Volume 41,   Issue 3                             March 2006

GANA Perspectives

Three Websites from One
New Websites for Industry News and Information

Brian Pitman

"... On other sites, jobseekers can search 
outside the industry, which can lead 
to a potential loss of knowledgeable 
employees from the glass industry."

The World Wide Web continues to be a viable source for everything from shopping to reading the latest headline news. Numerous online resources for the glass industry are available as well, designed to keep you in the know with the latest happenings and changes. The Glass Association of North America (GANA) currently offers three websites to the glass and glazing industry, and each offers the visitor a different feature.

Find a Job Online

The first, found at www.glassjobsearch.com, is a job listing and job search for the industry. Created in June 2005, the website is the place to find jobs for some of the top companies in North America. With job listings ranging from installers to project managers, executives to estimators, the site is managed in-house by GANA. One of the benefits of choosing to not outsource is the ability to customize the search to better fit the glass industry requirements, not to mention the elimination of “industry creep” evident on other, outsourced sites. On other sites, jobseekers can search outside the industry, which can lead to a potential loss of knowledgeable employees from the glass industry.

Mirroring the Possibilities 

The second site created and managed by GANA is focused on the consumer and designer interested in mirror as a design element. Found at www.mirrorlink.org, this site is an information warehouse on the creation of mirror, its use in commercial and residential design, its care and much more. The site has also sponsored two design competitions, the second of which just finished; the winners were announced at Glass Week in Dana Point, Calif., in January. Winning entries, as well as all finalists, can be viewed on the site.

A new addition to the website is a six minute video created by the GANA mirror division that shows how flat glass mirror is made. A frequent “how do they do that” request to GANA headquarters, the video walks the viewer through the complete process from clear glass to the end beveled and edge-polished product. The video is available for complimentary viewing on the website or a DVD copy may be purchased on the website for educational purposes. The site also hosts an 11-minute feature titled Designing with Light, a video illustrating the dramatic design potential of mirror.

Home Sweet Home

The third site created and managed by GANA is its home website, www.glasswebsite.com. This high volume site features information about the association, as well as a large volume of technical information in its online tech center. The site generated 18 million hits in 2005, and continues to grow in offerings, as well as traffic. All of GANA’s publications can be purchased on the site, in addition to the multiple free documents offered, such as the Glass Informational Bulletins created by the divisions of GANA. Several of these bulletins have been downloaded more than 10,000 times since being placed on the site.

Other features of the site include a video on the float process, information and registration for upcoming GANA events, industry news and a section dedicated to GANA’s industry-leading efforts on the NFRC non-residential ratings program. In this section, visitors will find press releases and articles from GANA on the topical issues, information on the process and opinions of the proposed program and information on becoming more involved.
The association continues to develop these sites with new features planned, including a video on how laminated glass is created and used and an online version of our AIA-accredited presentation. Visit www.glasswebsite.com to learn more. 

Brian Pitman is the marketing 
and communications manager
 for the Glass Association of North
 America based in Topeka, Kan.


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