Volume 41, Issue 9 - September 2006

Ready, Set, Products!

Get a Head Start on GlassBuild America by Learning About Exhibitors’ New Offerings

GlassBuild America, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas on September 19-21, will include seminars, live educational demonstrations and more than 350 exhibiting companies. A plethora of innovative products from the glass industry, including doors, windows, machinery, software and adhesives, will line the 200,000-square-foot show floor. Get a head start navigating the show with this sneak peek at some of the great products you are sure to see.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Day: Date: Time:
Tuesday September 19 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday September 20 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursday September 21 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Booth #718: 
AFG Glass Combines Comfort and Low-Maintenance 
AFG Glass of Kingsport, Tenn., is offering Comfort Ti-AC23™, a new low-E glass designed to maximize solar control and air conditioning efficiency in Sunbelt regions of the country while still maintaining an attractive appearance. 

The product features a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 and provides a high light-to-solar gain ratio of 1.74 when used on clear glass. 

The company is also offering Spotless Ti™, which combines low-maintenance and low-E coatings to deliver energy efficiency and climate control, together with easy-to-maintain glass. Spotless Ti is designed to attract water, spread it evenly over the glass surface and then sheet it away, according to the company. It allows for fast drying without beading that can leave behind water marks or streaks. The low-maintenance coating is a permanent part of the glass itself and offers upkeep and aesthetic benefits for the life of the window. 

Booth #1376: 
PPG Expands Availability of Solar Control Glass 
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has announced that its Starphire Ultra-Clear glass is now available as a standard inventory item in 15 and 19 millimeter thicknesses. Unlike traditional clear glass, which typically displays a light green cast, the clarity of extra heavy Starphire glass intensifies as it gets thicker, according to the company. 

In addition, the company will have on display its Solarban® 70XL glass, a new solar control low-E glass. In a standard one-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL has a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 with a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 63 percent. With its neutral appearance, Solarban 70XL glass can be specified to produce a clear aesthetic or it may be combined, in an insulating glass unit, with tinted glass. 

The company also offers Solarban z50 glass, which features a steel blue/gray exterior appearance. When combined with clear glass in a standard one-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban z50 glass produces a SHGC of 0.31 and VLT of 51 percent. It also controls glare and maintains a low interior reflectance of 11 percent.

decorative glass
Booth #124: 
Oldcastle Glass Montage™ Visual Effects Glass 
According to information from Oldcastle Glass®, the company’s new Montage™ Visual Effects Glass is a new concept in glazing. Montage was designed to provide architects and designers the ability to create unique custom effects by combining a wide variety of standard designs and technologies. It allows users to mix and match textured patterned glass, custom-colored coatings, designer silk-screened patterns and rice paper designs into a unique vision.

etched glass
Booth #956: 
Walker Glass Offers Acid-Etched Products 
Walker Glass Co. Ltd., based in Montreal is expanding its acid-etched product line with the introduction of Textures Select.

Textures Select was created to serve a market need for custom, partial-surface, etched glass or mirror applications, and offers acid-etched stripes on glass or mirror. 

The company says the new product line uses a flexible technique of tape masking that allows a customer to specify an almost endless combination of etched and unetched linear stripes on the glass or mirror. 

fire-resistant glazing
Booth #1663: 
SAFTI FIRST Puts Fire-Resistance First 
San Francisco-based SAFTI FIRST™ Fire Rated Glazing Solutions spotlights its SAFTIhurricane glazing assembly, which it says is the only fire- and hurricane-rated glazed assembly that has passed Miami Dade standards. In addition, the company will display its fire-rated decorative art glass, an enhanced aesthetic on fire-rated applications. 

In addition, the company’s SuperLite products will be displayed at the trade show, including fire-resistant transparent walls, radiant-heat reducing monolithics, ceramics and safety wired glass. According to information from the company, SuperLite products are rated from 20 minutes to three hours and can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane or UV rays. The products include SAFTIfire Frames, with fire ratings from 20 minutes to 2 hours, which are available in any architectural make-up. 

Booth #1524: 
Technoform I-Spacer Features Hybrid Design
Combining high thermal performance, condensation resistance and structural rigidity, I-Spacer insulating glass spacers from Technoform of Twinsburg, Ohio, feature a unique hybrid design and offer warm-edge performance. Additional performance benefits of I-Spacer include argon retention, machine-controlled muntin locations, aesthetically pleasing sightlines and several color options, according to the company.

