Volume 41, Issue 10 - October 2006


equipment and machinery

OEMME Comes to North America
Italy-based OEMME S.p.A. is now offering its machinery for light-alloy systems to the North American aluminum market.

The company has recently introduced a thermal break profile assembly line and corner crimping machines. It also offers machining centers, sawing and milling machines, punching tools, packaging machine and a complete range of products for composite panels working.

Updated Quik-Dose™ Gets Automated 
Besten Equipment Inc. of Cleveland, a manufacturer of insulating glass (IG) equipment, has introduced a new version of the Quik-Dose™ semi-automatic gas-filling machine. The new version offers an automated vertical conveying system that moves an IG unit from the cryogenic argon dosing head to the final corner sealing. Once completed, the units can be taken off or moved to a dual sealing application. 

KMT Feels the Pressure 
KMT Waterjet Systems of Baxter Springs, Kan., has a new addition to its line of advanced high-pressure waterjet equipment.
The company says its new hydraulic-driven SRP pump, with a 10-minute seal change design, is easy to maintain and designed for long production runs. It delivers up to 2.8 gallons of water per minute at 35,000 pounds per square inch and features a 100-horsepower motor and a single intensifier, according to the company.

alternative glazing products

Patent License Granted to Orca Mfg.
Orca Manufacturing of Hurlock, Md., has been granted a license by MJK Multiwall Systems LLC to manufacture Multiwall polycarbonate panels for the North American market. The panels can be used for sloped and vertical glazing, attached to glazing bars and as a glazed system, which the company says meets health and safety executive regulations for a non-fragile roof. 

Glazing with the thermally broken Multilink® NF or standard system offers the fix and link feature, which the company says can reduce cutting and installation time and costs compared to traditional systems. The insulating polycarbonate multiwall panels are available in a variety of tints.

decorative glass

Glaverbel Gets Matelac
Glaverbel has launched the Matelac range of colored glasses. Designed for use in contemporary furniture and wall coverings, Matelac is made from float glass with one painted side and one acid-etched side. Twelve colors create an opaque, satin-finish appearance where the glass merges seamlessly with its surroundings.

The colored glasses also come in a safety version called SAFE. A polypropylene film is applied to the varnished side of the glass, protecting the paint from scratches and preventing injury, according to the company.

Glass With Shape
Nathan Allen Cast Glass Inc. of Richmond, British Columbia, says its Convex glass, which was produced and developed with the architectural firms of Janson/ Goldstein and Front Inc. in New York, is the first real three-dimensional glass, produced in geometric-type patterns.

Both surfaces are shaped so that dimensional viewing can take place from either side of the glass. Convex glass can be produced in ¼-, 3/8-, ½-, 5/8- and ¾-inch single-layered panels, and can be tempered as well. For projects that require laminating, Nathan Allan has developed a resin laminating method of casting panels.

Currently, Convex glass is available in clear and low iron versions, and cast textures and privacy coatings are also available.

Also new from the company is its fire-frost opacity coating. Similar to a sandblasted look, fire-frost has a sealed permanent finish that repels grease, dirt and fingerprints.

door and window hardware

DORMA Adds New Electromagnetic Door Holders
The new EM series of maintenance-free electromagnetic door holders is now available from DORMA Architectural Hardware of Reamstown, Pa. The EM Series door holders are composed of a door-mounted catch plate and a floor- or wall-mounted electromagnet. The magnets feature low residual magnetism so they release easily, even in applications that use minimal spring force door closers, to meet ADA requirements. Brackets are not required for recessed, flush or surface mounting. The door’s secure catch plate features a ball-shaped pivot arm for adjustability, and optional extension rods from 1.5 inches to 12 inches are available to accommodate greater distances between the door and wall.

The EM series offers field-selectable voltage, either 24vac, 24vdc or 120vac. 

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