Volume 41,   Issue 3                             March 2006

Site Seeing
The USGlass Tenth Annual Guide to Industry Websites

The World Wide Web—where you can find, buy and sell anything and everything. Yes, the Internet has come a long way over the past ten years and is today an important tool and resource for us all.

No doubt, the glass industry, too, offers its share of online information and services. Companies offer products for sale, resources, specifications, diagrams, definitions, codes updates, meeting information … the list is practically endless. 

And with so much to surf through, you may be wondering where to begin. That’s why USGlass brings you its Tenth Annual Guide to Industry Websites. These next 7 pages provide a listing of companies and their websites, so you can easily meet all of your online industry needs. The highlighted sites were chosen by staff members as being some of the most creative and easy to navigate. Companies advertising in this issue received a bold listing. This guide is also available online at www.usglassmag.com.


A.W.T. World Trade Inc. www.awt-gpi.com 
Access Hardware Supply www.accesshardware.com 
ACH - Glass Operations www.visteon.com/floatglass 
Action Bullet Resistant www.actionbullet.com 
Adams Rite www.adamsrite.com 
ADCO Products Inc. www.adcocorp.com 
Advanced Glazings Ltd. www.advancedglazings.com 
Advanced Photonics Inc. www.advancedphotonicsusa.com 
AFG Glass www.AFGglass.com 
Aggregates Equipment Inc. www.aggregatesequipment.com 
AGM Machinery www.agmusa.com 
Akzo Nobel www.akzonobel.com 
Albany Hardware www.albanyhardware.com 
Albat & Wirsam North America www.albat-wirsam.com 
Allmetal Inc. www.allmetalinc.com 
American Architectural 
Manufacturers Association www.aamanet.org
Alpack Associates Inc www.Alpack-pic.com 
Aluflam North America www.aluflam-usa.com 
Alumicor Ltd. www.alumicor.com 
Aluminum Extruders Council www.aec.org 
American Shower Door www.americanshowerdoor.com 
Amerope Enterprises Inc www.Amerope.com 
Andscot Co. www.andscot.com
Anver Corp. www.anver.com 
Architectural Products By Outwater LLC www.outwater.com 
Architectural Specialty Products www.a-s-p-inc.com 
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. www.archaluminum.net 
Arizona Shower Door Co. www.arizonashowerdoor.com 
Atwood/Spec-Temp Glass www.spectemp.com 
Azon USA Inc. www.warmedge.com  


AFG Industries’ website is an online resource for a variety of glass products, including commercial, architectural, specialty and interior, as well as automotive glass. 

In addition to detailed information on all of the company’s products, there is a link to a page that describes the different glass-making processes. A “support” page is also available that offers different services for the visitor including company contact information, a link to request samples and the glass performance calculator, just to name a few.


Allmetal Inc. recently launched a new website that features online ordering capabilities, designed to make the purchasing process easy. The site allows customers to build purchase orders based on their previous order history or by searching the product catalog. The website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Company and product news, company locations and architectural resources are just some of what’s available on this website. Visitors can find descriptions and details about the company’s curtainwall, storefront and entrances and glass products. Contact and employment opportunity information is also available. Visitors can also browse the “Arch Store” and order items such as apparel, bags, pens, drink ware and more. 


B & B Aluminum   www.bbaluminumproducts.com 
Besam Entrance Solutions Inc.     www.Besam.com 
Besana-Lovati Inc.  www.besanalovati.com 
Billco Manufacturing   www.billco-mfg.com 
Bottero Flat Glass Inc.         www.bottero.com 
Boyle & Chase Inc.  www.boyleandchase.com 
Brecoflex Co LLC          www.brecoflex.com 
Brighton Glass Co.      www.Brightonglass.com 
Bromer Inc.         www.bromerinc.com 
Bullet Guard Corp.       www.bulletguard.com 
Bystronic Inc.     www.bystronic.com 


Product information, applications, literature, engineering support and many other resources are available from Brecoflex Co. LLC’s website. This colorful site is easy to navigate so visitors can locate their equipment product needs quickly, including timing belts, pulleys, esband flat belts and more. Visitors can also either download a digital catalog or order a print version. A unit conversion program, frequently asked questions and information on formulas and definitions are available under the “Engineering Support” subhead.


