Volume 41, Issue 11 - November 2006


DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions Raises Interlayer Prices
Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions announced a global price increase of 10 percent for all grades of DuPont™ Butacite® polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, DuPont™ SentryGlas® Plus structural interlayers and DuPont™ Spallshield® composite films, effective October 1, 2006. According to information from the company, this action was required due to the sustained increases in petrochemical feedstock, energy and freight costs. 

“Despite recent improvements in natural gas and oil prices, the cumulative increases in petrochemical feedstock, natural gas, energy and transportation costs have eroded profitability to unsustainable levels. Our previous pricing actions, and significant costs and yield improvements, have not kept pace,” said Torkel Rhenman, global business director. “While we will continue to work aggressively to improve costs, we must take action now to ensure our ability to reliably supply service and provide the innovative solutions our customers expect.” 

Thermal Windows Completes New Facility
Thermal Windows Inc., a Tulsa, Okla.-based custom door and window manufacturer, has announced that it has completed a 36,000-square foot expansion to its manufacturing plant.

Fleming Building Co. of Tulsa handled the construction, which added on to the current 200,000-square-foot building the company currently has housing its manufacturing operation. 

“We continue to experience rapid growth in our custom commercial fenestration products, the high-rise terrace door line and our AW-rated impact products. This year we are projecting more than a 25 percent increase in our overall volume,” said Dennis M. Lane, president of Thermal Windows. “Each new product that we add to our line greatly increases the storage requirements for extrusions. In addition, this year’s extended lead times by our extrusion vendors has forced us to inventory more product than in previous times.”

He continued, “We will utilize a portion of the new space for storage, but will at the same time take the opportunity to expand several of our shops, which five years ago when we moved into this new location had more than adequate space but are now restricted.” 

Mammen Glass Licenses DecoTherm® for Plant Expansion 
Mammen Glass and Mirror Inc. of Irving, Texas, has entered into a licensing agreement with DecoTherm Digital, Ceramic-Frit Glass Decoration. A proprietary image positioning system used to produce DecoTherm will be installed as part of Mammen’s plant expansion. Mammen will supply DecoTherm custom decorative glass in Texas and Oklahoma. The company is the fourth site in North America licensed to produce DecoTherm. 

Mammen Glass is adding 10,000 square feet to its original plant, more than doubling the size of its Irving production facility. The new building includes an overhead crane, pull-through unloading for truckload deliveries, as well as additional room for inventory and equipment. It also includes a new production control office, a shipping office, an employee breakroom and restrooms.

“This is Mammen Glass’ 50th year in business, and we have outgrown our existing facility. We are simply out of room,” said Chris Mammen, president of Mammen Glass. “Fortunately, we still have room for expansion right here at the site of our original location.”

Mammen continued, “We broke ground in May, and we received our certificate of occupancy in October. We are now finishing out the offices and reconfiguring our plant flow to take advantage of the additional space for a more efficient production flow.”

Diamond Glass Introduces Fuel Surcharges Pilot Program 
Diamond Glass Cos. has introduced a new pilot program to test the introduction of fuel surcharges in three key U.S. markets. The program is designed to measure consumer and non-contract commercial responses to the introduction of a fuel surcharges for remote, on-site automotive glass installation services. 

Diamond’s approach to coping with rising fuel costs is intended to offer consumers more options in response to rising overhead costs. According to information from the company, the pilot program will test and measure consumer reactions to the introduction of fuel surcharges, and will provide Diamond Glass with research data and key insights into consumer opinions and purchasing patterns. 

Diamond’s fuel surcharge test program offers consumers the option of paying a small surcharge for remote installation service or bringing their vehicles to one of the company’s locations to be serviced. The company says that the information gained from this pilot research program will enable it to better forecast consumer purchasing patterns throughout the United States and the glass industry as a whole. 

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