Volume 41, Issue 10 - October 2006

City of Glass
glasstec Returns to Düsseldorf, Germany

Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, Düsseldorf, like many European cities, features soothing fountains and parks, unique museums, high fashion, a riverside promenade, historic squares dotted by cafés—and lots and lots of glass. Most of those features are permanent fixtures of the city, but glass is back in town just for glasstec 2006. The fair will be held from October 24-28, at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

More than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries have registered to take part in the biannual event. According to show organizers, 64 percent of the exhibitors at the show will be from countries other than Germany, including Italy, China, Great Britain, France and the United States. Come say “guten tag” to USGlass magazine in Hall 13 Booth C75.

In addition, more than 50,000 attendees are expected to flock to the city in search of information on glass manufacturing and production technology, glass processing and finishing, tools and replacement parts and much more. And when not walking the trade show floor, attendees can learn more about new technologies and developments by participating in the show’s educational programs. 

For example, the organizer of “glass technology live,” Professor Stefan Behling, a senior architect at Fosters and Partners in London, along with his team from the Stuttgart University will present information on the latest products, technologies, trends and designs with the presentation “Future Homes.” Topics of the special exhibition will include “Tomorrow’s Materials,” “Future Insulating Glasses,” “Façade Technology,” “Bionics” and “Adaptive Systems.” 

The accompanying “glass technology live” symposium will offer a different topic on each day of glasstec:

  • “Engineering and Research” on October 24, 
  • “Emotion and Material” on October 25, 
  • “Glass and Energy” on October 26, 
  • “Prospects and Applications” on October 27 and 
  • “Focus on Trade” on October 28.

Simultaneous translation into English will be provided. 

In addition, an international architects’ congress on the topic “Reflection—Glass in Architecture” will take place in the Congress Center East on October 27 from 9:45 am – 1:30 pm. Simultaneous translation into English will be offered. Registration is required. 

machinery and equipment
Hall 13, Booth C49: Glasstech Heats Things Up
The FCH2™ architectural flat-glass tempering system from Perrysburg, Ohio-based Glasstech Inc. is a gas-fired, forced convection system that processes clear or coated glass. The FCH2 can heat clear glass at a typical cycle time of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness and soft-coat low-E glass at a typical cycle time of 33 seconds per millimeter, according to the company.
The company will also display its CRBA™ cylindrical radius bending and tempering system for large glass. It features a 59-inch bed and produces cylindrical shapes as well as shapes with two radii, J-bends or V-bends. All CRB systems are designed to produce accurate cylindrical shapes and do not require part-dedicated tooling; part shape changeovers can be done in minutes, according to the company. 

Hall 13 Booth B49: Glassrobots Shows Its Temper
Glassrobots of Finland will display its RoboTemp™ flat tempering machine, which the company says combines the advantages of true convection furnaces and radiant furnaces. 

According to information provided by the company, the design offers new benefits to boost productivity and to achieve high-quality production, especially with low-E coated glass. 

The furnace can operate at a low system temperature with a rapid processing time, meaning that the glass spends a minimal amount of time on the system’s rollers. Mixed production (clear, tinted and coated glass) of the same thickness can run in the same batch, offering more production flexibility compared to electric radiant heat tempering furnaces, according to the company.

Hall 16 Booth C19: For.El. Updates Cutting Line
The updated cutting line for stratified glass lites, VC series from For.El. S.p.A. of Vallio di Roncade, Treviso, Italy, was designed to offer a strong stretching quality of PVB film, precise orthogonality of lites and high optimization. It also offers a level of automation that enables a single operator to completely manage the production of 800 to 1000 m2 in an 8-hour period. The cutting line features a 6000-millimeter-high cutting bridge. 

The company will also display a new warm-edge spacer processing technology. 

Hall 16 Booth C57-59: Tamglass Profiles New Tempering Technology 
Finland-based Tamglass has announced that it will launch a new technology for glass tempering that combines the latest profiled convection technology with automatic process control.

According to information provided by the company, the new tempering technology is suitable for flexible production of architectural and insulating glass. Reduced production costs are achieved by the convection booster technology that circulates hot air in the process. Tamglass also says tempering high-quality, super low-E glass is easier than ever before due to automatic process control. Key properties such as glass thickness, emissivity and glass load are measured and furnace settings are automatically created for easy operation and fast production.

Hall 13 Booth D30-1: Billco Displays Range of Equipment 
Billco Manufacturing Inc. of Zelienople, Pa., specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality processing equipment for the flat glass and fenestration industries. It will display equipment for glass washing, glass cutting, insulating glass, laminating assembly lines, glass handling and automation/optimization software. According to information from the company, each project is handled uniquely and is customized to each customer’s individual situation. 

Hall 14 Booth E24: Bystronic Previews its Manufacturing Systems
Bystronic of Hauppauge, N.Y., will display its total system solutions for the manufacture of architectural glass. For example, the company’s first’factory systems provide continuous manufacture of flat glass through to the insulating glass unit. The units combine high quality with fast cycle times, according to information provided by the company. In addition, Bystronic plans to introduce technological advances such as TPS® applications in photovoltaic glazing for the solar and insulating glass industry. 

Hall 16 Booth C57-9: Bavelloni to Launch Glass Processing Technology 
Italy-based Bavelloni, which offers a range of machines for cutting and edging, milling and drilling, says it will launch new glass processing technology at the trade show. The company’s comprehensive line includes cutting tables and lines for float and laminated glass, CNC working centers, straight and shaped bevelling machines, straight-line edging machines and double edging and drilling machines, available for stand-alone or integrated installations. According to information from the company, it also offers a wide range of diamond and polishing tools for the glass industry. 