C.R. Laurence Co. Inc.        www.crlaurence.com 
Campus Crafts Inc.       www.campuscrafts.com
Capital Tape Co.                  www.capitaltape.com 
Cardinal Glass Industries        www.cardinalcorp.com 
Casso-Solar Corp        www.cassosolar.com 
Cefla Finishing America       www.Ceflaamerica.com 
Century Bathworks Inc.  www.centurybathworks.com 
Ceradyne Inc. Thermo 
Materials Division   www.ceradyne-thermo.com 
CGI International Ltd.         www.cgii.co.uk 
Classic Glass Inc      www.classicglassinc.com 
Clearshield Technologies LLC       www.clearshieldonline.com 
Cline Aluminum Doors Inc.       www.clinedoors.com 
CMS Industries        www.cmsindustries.net 
CMS North America          www.cmsna.com 
Coastal Glass Distributors Inc.       www.coastalglassdist.com 
Coastal Industries      www.coastalind.com 
Colonial Bronze Co.    www.colonialbronze.com 
Columbia Commercial Building Products     www.ccbpwin.com 
Commonwealth Laminating & Coating Inc.    www.suntekfilms.com 
Comeq Inc.         www.comeq.com 
Contractors Wardrobe          www.cwdoor.com 
CPFilms Inc.        www.cpfilms.com 
Crane Revolving Door Co. Inc.www.cranedoor.com 
Crystal Window & Door Systems    www.crystalwindows.com 
Custom Glass Products        www.cgpglass.com 
Custom Hardware Manufacturing Inc.  www.chmi.com 
Cytec Industries      www.cytec.com 


At C. R. Laurence Co. Inc.’s (CRL) website site visitors can take advantage of the company’s real-time order access. The feature allows customers to not only place orders, but they can also access, in real time, the CRL internal system to check on or change orders. The site offers information on the company’s more than 30,000 products, as well as each of its catalogs in PDF format. Project tutorial videos, specification data and more are also included.


DAC Products Inc.   www.dacproducts.com 
Data Tranz         www.datatranz.com 
Deal International Inc.     www.diihq.com 
Deck Images        www.deckimages.com 
Decotherm     www.decotherm.net 
Decra Led Ltd.     www.decraled.com 
Dedicated Distribution Systems     www.ddsfleet.com 
DeGorter Inc.   www.degorter.com 
Delchem Inc.    www.delchem.com 
Delta Kits Inc.       www.deltakits.com 
Demountable Concepts Inc.      www.demount.com 
Dependable Glassworks Inc.   www.dependableglass.com 
Design Tool Inc.         www.designtoolinc.com 
Deslauriers Inc.        www.deslinc.com 
Diamon-Fusion International™ Inc.    www.DFInanotechnology.com 
Dlubak Corp. www.dlubakglass.com 
Donisi Mirror Co.             www.donisimirror.com 
Door Hardware Distributors Inc. www.doorhardware.net 
Door Motion Technologies Inc.   www.doormotion.com
Dorma Architectural Hardware      www.dorma-usa.com 
Dorma Glas   www.dorma-usa.com 
Doralco Inc.     www.doralco.com 
Dow Corning Corp.      www.dowcorning.com 
Duo-Gard Industries Inc.       www.duo-gard.com 
DuPont Co.     www.dupont.com/safetyglass


Created for contract glaziers and glass shops as well as designers, the DecoTherm website offers a vast amount of information about the digital ceramic frit glass decorating process. Glass professionals will find not only a detailed description of the process, but also a feature that allows them to view a video of the process. A project gallery, as well as resources, such as a design catalog and specification information can also be accessed on the site.


The website of DORMA Group North America was recognized recently by MerComm Inc. with a 2005 Gold Mercury Award in the Corporate US Website Category. DORMA’s website features a database for searching its many products, spotlights on different projects that feature its products, as well as a downloads page that allows visitors to obtain detailed, technical information about the many products available.


E-Skylight.com Inc.    www.e-skylight.com 
Easy Life Solutions     www.dsr5.com 
Edgetech I.G. Inc.  www.superspacer.com 
EFCO Corp.   www.efcocorp.com 
Electric Mirror    www.Electricmirror.com 
Electronic Design To Market    www.edtm.com 
Elliott Equipment Co.   www.elliottequip.com 
Elumatec USA Inc.  www.elumatecusa.com 
Emes Marketing Inc.    www.emidisplays.com 
Enclos Corp.  www.enclos.com 
Engineered Glass Products   www.egpglass.com 
Epco Corp.   www.epcocorp.com 
ETK International   www.etkonline.com 
American Excelsior Co.  www.americanexcelsior.com 
Express Hardware  www.express-hardware.com


E-Skylight.com has upgraded its website to provide additional options for glazing and skylight layout. The site now provides multiple options for rafter and purlin bay spacing on each custom designed skylight, allowing users to choose a unique appearance. Users can also download shop drawings for any skylight they design and obtain pricing information, including freight charges.