Constructed of sturdy polyamide 6.6 with 25 percent glass fiber content, I-Strut allows aluminum fenestration and curtainwall manufacturers to provide a high degree of thermal performance and structural integrity. I-Strut features an expansion/contraction rate equal to that of aluminum, thermal conductivity rates 700 times better than aluminum alone and structural properties that exceed those of virtually every other thermoplastic available, according to information from the company. 

spacer application 
Booth #2017: 
Billco Automates Flexible Spacer Application
The FlexiGlyde, an automatic flexible spacer application system for insulating glass unit production from Billco Manufacturing Inc. of Zelienople, Pa., is designed to provide a cost-effective, horizontal solution for low- and high-volume production lines. The company says the FlexiGlyde can be integrated into a variety of layouts, and can replace existing manual application tables easily. 

According to the company, the dual-headed application option allows production-minded facilities to use the same equipment to apply spacers from different manufacturers, with zero changeover time. While operating at a sustainable 1,000-plus uninterruptible power supply, the fully-automated solution increases the quality, consistency and throughput of insulating glass units, while reducing labor requirements, according to the company. 

Booth #2644: 
Bystronic Showcases Warm-Edge Spacer Systems 
Bystronic of Hauppauge, N.Y., offers modularly designed system solutions that encompass everything from glass loading to cutting to complete manufacturing of insulating and laminated safety glass. The company will feature two warm-edge spacer applicators at the trade show: TPS and Super Spacer®. 

The thermoplastic spacer (TPS) is a versatile spacer system that provides users with the ability to switch from one spacer width to another seamlessly, without tool changeover. The second system, featuring the Super Spacer applicator, is a shaped unit with mitered corners for a clean, highly aesthetic end product. 

The company will also feature its muntin-marking device designed to aid users in the placement of grids within insulating glass units. 

Booth #1418: 
CRL Opens Latest Catalog to Reveal New Products
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) will display architectural hardware products for the construction of all-glass storefronts and entrances. Among these items will be the company’s wedge-lock door rails and associated accessories, and access control hardware, such as panic handles and door closers. In addition, the company has introduced new product lines, including the stacking partition system, Laguna series all-glass doors and an expanded selection of post railing, aluminum railing and windscreen products.

The products are featured in the company’s new CRL63 Architectural Hardware Catalog, the third in a series of five Master Catalogs. 

Booth #807: 
Seeing Double with DORMA Glas 
The new fully-adjustable double-action hinge from DORMA Glas of Millersville, Md., offers the curved architectural element inspired from the ARCOS design system.

The ARCOS line of hardware for tempered glass doors features flowing lines and elegant design to offer architects and designers a complement between metal hardware and tempered glass doors. The metal products in the ARCOS line have an arc-like curvature that blends the hardware into the glass. 

The double-action hinge includes adjustments for spring tension and angle adjustment for aligning the door to the zero point. The heavy-duty hinge is appropriate for low- and high-frequented doors and can be specified in a hold-open position at 90 degrees. The hinge can be used for 3/8- and ½-inch thick glass. It is available for a maximum door width of 40 inches and maximum weight capacity of 143 pounds.

Booth #736: 
FDS Glass Corp. Expands to United States
FDS Glass Corp. is offering products from door hardware and glass fitting manufacturer HaiDeLi Hardware located in Foshan, China. The company offers a selection of floor hinges, door closers, patch fittings, glass door locks, shower fittings and door handles. 

The company says its products are certified by ISO 9001:2000, which assures and guarantees all standard requirements.

tapes and adhesives
Booth #963: 
A Tight Bond 
LAMATEK Inc. of West Deptford, N.J., has added a hybrid glazing tape to its product offerings. The HGT series is specifically-engineered for vinyl doors and windows. It combines a strong ultraviolet-resistant acrylic adhesive that bonds securely to glass with a rubber-based adhesive that also bonds to the vinyl lineal. 

The adhesives are coated on cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin foam with a high-density, easy-release polyethylene liner, according to the company. The tape is available in both white and black.

