Volume 41, Issue 6 - June 2006

The USGlass 23rd Annual
Guide to New Products and Services

Your Guide to the Industry's Latest and Greatest

Back for the twenty-third time in USGlass history, this year’s Annual Guide to New Products and Services offers you a myriad of options for the latest in door hardware, glass, machinery and an array of other items. Read on to find out what the industry is offering this year—and what new products are on the horizon for the future.

spotlight on door hardware
Mayflower Makes an Exit
A substantial stock of Adam Rite’s 4900 Series grade one ANSI/BHMA Panic Exit Hardware is now in stock at Mayflower Sales in Brooklyn, N.Y. The units feature an easy-change retractable latch and are compatible with any MS 1850A or MS 1850 deadlocks with the same backset and faceplate configuration.

The hardware includes a 5/8-inch fully-reversible solid brass latchbolt, a steel corrosion-resistant 7/8- by 5-13/16-inch case and a flat or radius 1- by 6-7/8-inch faceplate. It also features clear, dark bronze or black anodized finishes, cylinder backsets and stainless steel auxiliary latch pins.

Double Action from Dorma
This double-action hinge is the latest launch from Dorma Glas in Reamstown, Pa. The new hinge features adjustments for spring tension as well as angle adjustment for aligning the door to the zero point. It can be used in both low- and high-frequency doors, and can also be specified in a hold-open position and 90 degrees.

The hinge can be used for 3/8-inch and ½-inch thick glass and is available for a maximum door width of 40 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 143 pounds.

spotlight on IG equipment and machinery
The A’s Have It
The Italian machinery manufacturer For.El has introduced two new glass production lines. The first equipment line, the TSS200, TSS250, TSS300, is an automatic Super Spacer® applicator. During the process, a mobile suction cup carries the glass lite from the rear of the line via a synchronic, horizontal movement. The machine can apply spacer profiles to both rectangular and shaped glass, and can also be set in pre-existing double glazing lines.

Also from the company is the EG220, EG2251, EG2321 automatic arrising machine. This line symmetrically arises the main edges of a glass lite, preventing/reducing cracks or breakages and ensuring safe handling of the lite itself, according to the company. 

The new line features two heads that can seam glass simultaneously, reducing work time and increasing productivity. It can process rectangular and round units, as well as small dimensions (320 x 180 mm).

Bend with ProBend
Tamglass of Tampere, Finland, says the patented zero-tooling, bending mechanism of its ProBend allows production to be simple and feasible. The company says the new bending and tempering line is sufficient for big projects and can be used for all types of tempered, low-E, heat-strengthened and laminated glass. 

The mechanism allows the coated side of low-E glass to be processed against the rollers.

It can process glass up to 2440 by 4200 millimeters with a bending radius as small as 1000, 1500 or 2500 millimeters. It is possible to combine the system with a separate flat glass section with a maximum glass size of 3300 by 6000 millimeters. 

IGE Solutions Goes “Elite”
Based in Jupiter, Fla., IGE Solutions Inc. has introduced its new Tenon/IGE Elite automated insulating glass production equipment. According to the company’s announcement, characteristics of the line include high-speed cleaning, low noise, a self-diagnosis system, automatic control of glass thickness and more. Butyl extruders and two-part extruders are also available.

DecoSeal™ Reduces Assembly Steps
DecoSeal from TruSeal Technologies Inc. is a warm-edge spacer system for decorative glass used in doors and windows that reduces the assembly steps necessary in the fabrication of triple glazing by accommodating and supporting the center lite of glass or decorative panel.

The spacer provides thermal performance in decorative windows with multiple air spaces. It is wrapped around the perimeter of a decorative panel and then placed between two additional lites.

The product features a low moisture vapor transmission rate, concentrated desiccant layer for rapid dew point development, a low profile to accommodate secondary sealing or structural reinforcement in large lites, and the ability to easily incorporate high-performance glass and gas options. It can be used in single- or dual-seal constructions.