F. Barkow Inc. www.barkow.com 
FDR Design Inc.     www.fdrdesign.com 
Fein Power Tools Inc.    www.feinus.com 
Fenzi North America    www.fenzigroup.com
Film Technologies International     www.filmtechnologies.com 
Finishing Dynamics       www.finishingdynamics.com 
Fletcher-Terry Co.       www.fletcher-terry.com 
Fluent Inc.    www.fluent.com 
For El. SpA       www.forelspa.com
Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc.     www.franklowe.com 
Franklin Adhesives        www.FranklinAdhesives.com 
Freedonia Group Inc.     www.freedoniagroup.com 
Friedman Associates     www.friedmancorp.com 
Fyre-Tec Inc.    www.fyre-tec.com 


G-U Hardware       www.g-u.com 
Garibaldi Glass Ind. Inc. www.garibaldiglass.com 
GE Silicones www.gesilicones.com 
GED Integrated Solutions      www.GEDUSA.com 
General Glass International Corp.    www.generalglass.com 
Gerkin Windows & Doors      www.gerkin.com 
Gila Distributing Inc.      www.gilainc.com 
Glas-Weld Systems Inc.      www.glas-weld.com 
Glass Association of North America      www.glasswebsite.com 
Glass Doctor      www.glassdoctor.com 
Glass Technology      www.gtglass.com 
Glasslam N.G.I Inc.      www.glasslam.com 
Glassrobots Oy      www.glassrobots.fi 
Glassource      www.glassource.net 
glasstec      ww.glasstec-online.com
Glasstech Inc.      www.glasstech.com 
Glastar Corp.      www.glastar.com 
Glasswerks      www.glasswerks.com 
Glazelock Shims Inc.      www.glazelockshims.com 
Goldray Industries      www.goldrayindustries.com 
Gordon Aluminum Industries      www.gordonaluminum.com 
Graco Inc.      www.graco.com 
Grenzebach Corp.      www.grenzebach.com 
Groves Inc.      www.groves.com 
GTS Services      www.gtsservices.com 
Guardian Industries      www.guardian.com 
Gunther Mirror Mastics      www.gunthermirrormastics.com 
Gyrotron Technology Inc.      www.gyrotrontech.com 


Glasstech brings its company online and to visitor’s fingertips through its website, which details the many different types of bending and tempering equipment it offers. Product information is available for the architectural and automotive industries, as well as the aftermarket industry. Service bulletins that are either independently developed by Glasstech or provided by vendors are featured as a service to customers. Links for support services and contact information are also available. 


H & G Industries International Inc. www.h-g.com 
Hafele American Co. www.hafele.com 
Halfen Anchoring Systems www.halfenusa.com 
Harmon Inc. www.harmoninc.com 
Hartung Glass Industries www.hartung-glass.com 
Hegla Corp. www.heglacorp.com 
Hiawatha Inc. www.hiawathainc.com 
Homasote Co.   www.homasote.com 


IGE Solutions Inc.     www.IGEsolutions.com 
Insulating Glass Certification Council   www.igcc.org
Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association     www.igmaonline.org 
Insulite Glass Inc.    www.insuliteglass.com 
Interedge Technologies  www.firesafe-glass.com 
International Door Closers Inc.   www.intldoorclosers.com 
Intertek     www.Intertek-etlsemko.com 


New equipment, used equipment, spare parts, software, accessories and many other products for the glass (as well as stone) fabrication industry are available online from IGE Solutions. Visitors can scroll through numerous pages of product offerings, including machines for glass edging, beveling, tempering, drilling, laminating and many more. Additional links provide the company’s latest news and information; an employment page is featured as well.


