Volume 41, Issue 5 - May 2006


Florida Building Commissionís 
March Meeting Tackles Big Topics

The Florida Building Commission (FBC) met for three days in Tampa, Fla., in March with an agenda that included many different goals.

The commission reviewed the Structural Technical Advisory Committeeís (Structural TAC) review and analysis of declaratory statement requested by Dr. Humayoun Farooq, professional engineer (P.E.) of the Al-Farooq Corp., unanimously accepting the Structural TACís answers to the questions posed in the document.

The Commission also revised its work plan for the year and identified future research and development, providing a preliminary report on the Florida Panhandle Wind Borne Debris Study and reviewing the Hurricane Research Advisory Committee Work Plan and hearing the results of the Structural TACís discussion for future research issues that will be addressed by the Hurricane Research Advisory Committee.

The commissionsí 2006 legislative package was also reviewed and ground rules for the May code/rule development workshop process were established.

It was decided that the Department of Community Affairs would establish a budget request to be presented to the 2007 Florida Legislature. The enumerated needs to be addressed through the budget request are to include glazing requirements above 60 feet, the need for better protection from exposure for extended periods of time, a review of the current use of plywood as large missile protection and the length of fasteners for roofing shingles.

Of particular note, the issue of wind driven water intrusion through doors and windows remains an issue. The Structural TAC held a discussion to identify and rank several issues not addressed in the expedited rule process.

The commission chairperson, Raul L. Rodriguez, laid down the ground rules for introducing amendments to the 2004 Florida Building Code and the commission was updated on its 2006 legislative packages. The ground rules have been published on the Florida Building Commission website, www.floridabuliding.com.

Of particular interest to those who follow the FBC, which has initiatives in its legislative package, Senate Bill 1774 by Senator Lee Constantine and House companion bill HB 1187 by Representative David Murzin are set to go before the Florida legislature. SB 1774 was filed on February 2 and is now before the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. If passed, the bill will authorize the FBC to update and modify the standard for wind design, repeal the definition of ďexposure category c,Ē and authorize certain authorities to enforce amendments to the FBC, among other things. It would take effect July 1. 

GANA Releases New Bulletin and Standard Test Method
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released a new glass information bulletin titled Skylights and Sloped Glazing are Not Walking Surfaces. The bulletin highlights life safety issues that construction workers, maintenance professionals and of which others need to be aware when working on or around skylights and sloped glazing systems.

In addition, the associationís laminating division has released the Standard Test Method for Ball Drop Impact of Laminated Architectural Flat Glass. This test method is intended for use as an in-plant quality control test to evaluate the impact performance of laminated flat glass. It covers the destructive ball drop testing of laminated flat glass products intended for use in architectural glazing applications.

The task groupís next charge is to create a specification to compliment the new test method. 

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