Volume 41, Issue 9 - September 2006


Step up to Creativity
GANA Creates New Decorative Glass Division
by Brian K. Pitman

Decorative glass in architecture and design has become a large industry in the past two decades. More and more fabricators are adding some form of decoration to their inventory and several GANA members are already involved in the decorative glass industry. As a result, our board of directors established a new decorative division in July. This division will encompass several decorative products, including acid-etched glass, silk-screening, multi-colored and printed interlayers and more.

In order to establish and grow the decorative division, GANA will host a meeting this month that will take place Tuesday, September 19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in room N245. Discussion of the division’s future, as well as its operations, will take place from 4-5 p.m., with a reception to follow from 5-6 p.m. We invite all interested parties, fabricators and suppliers involved with decorative glass to attend and become a part of GANA’s efforts to promote this industry. 

First Steps
During the division’s formation, a draft scope and objectives were created for consideration by future division members attending this month’s meeting. The draft scope is: “To serve decorative glass manufacturers, suppliers and users in promoting industry education and guidance while providing forum for discussion and development of industry standards.” 

The draft division objectives include:

• Providing a forum for executive communications on issues of professional importance for decorative glass;

• Providing a forum for educational training for production personnel involved in the fabrication and production of decorative glass;

• Providing a forum for the development of decorative glass industry promotional resources;

• Promoting value-added decorative glass products;

• Identifying and addressing issues of technical importance to the decorative glass industry;

• Developing technical references/ resources for industry personnel and design professionals;

• Providing the focal point for industry research; and

• Supporting the development and maintenance of product standards.

Open to All 
Non-members of GANA are invited to take part in the first division meeting to discuss the scope and objectives. During the meeting, an executive structure will be created, the scope and division objectives will be modified to reflect the ambitions of potential members and division tasks and projects will be identified. This meeting will be the stepping-stone for the future successes and promotion of the new division, GANA’s seventh.

Membership in GANA’s decorative division is open to those companies that manufacture decorative glass, as well as those that supply equipment and materials used to manufacture decorative glass products. Several of GANA’s current members are expected to join the division.

The creation of this new decorative division is an exciting step forward for GANA. Its services now encompass all areas of the commercial glass industry, from manufacturing and fabrication design considerations and technologies, to final construction and installation. The GANA board of directors invites you to embrace this new division by attending the first meeting or visiting our website, www.glasswebsite.com. Expand the scope of your company and the decorative glass industry as a whole by joining GANA and its newest division.

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