Volume 41, Issue 6 - June 2006


Comparing Reflections
What is the price difference for a mirror with beveled edges versus one with a polished edge? See how prices compare to others across the country.

USGlass randomly called mirror and glass shops in Boise, Idaho, Omaha, Neb., and Montpelier, Vt., to find out how much a 42- by 32-inch bathroom mirror would cost. We compared the prices of a mirror with a polished edge versus one with a beveled edge. 

What we found was that the mirrors with beveled edges were usually priced higher than those with polished edges, but it usually took at least two weeks to have the mirrors beveled. Boise, on average, quoted significantly higher prices than those in Omaha and Montpelier. However, the highest quote was found in Omaha, where a shop worker said the mirror with beveled edges would cost approximately $300 because the cost of beveling is about $1 per inch.

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