Volume 41,   Issue 6                             June 2006


A New Resource
GANA Releases New Laminating Manual
by Julie Schimmelpenningh

The GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual is one of the most successful publications offered by the Glass Association of North America. It covers a broad range of considerations for the application and specification of laminated glass in building construction. The 2003 edition sold more than 2,200 copies and with the changes in trends and further information development, an update was needed. The Laminated Glazing Reference Manual task group worked for two years to pull together and verify the most current information. With completion of these revisions and inclusion of newly developed information, the 2006 edition was released in April.

The Details

The current manual presents general useful information, technical details, performance data and installation guidelines for laminated glass products. The 2006 edition includes the latest information on laminating interlayers, as well as in-depth discussions on the numerous applications of laminated architectural glass including safety, solar control, ultraviolet radiation, sound control, security, sloped glazing and skylights, windstorms and hurricane resistance and earthquake resistance. Updates on laminated glass strength, cutting, handling and installation are also highlighted. There is also a useful quick reference section on standards developed by various organizations that apply to laminated glass.

The manual can be used effectively by anyone in the glazing industry, but is specifically intended for use by architects, designers, engineers, component manufacturers and installers of laminated glazing materials in buildings.

A major change to the 2006 manual is its layout. In previous editions information was grouped together by product, which cause redundancy in the text. In the 2006 edition the format concentrates on the differences between products or applications. Below is an excerpt from the table of contents:

I. Introduction
a. Glazing used in laminates
b. Interlayers used in laminates
c. Laminating process
d. Types of laminated architectural glass
e. Optical distortion in laminated glass
II. Applications
a. Introduction
b. Safety
c. Structural performance
d. Windstorms and hurricane resistance
e. Earthquake resistance
f. General security
g. Forced entry resistant laminates
h. Detention and institutional glazing
i. Bullet resistant laminates
j. Blast resistant glazing
k. Solar control
l. Ultraviolet radiation
m. Sound control
n. Specialty applications
III. Handling, storage and glazing
a. Receiving
b. Storage
c. Cutting laminated products
d. Installation
IV. Sealant and glazing material compatibility
V. Maintenance and cleaning
VI. Guide specifications
VII. Standards
a. Glass quality
b. Safety
c. Glass strength/resistance to windborne debris
d. Acoustical
e. Security
f. Earthquake
g. Weathering
VIII. Surface nomenclature

Something For Everyone

Pricing for the new manual has been set at $35 each for GANA members and $70 each for non-members. The manual is available in both a hard copy document or on CD. The Laminated Glazing Reference Manual may be purchased on the GANA website, along with the various other GANA resources, at www.glasswebsite.com.

This manual could not have been revised without the help of our task group members. I would like to extend a warm thank you to Pete Anderson, Apogee (Viracon); John Bush, Oldcastle Glass; Jon Shaw, CYTEC Surface Specialties Inc.; Valerie Block, DuPont; Greg Carney, GANA and Ashley Charest, GANA.

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