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Volume 41,   Issue 1      January 2006

GANA Perspectives

Special Recognition
    Honoring Volunteers Who Support Our Industry

by Stanley L. Smith

No large task is ever completed without the time, energy and knowledge of dedicated individuals working toward a common goal. The Glass Association of North America (GANA) is no exception and wishes to acknowledge and thank its volunteer leaders, as well as its entire membership, for their hard work throughout last year.

Should you have an opportunity, please take a moment to express your appreciation to these volunteer leaders. 

GANA Board of Directors

Lee Harrison, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., GANA president;

Julie Schimmelpenningh, Solutia Inc., GANA first vice president;

Andrew Gum, Thomas Glass Company Inc., GANA second vice president;

Brad Austin, Viracon, GANA treasurer;

Michael Ondrus, Atwood Mobile Products, GANA secretary;

Max Perilstein, Arch Aluminum and Glass, BEC division chairperson;

Tom Mewbourne, AFG Industries Inc., flat glass manufacturing division chairperson;

Henry Gorry, Guardian Industries Corp., flat glass manufacturing division vice chairperson;

Bob Larson, Craftsman Tempered Glass, insulating division chairperson;

Rick Wright, Oldcastle Glass, laminating division chairperson;

Drew Mayberry, Lenoir Mirror Company, mirror division chairperson;

Ren Bartoe, Vesuvius USA, tempering division chairperson;

Dennis Csehi, Atwood Mobile Products, GANA past president.

BEC Division

Charles Clift, Curtain Wall Design and Consulting Inc., technical committee chairperson;

Phil DeSautell, Walters and Wolf, Project Managers Reference Manual task group chairperson;

William Keen, TEPCO Contract Glazing Inc., Contract Qualifications task group chairperson;

Kirk Osgood, Curtain Wall Design & Consulting Inc., shop drawings task group chairperson.

Flat Glass Manufacturing Division

Steve Farrar, Guardian Industries Corp., educational committee chairperson;

Stephen Weidner, Pilkington North America Inc., website committee chairperson.

Insulating Division

Tim Moore, P.D.C. Glass & Metal Services, technical committee chairperson;

Bill O’Brien, Dow Corning Corporation, education chairperson;

Tracy Rogers, Edgetech I.G., marketing committee chairperson.

Laminating Division

Peter Anderson, Viracon, product labeling task group chairperson;

John Bush, Oldcastle Glass, glass flooring task group;

Jeff Granato, DuPont, marketing committee chairperson;

Dan Laporte, Solutia Inc., technical committee chairperson and education chairperson;

Julie Schimmelpenningh, Solutia Inc., ball-drop test method task group chairperson, Laminated Glazing Reference Manual task group chairperson and nominating committee chairperson.

Mirror Division

Randy Brooks, Gardner Glass Company, promotions committee chairperson.

Tempering Division

Ren Bartoe, Vesuvius USA, optical distortion subcommittee chairperson;

Bill Coddington, W.S. Coddington Consulting LLC, hole and notch task group chairperson;

Dennis Csehi, Atwood Mobile Products, nominating committee chairperson;

Henry Gorry, Guardian Industries Corp., vehicular subcommittee chairperson;

Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc., education chairperson;

Tom Noe, Glasstech Inc., Engineering Standards Manual task group chairperson;

Mike Rupert, PPG Industries Inc., construction subcommittee chairperson;

Kris Vockler, ICD High Performance Coatings, marketing committee chairperson;

Chuck Wencl, Viracon, standards and engineering committee chairperson.

Association Wide

Joel Smith, Arch Aluminum and Glass, GANA NFRC liaison committee chairperson.

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