Billco Automates the Application of Flexible Spacers
FlexiGlyde from Billco Manufacturing, of Zelienople, Pa., offers insulating glass manufacturers a cost-effective, horizontal solution for flexible spacer application. The equipment is designed to integrate into a variety of layouts and replaces existing manual application tables easily. The dual-headed application option allows facilities to use the same equipment to apply spacers from different manufactures with zero changeover time. 

glass bending
Bend Glass Without Heat
Silastial Glass Inc. of Victoria, British Columbia, has developed and patented a technology that allows the company to bend glass without heat. The technique uses shattered temp plate glass with a temporary membrane to hold the glass together during the shaping process. The process can be utilized to reclaim discarded tempered plate glass. 

scratch removal systems
G Fusion™ Smooths Out Glass
GlasWeld of Bend, Ore., says its new G Force™ scratch removal system is portable, easy-to-use and removes deep scratches from all types of glass within minutes. It is a high-torque, optimized polishing machine with a patented water-feed system. It uses a non-abrasive compound and pads to remove the scratch. The company says the system works on tempered, annealed, laminated, low-E, bullet-resistant and curved glass and mirrors.

Sticky Situations 
Sherer Studio of High Springs, Fla., has introduced the new Solitaire Collection of decorative mirror appliqués for plain, framed or beveled mirror. 

According to the company, its five new corner designs can light and add dimension to any room. The appliqués are constructed from ¼-inch sealed mirror with ½-inch bevel on all sides. Color options also are available. 

equipment and machinery
Boosting the Business with Multi-Convection 

Glassrobots of Tampere, Finland, says its RoboTemp™ FTM full-convection tempering system delivers optimal flatness and quality without compromising productivity. 

The new furnace is an electrically-heated, full-convection system with profiling. The furnace also features the patented FuzzyTemp™ automatic on-line heat profiling system.

New Seaming Concept from Ashton Industrial
Ashton Industrial has developed the new SeamMaX-X™ concept, which the company says requires less space and is lower in capital cost than its FastTracK lines.

Two parallel glass edges are processed simultaneously through two seaming stations that are linked by a 90-degree transfer. New technology allows the moving seamers on each leg to seek and find the edges of random size lites automatically at high speeds with no manual input. 

Lites are transported through the seaming stations on Ashton’s vacuum belts, and glass is sucked on to the moving transport belts, resisting slippage while grinding pressure is applied. 

On Guard!
Guardian Industries Corp. of Auburn Hills, Mich., has introduced two new glass products. 
The first, ClimaGuard SPF™, is designed to provide not only comfort and energy savings, but also fade protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. The company’s test results show that ClimaGuard SPF offers 99.9-percent UV-blocking protection, compared to the company’s low-E’s 76 percent and 43 percent with clear glass. It also offers a daylight transmittance of 69 percent (low-E, 71 percent) and 11-percent reflected glare (low-E, 10 percent). Other results showed a U-factor of 0.24 (argon) and solar heat gain transmittance of 0.38.

Also new from Guardian is ShowerGuard™, a product the company describes as the first and only temperable, permanently-protected shower glass. The glass is sealed through a patented ion beam process during manufacturing and is said to resist the corrosion and discoloration caused over time by constant exposure to hard water, soaps and harsh household cleaners.

Solarbanning Together
The new Solarban® 70XL glass from Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries combines solar control and visible light transmittance with a transparent, color-neutral appearance, according to the company. 

PPG says that commercial buildings utilizing Solarban 70XL can reap unprecedented energy savings. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.27 and a visible light transmittance of 63 percent, equating a light to solar gain ration of 2.33, according to PPG.

AFG Glass Keeps It Cool
Designed to maximize solar control and air conditioning efficiency in sun belt regions, Comfort Ti-AC 23™ is the newest product from AFG Glass of Kingsport, Tenn.

With a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23, the company says the low-E sputter-coated glass is ideal for climates in which air conditioning is the primary year-round energy concern. 

True Colors
Eurostyle Glass Colours System from Eurostyle Glass Colours Inc. offers an extensive selection of colored glass for vertical or horizontal design applications. Any color can be created and bonded permanently onto any thickness or size glass substrate, including tempered, textured or slumped glass, according to the company. The color coating chemically bonds to glass with a cold fusion process, allowing glass to be installed on walls like an ordinary mirror. 

Horseshoe Shim Fills a Gap in Leveling and Alignment Needs
Officials at Grove Products Inc. say its new ½-inch horseshoe shim gives contractors a convenient and inexpensive option for precision leveling and alignment needs. Constructed of rugged, injection-molded polypropylene plastic, the new ½-inch horseshoe shim is designed to eliminate the need to use wood or metal shims for large mortar and caulking joint thicknesses, and reduces high labor and materials costs associated with non-plastic shims. 


United States Aluminum of Waxahachie, Texas, has introduced a “LEED™-friendly,” series 3600 sun shade. The screw spline assembly design features a standard 36-inch outrigger with a variety of louvers and fascias.