J & S Machine Inc.    www.jsmachine.com 
J. Sussman Inc.     www.jsussmaninc.com 
J.F. Swinehart Co. Inc. www.jfswinehart.com 
J. G. Braun Co./ a Division 
of the Wagner Companies   www.wagnercompanies.com 
JE Berkowitz L.P.      www.jeberkowitz.com 
Jet Edge        www.jetedge.com 
JLM Wholesale  www.jlmwholesale.com 
Joel Berman Glass Studios Ltd.   www.jbermanglass.com 
Johnson Brothers Metal Forming    www.Johnsonrollforming.com 
Johnson Window Films Inc.   www.johnsonwindowfilms.com 
Jordan Glass Co.     www.jordanglass.com 
Joseph Machine Co. Inc.      www.josephmachineco.com 
Julius Blum & Co.       www.juliusblum.com 


The website of glass fabricator J.E. Berkowitz LLP is the one-stop spot to learn about the company, its products, services and much more. A photo gallery showcases just a sampling of the many projects featuring their products. Other site features include a page of CAD details and information about its many products and fabrication shapes. In addition, visitors can read magazine and other media editorial about the company. An employment page lists current job opportunities.


Kaba Access Control    www.kaba-ilco.com 
Kawneer Co. Inc.      www.kawneer.com 
Kear Fabrication Inc.     www.kearfab.com 
Kinlong Hardware  www.kinlong.com 
KMT WATERJET SYSTEMS www.kmtwaterjet.com 


When visitors log on to this website they are greeted by continually changing pictures that illustrate examples of Kawneer projects. This website is a resource for contract glaziers, architects and specifiers about commercial aluminum products, such as curtainwall, storefronts, entrances and windows. In addition to downloading CAD and specification information, as well as product literature, the site features the KawneerDirect Customer page, which is login protected for customers. News, product information and a number of helpful resources, including AIA-continuing education courses, can also be found. 


Laminators Inc. www.laminatorsinc.com 
Land Instruments Infrared Products www.landinst.com 
Lapcraft Inc. www.Lapcraft.com 
Liberty Glass & Metal Inc. www.libertywindowsystems.com 
Linetec www.linetec.com 
Liquid Control Corp. www.liquidcontrol.com 
Lisec America www.lisec.com 
Lisec America Software www.lisec-sw.com 
LiteSentry Corp. www.litesentry.com 
Lockheed Window Corp. www.lockheedwindow.com 
Lothar’s Industrial Sales www.lothars.ca 


Mac Metals Inc. www.macmetal.com 
Mainstreet Computers Inc. www.mainstreetcomp.com 
Major Industries www.majorskylights.com 
Marks USA www.Marksusa.com 
Mayflower Sales Co. Inc. www.mfsales.com 
McGrory Glass Inc. www.mcgrory-glass.com 
McKeegan Equipment & Supply Co. www.mckeegan.com 
Menasha Corp. www.menasha.com 
Messe Düsseldorf North America www.mdna.com 
Midwest Wholesale Hardware www.midwestwholesale.com 
Minuteman Tool Repair & Supply www.minutemantool.com 
Mirart Inc. www.mirart.com
Morse Industries www.morseindustries.com 


Nana Wall Systems Inc. www.nanawall.com 
New England Door Closers www.nedoorcloser.com 
New World Aluminum Corp. www.newworldal.com 
Newcomer Architectural Products Inc. www.napglass.com 
Nordson Corp. www.nordson.com 
Norshield Security Products www.norshieldsecurity.com
North American Glass Equipment www.americaglass.com 


Oben USA www.obenusa.com 
ODL Inc. www.odl.com 
Oldcastle Glass www.oldcastleglass.com 
Omaha Wholesale Hardware www.omahawh.com 
Omnia Industries Inc. www.omniaindustries.com 
Optimum Window Mfg. Co. www.optimumwindow.com 


At first glance, this website may seem more like the website of spa resort rather than that of a shower door and bathroom product manufacturer.
 But the site provides details and information about its array of products for the bathroom including custom tile showers, walk-in showers, ceramacast showers and body sprays. There’s also installation information, frequently asked questions, dealer and company contact information.


Visitors to the website of Oldcastle Glass are greeted by a colorful home page, illustrated with project images featuring their products. In addition to information details on the company’s numerous products, users can take advantage of the Performance Data/GlasSelect® option. This feature allows users to plug in the glass aesthetic (color) and type of glass to generate performance data of the selected unit.


