.

Max: Hi Mom, wow, glad that we can talk this way. Well I thought 2005 was solid. The hurricanes were obviously the big story nationally and will have a tremendous effect on our industry for several years to come. Overall though, with the exception of a few small regions, the industry was solid. 

CGlaze: Heard you’re running GANA’s BEC show. You’re not gonna ruin it are you?

Max: Yeesh. Well, the pressure is on as we’ve been talking about one of the great events in our industry. The BEC show in Las Vegas is the Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference from the Glass Association of North America. Held in late February, this is, without a doubt, the best get together our industry has. Built up over the years by people like Pat Rome, Andy Gum and the fine folks at GANA, this event now is the place to be, whether you are a glazier, fabricator or manufacturer. This year, despite me, it will be good and I hope you can come.

Ilvgls87: I’m seeing tons of new products out there. What’s the best of the best? 

Max: Well I think there are two that would fit that bill. Guardian’s ShowerGuard product has people going ga-ga. It could easily revolutionize the shower door industry. Pilkington’s OptiView anti-reflective glass is huge, too. Until now anti-reflective products were very hard to get and very expensive. Pilkington’s is reasonable and made here in the United States.

GOsteelers: You missed one. What about PPG Solarban 70 XL?

Max: No doubt it may fit in this space next year, but as of chat time I haven’t gotten to see it or use it yet. PPG is known for making sure its products are solid and ready for the market and if 70 can be like SB 60, then it will speak for itself. 

PrettyKitty: I like all of the new colors and styles of glass. Is this a new trend?

Max: Not new, but growing; the decorative glass side is gaining everyday. Whether it’s laminated from DuPont with its SentryGlas Expressions or the creative textures from companies like Bendheim and Joel Berman, this industry has more choices in creative glass than it has ever had before. You also have the “slump” style glass, too. Just a matter of time before the magazine I write for, USGlass, has a sister publication called US Decorative Glass.
SlamiSammy: The hurricanes were brutal. What affect will they have on our industry?

Max: Huge effect. I don’t feel like we have even gotten caught up industry wise from the four hurricanes that hit in 2004, let alone the three massive ones from 2005. Laminated glass will obviously be in the spotlight. Each and every day the desire and need for laminated grows. Plus laminated really is a multi-function product and the business owners really want as much bang for their buck as possible.

Prftrus: Why are you always picking on the NFRC? They are just, after all, protecting the public from greedy people like you.

Max: Yikes! Where’s my mom when I need her? Seriously, your angle is one that baffles me. The NFRC talks about “serving” the public, but at the end of the day the “public” has to pay significant money for unnecessary steps that the NFRC created in its programs to help keep testing labs and inspection agencies happy. Believe me, I can and have gone on and on about this, so we’ll save the chatters now. If you want to debate go to my blog at http://fromthefabricator.blogspot.com.

Moderator: OK, Max, folks, thanks, but we have to wrap up early as we have a chance to chat with the brother of Leonardo DiCaprio and that is too good to pass up. Thanks for 

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