IGE Solutions to be Found throughout the Show
IGE Solutions Inc. of Jupiter, Fla., will be exhibiting with a number of companies that it represents in the United States. 

IGE Solutions offers drilling machines from Forvet S.r.l. (Hall 16 Booth F06) designed to drill and notch thick lites of glass precisely. The machines are suitable for drilling and notching shower doors for hinges and hardware. In addition, IGE Solutions says its Forvet CNC drilling machines feature dual-opposing spindles (upper and lower). Once glass is fed into the machine, all of the positioning is done automatically.

IGE Solutions will also offer equipment from the Chinese company Zhongshan Fushan Glass Machinery Co. Ltd. (Hall 12 Booth E24). The company explains that Fushan offers 88 models of flat glass fabrication machines, including bevellers, edgers and double edgers, drilling machines, washing machines and more. Fushan also manufactures a full line of tempering furnaces. 

IGE Solutions also offers the Tenon/IGE Elite Series automated insulating glass production equipment from Ekang Tenon (Beijing) Equipment Co. Ltd (Hall 13 Booth E12). 

Salem’s Equipment to be Found at the Show 
Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Salem Distributing Co. offers a number of equipment lines that will be displayed throughout glasstec. 

The company offers a selection of machines from Bovone Diamond Tools S.r.l. (Hall 16 Booth D77). The ELB 17/45 is a 16,770-pound 17-cup type wheel edger designed to produce precision flat edges, miters and arrises, all cerium polished. The Bovone ELB 10/45 is a 10,000-pound 10-cup type wheel edger with similar capabilities. 

From Vitrododi Int. Co. S.p.A. (Hall 16 Booth A22), Salem offers the 15s vertical glass washing machine. The stainless steel washer features three sections: hot wash, cold wash and rinse to maximize washing performance and speed. To further enhance its washing performance, it is equipped with two pairs of 4-inch diameter cylindrical brushes.

The Verticam C 130 from Meccanica Cambi S.r.l. (Hall 17 Booth D66) is a specialized piece of equipment for drilling sheet glass in the vertical position. The vertical configuration maximizes floor space in the shop or the plant. It utilizes numerical controls to ensure accurate drilling even in high-production settings. The program is capable of storing drilling jobs for future work.

Besana Lovati Makes Its Mark on glasstec 
Equipment distributed by Besana Lovati will be on display in the booths of many of its suppliers. 

CMB/Besana S.R.L. (Hall 16 Booth F40) offers straight-line edgers, equipment for beveling, drills, CNC workstations and vacuum lift devices. Custom manufacturing is available from this company, as well as from Lovati Fratelli s.r.l. (Hall 16 Booth D40). Lovati offers CNC machines for edging and beveling, loading and off-loading. Fully-automated production lines are available. 

From Macotec S.R.L. (Hall 16 Booth A59), Besana Lovati offers straight and shape cutting tables and lines, laminated cutting and water jet cutting. Meanwhile, Officine Mistrello S.r.l. (Hall 16 Booth F29) will display its glass storage systems and handling equipment. 

Keraglass Engineering S.r.l. (Hall 16 Booth A21) offers a selection of horizontal batch tempering equipment—radiant and convection—as well as horizontal continuous and bent-tempering machinery, vacuum laminating kilns and equipment for screen printing, roller coating, laminated glass processing and special packaging applications.

Hall 14 Booth E08: Edgetech Displays Super Spacer TriSeal
Edgetech I.G. Inc. of Cambridge, Ohio, is featuring its Super Spacer® TriSeal™ technology. The warm-edge Super Spacer TriSeal technology is in compliance with European standards EN1279 Parts 2 and 3, and is compatible with a variety of sealants, including silicone, polysulfide, DSE/DSAs and hot melt butyl, according to information provided by the company. 

Also on display will be the company’s manual production Super Spacer IG, which will be demonstrated alongside exhibitions by Stolker Glas of the Netherlands and Sparklike of Finland.

Hall 13 Booth C17-7: PPG to Showcase Array of Glass Products
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries Inc. will display its clear Solarban® 60 solar control low-E glass. The coated glass offers visible light transmittance of 70 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.38 in a standard 1-inch insulating glass (IG) unit. 

In addition, the company will display its Sungate® 500 clear low-E glass. According to information from the company, when it is used in a 1-inch IG unit it produces winter night-time U-value improvements of 27 percent compared to a standard clear glass insulating unit, while transmitting up to 94 percent of its visible light. 

In addition, the company will display its Starphire® ultra-clear glass, which is now available in 15 and 19 millimeter thicknesses. The company’s Oceans of Color™ spectrally selective tinted glasses, will also be on display. 

Hall 9 Booth F11: Kokomo Glass Gets Colorful
Kokomo Opalescent Glass of Kokomo, Ind., will display 1/8-inch thick sheets of colorful glass for use in stained glass art and windows and architectural features. The glass is available in 14 textures and numerous colors and color combinations. 

tools and hardware
Hall 10 Booth B53: CRL Stacks Up 
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) will showcase a new stacking partition system (SPS) for moveable all-glass walls and partitions. 

Glass panels are suspended from an overhead track by two rollers per panel. The company’s Intelli-Track rollers work with both manual and self-guided intersections on the track to provide directional control and smooth movement. The rollers can be positioned on either the inside or outside track, and when they come in contact with the switching block, will travel the direction in which the switching block is oriented. The Intelli-Track Roller also allows glass panels to accommodate a 90-degree turn. 

Receiving sockets in the floor secure the panels in place. The system also features a multi-point locking system and utilizes the company’s patented Wedge-Lock™ glass securing system at the top and bottom of the glass panels. 

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