Also new is the series 250-T narrow stile and series 400-T medium stile thermal doors that feature a patented glazing design using two glass stops instead of the normal eight. The doors feature Structlink II nylon thermal breaks, mechanically-fastened corners and a spring-loaded, fully adjustable, dual-weathered astragal between doors. 

The company has also introduced its series 900 terrace door. Available in outswing and inswing models, the door features the Structlink II nylon thermal break, 1- by 4 ½-inch frame, 1 ½ pair mortised aluminum butt hinges and mitered door corners. The high-performance, HC40-rated French door can be used in condominiums, lofts, hotels and apartments with a five-point lock on pairs of doors. It is designed for 1-inch insulating glass, and has 3 ¾-inch wide rails and 2 ¼-inch stiles. 

Today’s Special 
Special-Lite has a new fire-rated AMP-clad door called the SL-22, which compliments the company’s acrylic-modified polyester (AMP) flush doors for interior applications. According to the manufacturer, when tested in accordance with UBC 7-2, NFPA 225 and UL 10C requirements for interior applications, the new door achieved a Warnock Hersey listing for fire-rating applications in the United States. 

The company also has published a new corporate capabilities brochure called Complete Entrance Systems with More Life that showcases its line of entrance products, custom capabilities and benefits of its door designs.

Swing Into Action
NABCO Entrances of Muskego, Wis., has added three new features to its Acugard Learning Sensor System for swing doors. The new Acugard 3 has dual voltage capability, more delay settings and can be configured for low-energy applications.
The system is compatible with both 12-24 VDC and 24 VAC power sources, allowing seamless interface with all Gyro Tech equipment as well as that of other manufacturers.

Also available is a new hurricane package for the company’s whisper-quiet GT 1175 series sliding doors and its space-saving GT 1400 series folding doors. The doors meet the latest ANSI and BHMA requirements, and are designed to comply with the Florida Building Code. 

A “Grand” Entrance
The GranDeur out-swing patio screen door is the latest product release from the RiteScreen Co. Inc. of Elizabethville, Pa. The new screen door features a heavy-duty, 4-inch wide by 1.25-inch thick extruded aluminum frame and can be used as a single or double out-swing application. Standard features of the door include a stylish mortise handle in a choice of five finishes—black, white, brass, satin nickel or oil-rubbed—and with a deadbolt lock. 

timing belts
Timing (Belts) Is Everything

BRECOflex Co., L.L.C.’s new polyurethane timing belts are either steel, stainless steel or Kevlar®-reinforced and come in imperial and metric pitches. The timing belts are open-ended, welded or truly endless being used in conveying, driving, indexing, linear drive and power transmission applications. 

The company has also unveiled timing belts with bifilar tension member arrangements. The bifilar design designates tension member arrangements with an ‘S’, for left-hand lay and ‘Z’, for right-hand lay. The belts are suited for the demands of glass handling applications because they don’t require lubrication, maintenance or service. 

Also new is standard plus technology, timing belts developed for high precision, positioning applications using bifilar cable arrangement and special production measures for reduced belt length tolerance. 

finishes and textures
New Textures from Joel Berman Glass Studios

Joel Berman Glass Studios Ltd. of Vancouver has introduced Stones, the latest addition to the Bricks, Boards and Sticks Collection of handcrafted kiln-cast textured glass. The new texture builds on an inspired theme based on abstractions of organic building materials forming the designs for new multidimensional cast glass textures.

Also new is Piovera, the company’s newest signature coated glass texture. Deriving its name from pioggia, Italian for “rain,” and vera, meaning “true” in French, Piovera glass texture captures the essence of true rain, according to the company.
When applied under precise manufacturing conditions, the specially-modified coating bonds structurally to the glass surface resulting in the appearance of gentle rain on glass. 

shower enclosures
Rounding Off the Edges
Curved frameless glass shower systems are available from Oben USA Inc. of Hayward, Calif. The enclosures come in round and alcove configurations and with either standard clear of Starphire® glass. The round version comes with either a standard threshold or designer level entry. The designer level entry is 6 inches higher to accommodate the absence of a threshold. The round model is fully adjustable and comes in sizes ranging from 36 inches to 48 inches. The alcove configuration allows for any width from 48 inches to 72 inches.

CrystalLine By-Pass Gets Framed
Southeastern Aluminum Products Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., has introduced a new framed option in its CrystalLine bypass enclosure series.