Pactiv www.green-guard.com 
Painters & Allied Trades Labor LMCI www.LMCIonline.org 
Palmer Mirro-Mastic www.mirror-mastic.com 
Paragon Architectural Products LLC www.glassengineer.com 
Pecora Corp. www.pecora.com 
Pemko Manufacturing Co. www.pemko.com 
Performance Films Distributors www.44tools.com 
Phantom Screens www.phantomscreens.com 
Pilkington www.pilkington.com 
Pinpoint Laser Systems www.Pinlaser.com 
Pistorius Machine Co Inc. www.pistorius.com 
Pittco Architectural Metals www.pittcometals.com 
Pittsburgh Corning Corp. www.pittsburghcorning.com 
PMC Software Inc www.pmcsoftware.com 
Polygal Inc. www.polygal.com 
Polygon Co. www.polygon-cft.com 
Polymeric Systems Inc. www.polymericsystems.com 
Polytronix Inc. www.polytronix.com 
Portals Hardware www.portalshardware.com 
PPG Industries Inc./
Glass Technology Center www.ppgglazing.com 
PRC-Desoto International, Inc www.prcglasssealants.com 
Precision Glass Bending www.e-bentglass.com 
Prelco Inc. www.prelco.ca 
Pres-On Tape & Gasket Corp. www.pres-on.com 
Protean Construction Products Inc. www.protean.com 
Protect Gard Window Film www.protectgard.com
Pulp Studio www.pulpstudio.com 


PPG Industries has created a website for IdeaScapes, its unified identity for its architectural glass, coating, paint and service offerings. The website is designed to serve as a useful, single-source destination for architects and other building professionals seeking information about PPG products. Visitors will find comprehensive content including MSDS sheets and technical data, downloadable product literature, AIA/CES course offerings, case studies and more. Interactive tools are also available, including a glass performance calculator.


Q’SO Inc. www.qso-inc.com 
Quaker Windows & Doors www.quakerwindows.com 


Ready Access www.ready-access.com 
Record Products Of America Inc. www.recordproducts.com 
Reel Screens www.reelscreens.com 
Rehau Incorporated www.rehau-na.com 
Reichhold Machinery www.reichholdmachinery.com 
Renko/Saargummi Inc. www.renkocanada.com 
Richter Enterprises Corp. www.richterenterprises.com 
Ritescreen www.ritescreen.com 
Roller Die + Forming www.rollerdie.com 
Rolltech Systems Inc. www.rolltechsystems.com 
Ronstan International Inc. www.ronstan.com/ARCH 
Roto Frank of America Inc. www.rotohardware.com 
Royalite Mfg. www.royalite-mfg.com 
Rudy Art Glass Studio www.rudyglass.com 


SAFTI First Fire-Rated Glazing Solutions www.safti.com 
Saint-Gobain BayForm www.bayform.com 
Salem Distributors www.salemdist.com 
Scapa North America www.scapa.com 
Schlegel Corp. www.schlegel.com 
Schnee-Moorehead Inc. www.trustsm.com 
SCHOTT North America Inc. www.us.schott.com 
Seal Craft Corp. www.seal-craft.com 
Sealant Equipment 
& Engineering Inc. www.SealantEquipment.com 
Security Door Controls www.sdcsecurity.com 
Sekisui America Corp. www.s-lecfilm.com 
SELECT Products Limited www.select-hinges.com 
Shat R Proof Corp. www.shatrproof.com 
Sheffield Plastics Inc. www.sheffieldplastics.com 
Shield Associates Ltd. www.windoorshow.com 
Shower Door Network www.showerdoor.net 
Sika Corp. www.sikaindustry.com 
Skywall Translucent Systems www.skywall.com 
Soft Tech America Inc. www.softtech.nz 
Soft-Lite L.L.C. www.soft-lite.com 
SoftSolution-USK www.Softsolution-usk.com 
Solar Innovations Inc. www.solarinnovations.com 
Solutia Inc. www.solutia.com 
Solvay Chemicals www.solvay.com
Sommer & Maca Industries Inc. www.somaca.com 
Southeastern Aluminum www.southeasternaluminum.com 
Southern Aluminum Finishing www.saf.com
Southern Stretch 
Forming & Fabrication www.southernstretch.com 
Spadix Technologies Inc. www.spadixtechnologies.com
Spancraft www.spancraft.com 
Special-lite Inc. www.special-lite.com 
Spectra Gases www.spectragases.com 
Splendor Shower Door Co. www.splendorshowerdoor.com 
Sprayway Inc. www.spraywayinc.com 
Standards Design Group Inc. www.standardsdesign.com 
Structures Unlimited www.skylightinfo.com 
Strybuc Industries www.strybuc.com
Summit Shower Door www.Summitshowerdoors.com 
Sunbilt Solar Products www.sunbilt.com 


This website offers visitors the latest information on the company’s fire-rated glass and glazing products and resources. In addition to product details and specifications, the site also provides the E-Z product comparison chart that allows users to compare Safti’s glass properties to those of other fire-rated glass manufacturers. Company news, links to articles and resources on fire-rated glass, projects that feature Safti glass, company sales representatives and contact information are also available. Product brochures can also be downloaded.


