Volume 41, Issue 5 - May 2006


NFRC Continues to Move Toward Nonresidential Program Development

Despite major industry opposition, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) says it is continuing to make progress and move forward in its efforts to create a certification and rating program for the nonresidential market. Kristine Martin, program director for Potomac Communications Group, NFRC’s public relations agency, reports that since the group’s 2006 spring membership meeting in San Diego, NFRC staff members, under the guidance of the component modeling subcommittee (formerly the nonresidential products subcommittee) chairperson Mike Manteghi and vice chairperson Gary Curtis have converted the nonresidential certification program flow chart (draft IV) into draft component-based product certification program (PCP) language. A working group currently is reviewing the draft document to make sure it is as complete as possible and that it is consistent with the flow chart (draft IV). According to Martin, the PCP language is required to implement certification procedures for component-based ratings and will document the mechanism for using the component-based rating tools for bidding purposes. 

Following the working group’s review and comment period, the draft PCP document will be formatted and sent to NFRC’s entire membership for additional input and comment. While this is not a ballot, the NFRC says it offers an opportunity for all members to participate in the program’s development. The subcommittee chair and vice chair, along with staff, will then work to resolve any comments received. The finalized draft document will be distributed to the subcommittee members for ballot; it will be a subcommittee ballot only. 

Comments and negatives will be addressed and voted on during the full subcommittee meeting that will be held in July as part of NFRC’s summer meeting in Minneapolis. 

In addition, the NFRC board has scheduled a meeting on June 15 with invited industry association representatives from the Aluminum Extruders Council, the American Architectural Manufactures Association, the Glass Association of North America, the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association to discuss the component modeling program and seek understanding of the various industry perspectives.

CRL Opens New Branch Distribution Facility in Houston
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has opened a new branch distribution facility in Houston. 
This new branch serves the Southern regions of Texas, as well as customers in Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Mexico. 
The company’s existing branch in Dallas continues to serve Northern Texas, as well as Oklahoma and Arkansas.
The new 42,400-square-foot facility is located in the northwest section of Houston, in the Fairbanks Industrial Park.
“This move brings our operations closer to our customers in Southern Texas, and demonstrates our deep commitment to the Texas market,” says Donald E. Friese, CRL president and chief executive officer.

The facility features new shipping equipment and computer systems. A “will call” department allows customers to pick up orders on site. 

“We have already had very good reception here. I feel it is the best opening we have ever had for a new branch. The common question from customers is ‘What took you so long to locate here?’” said Mike Scroggins, the Houston branch manager. 

“We have enjoyed many years in Dallas and are pleased to be expanding our capabilities within Texas. This area is a major growth market, and is very important to our own advancement as the leading supplier to the glass industry. This new facility not only raises our level of service to our customers in that region, but is also a good business decision,” added Friese.
Luis Sanchez and Stacy Goates have been named assistant branch managers of the Houston facility. 

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