The new framed by-pass door offers the quality of the CrystalLine frameless by-pass with the added substance of a framed unit. The new option can be installed as a stand-alone door unit or with in-line or return panels. 

Patterns That “Cascade” Down Glass
Cascade, Basco’s latest glass option for shower doors, features a subtle pattern that allows light to enter the shower while offering a design of vertical flowing lines down the glass.

The new pattern is available throughout the company’s line of framed and frameless shower doors and enclosures.

structural glass 
Make a Splash

Paragon Architectural Products LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz., has introduced new turn-key, structural glass swimming pool and spa solutions. The Paragon system includes design and structural engineering, shop drawings and fabrication of all necessary glass and steel components. 

Custom Fabricated Wood Cap Railings 
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles has introduced wood cap railings for structural glass railing systems and balusters.

The custom fabricated cap railings are available in a variety of hardwoods, configurations, sizes and finishes for use with ½-inch, 5/8-inch or ¾-inch tempered glass. The railings are made with extruded aluminum glass pockets to prevent wood from splitting.

hydrogen supply
Supply Alternative From HyRadix 

HyRadix of Des Plaines, Ill., says it has introduced a cost-effective, reliable hydrogen supply alternative to conventional methods of truck delivery. The company’s Aptus system provides on-site hydrogen generation and supply solutions necessary to float glass manufacturing companies that use hydrogen in their process. The company says its on-site generation solutions also provide safeguards against unexpected cost increases and supply disruptions.

glass transportation and handling
Wood’s Gets a Grip
Wood’s Power-Grip’s newest hand-held vacuum cup for glass handling, the N5450CS, is different from the company’s current concave model, the N6450, in that it has less curvature and edges with greater flexibility. The new vacuum cup is designed for materials with a 20-inch radius or greater, as compared to a 13-inch radius for the N6450.

The product’s decreased curvature and flexible edges make the new vacuum cup applicable for both curved and flat glass surfaces. 

Also new is the Quadra-Tilt Rotator 1100, which tilts heavy glass between the upright and flat positions easily. Its four-bar tilt mechanism provides a mechanical advantage that reduces operator effort without the weight or expense of a powered tilt actuator, according to the company.

New Glass Carriers on the Horizon
The new 1200 H-4 style glass carrier from Horizon Fabrication Inc. features an exterior 12-foot by 105-inch carrier. It also boasts a top sign panel and a bottom panel with two rows of block slats. The interior carrier has four-degrees inside of the wall with five rows of block slats, block pads on 6-inch centers and a ledge. There is a pad on 12-inch centers, hardwood floors, a rear step, a spring loaded bumper, a tool box and a ramp.

The company says that all H model carriers can be custom designed.

Lockable Harp Rack
Rolltech’s new lockable harp rack is designed for high production material handling and transportation for insulating glass manufacturers. The concept integrates the old idea of a regular harp rack with that of a patent-pending locking wing system.

It differs from other racks in that harp strings are PVC-coated locking wings. Through the leverage of mechanical handles, the two series of locking wings are pushed against the glass, holding the units firmly in their stored position. Individually-tensioned wings allow insulating glass units of various widths to be stored on the same rack. When locked, the wings provide sufficient grip to the units to prevent them from shifting, scratching or breaking in rigorous shipping conditions.

Compact Combined Loader
Alessandro Piazza has introduced a patented 3C Compact Combined Loader, which, according to the company, unloads glass lites onto a monoblock manipulator that guides the glass onto the cutting table.

The 3C system can be used in buildings with low ceilings, and an extension arm allows it to pick up lites inside columns located between the storage system and the loader. If the extension arm cannot reach the lites, a sucker catching system can then pick up the glass. 

The 3C is available in several different models.

Safe in the Truck
F. Barkow Inc. has created its 700 Series Pick-Up Box Stabilizers to help prevent the sidewalls of pick-up trucks from spreading due to carrying heavy loads. The stabilizer transfers payload from the top of the sidewalls to the floor of the box. 

The new product is supplied at no charge at time of purchase with each 700 Series glass carrier. 

fastening systems
Aluminum Mullion Support Not Needed

A corrosion-free glass fastening mechanism has been developed by Novum Structures of Menomonee Falls, Wis. The new edge-clamped-glass (ECG) system is engineered to provide a clean, highly-transparent way to fasten glazing directly to the supporting structure without the use of a standard aluminum mullion support system. 

