Volume 41, Issue 11 - November 2006


Meeting the Challenge
So you think you have the lowest prices, but how do you really know what your competitors are charging? USGlass randomly called glass shops in Grand Rapids, Mich., Providence, R.I., and St. Louis, Mo., to find out how much it would cost to replace a large picture window. The information we gave was for replacing a 71 5/8-inch by 47 5/8-inch insulating glass unit with ¾-inch overall thickness and double-strength glass—and the estimates we received were all over the place. 

“That’s one big piece of glass,” exclaimed a woman at one shop. Don’t we know it. But these glass shops were up to the challenge of replacing it, offering estimates for the cost of the replacement glass and labor (unless otherwise noted).

Grand Rapids, Mich.
Shop Price
Shop #1 $350.00
Shop #2 $475.00
Shop #3 $450.00
Shop #4 $361.00
Mean $409.00
Median $405.50
Providence, R.I.
Shop Price
Shop #1 $500.00
Shop #2 $475.16
Shop #3 $522.50
Shop #4 $400.00
Mean $474.42
Median $487.58
St. Louis Mo.
Shop Price
Shop #1 $559.00
Shop #2 $389.00
Shop #3 $480.00
Shop #4 $424.50
Mean $463.13
Median $452.25

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