Volume 41, Issue 7 - July 2006


Laying Prices on the Table

How much are your competitors charging for a glass tabletop? You may think you are the cheapest, but are you?
USGlass randomly called glass shops in Salem, Ore., Chicago and Boston to research the price of a 46- by 78-inch glass tabletop that is ¼-inch thick. We were interested to know how much it would cost for a polished edge versus one with a 1-inch bevel.
Surprisingly, the bevel only added a few dollars to the cost of the tabletop in some instances. However, the average increase for the bevel upcharge was approximately $30.

Salem prices were significantly less expensive than Boston and Chicago with an average cost of glass with a beveled edge at $189.24 and a polished edge at $162.45. The shops we spoke to in Boston had the highest quotes. 

Some glass shops commented that one would probably want to use a 1/2–inch thick piece of glass, since the piece measured more than 2 feet wide.

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