The adjustability of the system enables the glazing to be used on very complex geometries, significantly reducing installation time and helping to mitigate tolerances associated with the supporting structure. The company says it is also more economical than point-supported glass because panels don’t have to be pre-drilled.

glass walls
See the Difference with Invisiwall™
J. E. Berkowitz L.P. of Westville, N.J., has announced the availability its new JEB Invisiwall™ completely transparent point-supported glass systems.

The point-supported glass systems consists of monolithic or laminated glass and is designed for interior or exterior applications in entrances, wall facades, partitions or canopies. Additionally, low-iron, silk-screened, acid etched, tinted or insulating glass can be fabricated precisely to connect with the specified hardware as well. The glass is fully-tempered and can be heat-soaked to reduce the probability of spontaneous breakage. The system can be engineered to use full height or cantilevered fins, depending upon the application. 

Walls of Glass – that Move!
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) debuts its Stacking Partition System (SPS), a versatile option for moveable all-glass walls and partitions. The system features the company’s Intelli-Track Roller to provide directional control and direct panels to the proper track.

The system allows architects and specifiers to design stacking doors and parking configurations to fit almost any situation, including partitioning off interior spaces, providing all-glass doors for storefronts and expanding indoor/outdoor seating space in sidewalk cafes.

Sharp as a Diamond
Lapcraft Inc. USA says it manufactures high-quality, diamond-plated tools that deliver performance and value in the United States and throughout the world. The company’s grinding wheels provide a tough nylon core and are banded with solid steel rings machined to close tolerances. The rings are packed with tough, blocky, high-quality diamond crystals, leaving no voids or undesirable seams. The particles are then nickel-plated into place.

The company says its LCD series diamond core drills are the best value in core drills on the market for drilling glass. A stripping and replating service is also available.

Electronic Digi-Miter™ Gage Improves Quality
THE #10G Electronic Digi-Miter™ gage from Pistorius allows most operators to make error-free stop settings to improve quality control and eliminate parts that are cut incorrectly, according to the company. Designed specifically to fit the company’s line of double miter saws, the gage can also be used on most machines of similar design with a few adjustments. It features fast, powered stop positioning at 40-inches per second, auto-locking at the desired size and no manual stop positioning or locking is required. 

A New Type of Sun Block

LLumar SunBlocker, a new tinted solar control window film from CPFilms, enables plastic glazing (polycarbonate or acrylic) to be protective from the sun’s harmful rays. Suitable for either plastic or glass, the company says the film reduces heat from the sun by as much as 70 percent for a comfortable room temperature and attractive savings on air-conditioning bills.
The film also provides glare reduction of 83 percent and totally (99 percent) blocks damaging ultraviolet rays to protect interior furnishings. The company says the product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Speedy Delivery Capital Tape Co. of Cleveland says its new Zip
Ship materials and production system is up and running and is designed to improve response on customer orders. According to the company, it provides same-day shipping on 50 percent of the orders it receives. A full 95 percent of the orders ship by the customer’s due date.

Capital Tape offers products for structural glazing, mirror mounting, door and window assembly, bath enclosure fabrication and more.

Stampin’ Up
The original equipment manufacturing division of EPCO Architectural Hardware Inc. offers progressive dies and stampings and says it offers competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and superior quality standards. Among the newest of the company’s products is the AC universal patch and door rail system, which includes seven different patches. The company says it provides low-cost and high-quality dies and stampings to customers around the world. Parts can be stamped, welded, machined, assembled and painted. Value-added services include light machining, drilling and tapping, manual and robotic welding and parts washing. 

adhesives and sealants
Sealing the Deal
Dow Corning of Midland, Mich., has announced the availability of its 795 silicone building sealant, a neutral-cure, one-part sealant that the company says has been engineered for renovation and weatherproofing applications.

The sealant adheres in extreme environments, such as sunlight, rain, snow, ozone and temperature extremes (-40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Dow Corning says the sealant is durable and flexible enough to accommodate 50 percent movement in the original joint dimension when installed properly. It also meets structural sealant standards in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Frank Lowe Gets Taped
Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc. of Farmingdale, N.Y., now offers Saint-Gobain structural glazing tape to complement its Silicone Setting Blocks and line of fenestration products.

