Volume 41, Issue 9 - September 2006


new hires
United States Aluminum Names Chicago Manager 
United States Aluminum has announced the addition of David Nelson as the sales manager for the company’s Chicago facility. Nelson was previously with Sommer and Maca for 22 years.

Nelson has held a variety of roles in the industry, including territory sales manager, machinery sales engineer, corporate trainer and sales and marketing positions.
Susan Fleury, Martin Guzman Join Morse Industries 
Morse Industries has hired Susan Fleury as its marketing manager. Fleury will be based at the company’s headquarters in Kent, Wash., and will focus on marketing efforts that include distributor programs, market analysis, printed collateral, direct mail, website development and show participation.

Additionally, the company’s inside sales team has welcomed Martin Guzman. Guzman has a background in distribution.

AFG Names Operations Manager for Penn Plant
AFG’s president and CEO, Brad Kitterman, has announced organizational changes in the company’s fabrication division. GPI, the company’s laminating facility, will become part of the fabrication group and will be known as AFG Residential Fabrication in Carbondale, Pa. Rob Schilling, 

currently operations manager of Residential Fabrication in Quakertown, Pa., has been named operations manager of the Carbondale facility in addition to his current position. Plant manager Mike Grandinetti will continue in his position and report directly to Schilling. 

Additionally, there will be management changes at the company’s float glass plants in Jerry Run, W.Va., and Cinnaminson, N.J. The changes are in response to the retirement of Jim Mills, former plant manager of the company’s Jerry Run, W.Va., plant.
Replacing Mills as plant manager will be Shaun Banner. Replacing Banner as plant manager at the Cinnaminson, N.J., operation will be Frank Donaghy. A graduate of Trenton State College/College of New Jersey with a degree in industrial engineering, Donaghy served most recently as the production manager at the Cinnaminson plant. He has 11 years of experience at the New Jersey float facility.

Advanced Glazings Ltd. Expands Staff
Michael Bowen has been hired as an architectural product specialist to work throughout the New England area. He was previously vice president of national account sales and marketing for Timeless Timber Inc., a company that manufactures environmentally-reclaimed woods. 

GANA Names Two as Interim Division Leaders
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has appointed two industry leaders as the interim leaders of its new decorative division. Kristian L. Vockler of ICD High Performance Coatings was named interim chair of the division, while Scott Surma of DecoTherm was named interim division officer. He will sit on the GANA board of directors in an at-large capacity.

Vockler is the vice president of operations for ICD, a Vancouver, Wash.,-based company that produces spandrel coatings and decorative glass solutions.

Surma is the national sales manager for DecoTherm, a division of IIMAK. The Amherst, N.Y.,-based company produces digital ceramic frit decoration for glass. 

PPG Honors Developers of Breakthrough Low-E Glass 
At a PPG Industries research and development conference on June 6, several individuals were recognized for their work on Solarban 60 solar control low-E glass. 

Mehran Arbab, James Finley, Howard Gillery, Ed Kapura, Paul Medwick, Dennis O’Shaughnessy and Andrew Wagner received the PPG President’s Award for Technical Achievement.

Azon Welcomes New Employees
Azon USA Inc. has added two new employees at its world headquarters in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Joe Conway has joined the company as business development specialist for performance products. In this role, Conway will handle the promotion and sales of the company’s performance cast elastomer product lines. Prior to joining Azon, he spent more than 17 years in the thermal plastic industry, primarily in sales, marketing and product management.

Betsy Hummel has been named communications specialist in the media department. Hummel recently completed a year-long, graduate internship as a copywriter with an advertising agency in South Bend, Ind., she earned journalism degrees in news/editorial and advertising/public relations from Franklin College. In her position, she will concentrate on the composition and execution of collateral materials, the overall branding and development of the global corporate identity and editing corporate documents.

AMinuteWith... Kevin Olah
Guardian Industries; ASC Z97.1 Committee Chairperson

Kevin Olah of Guardian Industries has recently been named the new chairperson for the ANSI Z97.1 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC), and will guide the committee through the next standard revision cycle. He spoke with USGlass in August.

Q:What do you hope to accomplish as the new chairperson for the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) for Z97.1? 

A:With the help of some very talented and knowledgeable individuals, I hope to develop a technically-useful standard that becomes widely accepted throughout the industry. 

Q:What career decisions have led you to this position? 

A:When I started with Guardian just over five years ago, I immediately became involved with standards, both in their interpretation and development. Progressively, I began to participate in several industry committees, and I believe I have acquired a better understanding and a greater awareness of the importance of standards. By participating in standards development, accepting the position of chairperson seemed to be the logical next step to furthering my education and a way of serving the industry. 

Q:What drives your interest in building codes? 

A:In a market of ever-increasing products, it is vital, in the interests of all, that the building codes continually evolve to allow the public the best possible standards.

Q:What do you anticipate in the next five years for building codes? 

A:It is difficult to say exactly what will happen with the building codes, but, without question, they will have to evolve as the glass industry continues to introduce new products. 

Q:During the last ANSI cycle there was a lot of controversy about whether or not wired glass should be included in the standard as a safety glazing product. With the new cycle starting up, do you anticipate any controversies this time? How do you typically deal with a controversial situation?

A:In the development of any consensus standard, you must expect there will be differences in approach and opinions. As such, I am sure there will be some healthy debates as the standard is reviewed and revised; however, the obligation of those who serve the committee is to make the standard technically up-to-date and relevant. With respect to wired glass, there is some lingering controversy that is likely to resurface during the current review of the standard. However, as it did the last time, the committee will work diligently to ensure that all parties have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns, to bring forth alternate language and to vote on the adoption of changes in accordance with the consensus process. 

Q:Best thing to happen to the glass industry in the last five years? 

A:Consumer choice. With numerous advances in the development and introduction of energy-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing products, not only does the consumer have more choices, but better products from which to choose.

Q:What are your personal and professional inspirations? 

A:I get inspiration from those who have gone before me, and I have learned from their experiences—especially when taking risks and overcoming obstacles. That prepares me to succeed in whichever direction I am headed.

Q:What would you be doing if you weren’t in your current profession? 

A:I’ve always had an interest in travel, so maybe something in the travel industry—even though I’d probably be traveling less than I do in my current profession.

Q:What words of wisdom can you/do you share with others? 

A:Always listen and to try to understand what others have to say; everyone. 

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