Last September Salem Distributing announced it was getting a whole new look, and its website was included in the makeover as well. The new home page is done in basic colors, red and black, set against a white background. On the right side visitors can click the site they want to visit: flat glass and mirror, stone, surfacing materials or a page that provides the history of Salem. On the left side, graphics of different products flash alternately. Additional company information is available, including product details, a credit application, contact information, downloadable information (coming soon) and much more.


Taco Metals Inc. www.tacometals.com 
Technical Glass Products www.tgpamerica.com 
Technoform www.technoform.com 
Tecton Products www.tectonproducts.com 
Tem-Pace Inc. www.tempace.com
Thermal Express Systems www.thermalexpress.com
Top Notch Distributors Inc. www.topnotch.bz 
Traco www.traco.com 
Tremco Inc. www.tremco.com
Truseal Technologies www.truseal.com 
Tubelite Inc. www.tubeliteinc.com 


Technical Glass Products recently launched a new website, designed to provide architects and interior designers with information, specifications and ideas for the application of its new architectural products: Pilkington Profilit™, Neopariés® and Neopariés® LT, AquaGlass, Veluna and GlassOre. Site visitors can learn about structural glass, surfacing materials, decorative glass, framing and more. It also includes product features, photographs, specifications and other information.


Tremco Commercial Sealants & Weatherproofing has designed its website to assist contractors and specifiers with sealant information. The site features a number of key sections, such as the technical resources library that provides information on sealants and waterproofing, including drawings, glazing animations, LEED information, technical bulletins and more. In addition, the library features the company’s Architectural Training Series, which provides architects with an AIA continuing education program.


TruSeal Technologies Inc., recently redesigned its website to feature enhanced navigation and updated graphics. Menu buttons have been moved to the left-hand side of the page and now expand to show section contents. “Mini ads” appear under the buttons to promote specific site offerings. The ads currently highlight sections for ordering spare tool parts, estimating sealant costs and requesting literature. 


Ultrafab Inc. www.ultrafab.com 
Una-Clad/Firestone Metal Products www.UNACLAD.com 
Uneeda Bolt & Screw Co. Inc. www.uneedabolt.com 
Unelko Group LLC www.unelko.com 
Uniglass Engineering Oy www.uniglass.com 
United States Aluminum Corp. www.USAlum.com 
United States Bullet Proofing www.usbulletproofing.com
Universal Photonics Inc. www.universalphotonics.com 
Unruh Fab Inc. www.unruhfab.com
USGlass www.glass.com 
UV Process Supply www.uvprocess.com 


Valley Industrial Products www.valleyindustrialtapes.com 
Valspar www.paintandcolor.com 
Venture Tape Corp. www.venturetape.com 
Vesuvius McDanel www.vesuvius.com 
Vetrotech-Saint Gobain www.vetrotechusa.com 
Viracon www.viracon.com 
Vistawall Architectural Products www.vistawall.com 
Vitrum www.vitrum-milano.it/indexEng.htm
V-Kool Inc. www.V-Kool-usa.com 


For those looking for information on fire-rated glass, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain’s website provides a number educational information on the topic. To visit the North American section, click the USA tab and visitors can learn about products, codes and regulations, testing, new technologies and more. Visitors can even take an online tour of the company’s fabrication facility. Product information can also be downloaded.


Animated graphics that transform into a bright blue glass building welcome visitors to Viracon’s website. Product information, a project gallery and site search engine are all readily available on the opening page. The Viraconsulting™ link offers additional resources including a frequently asked questions page, online help, educational resources, a glossary of terms and links to request samples and literature. 


W & W Glass LLC www.wwglass.com 
Walker Glass www.walkerglass.com
Wakefield Equipment www.wakefieldequip.com/
Wausau Window & Wall Systems www.wausauwindow.com 
Wikk Industries Inc. www.wikk.com 
Witte North America Ltd. www.witte-na.com 
Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc. www.powrgrip.com 
Wrisco Industries Inc. www.Wrisco.com 
WWP Enterprises www.wwpent.com 


YKK/AP America www.ykkap.com 


Zircon Corp. www.zirconcorp.com 

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