Saint-Gobain Thermalbond® V2100 is a high-strength polyurethane foam substrate while T-Bond® V2200 is a semi-rigid polyurethane, both of which are used for structural glazing and cladding. These tapes are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8- to ½-inch thick with adhesive on one or two sides for easy placement. The double-sided adhesive will also aid in stabilizing components while the silicone cures. The open-cell foam structure allows air and moisture to reach the silicone, permitting optimum curing. 

Announcing the Debut of Who’s Who in the Architectural Glass & Metal Industry
Key Communications Inc., publisher of USGlass magazine, has announced the availability of the first edition of Who’s Who in the Architectural Glass & Metal Industry. This hardcover volume profiles more than 300 of the glass industry’s top leaders and will be a resource for all. The guide lists approximately 200 leaders complete with photos, contact info, work histories and more.

Copies of Who’s Who in the Architectural Glass & Metal Industry are still available. The books cost $49.95 including shipping to U.S. addresses, handling and taxes. Orders may be placed by calling 540/720-5584 ext. 0 or visiting http://www.glass.com/who.php. Only a limited number of copies are available.

Partnership Brings Glass-Film Solar Panels 

Saint-Gobain SA has partnered with Royal Dutch Shell plc to develop a new solar panel technology consisting of thin films of copper indium selenide (CIS) deposited on glass, instead of traditional silicon wafers. The companies report that it has been successfully tested and offers record efficiency, especially under low illumination conditions.

Shell has been developing the CIS technology over the past four years, and Saint-Gobain will contribute its experience with film deposits on glass.

fire-rated glass
Safety with SAFTI

SAFTI FIRST™ Fire-Rated Glazing Solutions of San Francisco is combining art and technology with fire-rated decorative glass using SuperLite II-XL, a fire-resistant glazing product that uses tempered glass units filled with fire-retardant gel. The company says it provides the highest level of fire protection and design flexibility with the benefit of sound reduction. Fire ratings are offered from 45 to 120 minutes, provide maximum radiant heat protection and meet hose stream, pressure, and thermal shock requirements. Both products are fully-tempered and not subject to wall area limitations. 

Super Star!
Pyran® Star laminate fire-rated glass-ceramic (Pyran Star L) from Schott North America of Elmsford, N.Y., is not only fire-rated, but also impact safety-rated in accordance with ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16FR1201 (categories I and II). It also conforms to positive pressure test standards, passes the hose stream test and is UL classified for fire-rated requirements up to 90 minutes, according to the company.

Pyran Star L is transparent and wireless and features a smooth surface that the company says offers enhanced visual clarity, eliminating the need for polishing. It can be used with standard fire-rated frames that have the same rating.

Fast Installation Meets Performance

Kawneer of Norcross, Ga., developed its new 1600 SS™ screw spline curtainwall system in response to escalating field labor costs. The company says the new system provides fast installation without sacrificing performance, and that the screw spline joinery allows for pre-assembly and joint sealing in controlled shop conditions.

Before You Bid, BidSmart

Schneider Logistics Inc. of Green Bay, Wis., has launched a new transportation bidding tool called BidSmart. The new web-enabled bidding system optimizes shippers’ transportation networks by identifying solutions that lower costs and provide additional capacity. The program is also designed to help carriers find increased loads for their networks.

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Power of Two

TRACO of Cranberry Township, Pa., is offering low-E and argon as standard items on its Power Two door and window systems to increase energy efficiency in the units. The company says the added features add no cost due to dramatic increases in energy costs. The new door and window systems are composite units that have aluminum on the exterior for added strength and vinyl on the interior for warmth. 

Improved Designs from Vistawall

Vistawall Architectural Products in Terrell, Texas, has updated its series 3000 Thermal MultiPlane framing system for storefronts.

The new FG-3413 sill receptor designed for MultiPlane provides for a continuous flashing of the framing system and features a high interior leg for increased dam height and improved water performance.

Vistawall has also introduced the new Phantom Wall 180 sliding mall front, which provides up-front store merchandising and a security barrier.

In addition, Naturalite Skylight Systems, also part of the Vistawall Group, has improved its cluster skylight system to allow unsupported cross purlins, including extruded aluminum gutters and caps. 

Skylights That Lighten Energy Costs 

DayStar Skylight Systems of Arthur, Ill., makes high-performance commercial skylights designed to reduce or eliminate electric light usage and its associated costs. The company says the skylights potentially can cut energy costs by as much as 50 percent. To significantly reduce electric light usage, the skylights also decrease air-cooling heat loads created by artificial lighting, thus reducing the building structure’s overall energy costs.

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