Booth #1556: 
Sikaflex®-552 Holds Impact Certification
Sikaflex®-552, a one-part polyure-thane hybrid adhesive, is part of Madison Heights, Mich.-based Sika Corp.’s line of impact-certified products. According to information provided by the company, Sikaflex-552 has passed testing for Miami Dade County, PA 201 large missile and PA 203 cyclic wind pressure loading testing. In addition, the sealant is qualified to AAMA 805.2 Group A, “Bonding Back-Bedding Compound” specifications. Testing was performed on multiple customer built door wall and window units at independent test facilities.

Sikaflex-552 is part of Sika’s full line of window and door sealants and adhesives for OEM back bedding and assembly operation applications, new residential construction and replacement installation applications.

In addition, the company says it has assembled a full range product lineup for use in installing doors and windows. 

Booth #607: 
Dow Corning Offers Sealant Line 

The new InstantGlaze and new InstantGlaze II Window Assembly Sealants from Dow Corning Construction of Midland, Mich., are reactive hot-melt products, specially formulated for automatic backbedding technology. 

InstantGlaze has a 24-hour pot life and up to 15 minutes of open time, yet develops instant green strength so there are no fabrication delays. The sealant gives immediate aggressive adhesion to vinyl, wood, glass, aluminum, painted or treated wood, high- performance paint and fiberglass. InstantGlaze II is a low-viscosity, soft material that squeezes down during application to improve wet-out while offering the same green strength and reducing hold times. 

According to information from the company, the two InstantGlaze products have high elastic recovery, which makes them suitable for use as a one-component backbedding sealant in most hurricane and impact-resistant designs. 

Booth #1766: 
Tremco Spotlights New Sealant’s Strength 

The new Proglaze® SSG structural silicone glazing sealant from Tremco Glazing Solutions of Beachwood, Ohio, was designed to provide protective glazing systems with added strength and flexibility to increase personal safety and diminish damage. 

Proglaze SSG has tensile strength at maximum elongation of 350 pounds per square inch. Its quick green strength, which limits deformation of beads or cracking during the cure process, also allows fast movement during in-plant glazing, according to information provided by the company. The sealant will cure to approximately 3/4-inch in depth in a closed glazing pocket within 21 days and up to one-inch in 28 days. 

The one-part, high modulus, neutral cure Proglaze SSG can be used for sealing joints within window or wall systems as well as a cap, heel or toe bead. It is easy to apply with conventional caulking equipment, says the company. Tooling is recommended immediately after application to ensure firm contact with the joint interface. 

Booth #844: 
New VK Series Tape from Capital Tape

Cleveland-based Capital Tape will feature the patented VK Series of structural glazing tapes. The series features high-density foam tapes designed to meet stringent performance standards required for structural silicone glazing applications. 

Additionally, Capital Tape will exhibit its complete line of products used for mirror mounting, door and window glazing, storefront glazing, trim attachment, bath enclosure sealing and structural glazing. 

Booth #2134 and #2652: 
Edgetech Offers Glass Protection 

Edgetech I.G. of Cambridge, Ohio, and Eco Coat Glass Protection Systems of Canada have partnered to distribute a proprietary, environmentally-friendly glass protection product to the North American residential fenestration market. Eco Coat is a temporary coating that is applied to the glass and frame to protect against construction debris. 

According to information from the company, Eco Coat provides a quick and easy way for manufacturers to protect glass and frames from common materials found in construction sites. Furthermore, Eco Coat makes it unnecessary for window cleaners to use razorblade scrapers to remove debris from glass. 

Edgetech will also display Cytec’s new UVEKOL® A glass laminating system, a pre-formulated liquid system that enables companies of all sizes to laminate their own glass safely, consistently and without volatile organic compounds through use of a low-intensity ultraviolet light for fast curing. The company will also offer the Form8tor® vinyl profile bending system, which features the patented tri-rotational technology that allows up to eight bends to be produced at any time. 

storefronts and entrances

Booth #1274: 
EFCO Launches New 5XP Sliding Door 

EFCO Corp. of Monett, Mo., will launch the new 5XP sliding glass door. The new 5XP provides superior structural and water performance for high-rise condominiums and areas where a hurricane impact rating is required. 

The company will also display the System 5500 curtainwall, which was designed to offer an array of design and performance benefits. System 5500 utilizes the EFCO E-Strut™ thermal barrier providing a high level of thermal and structural performance. 

Booth #634: 
Wausau Adds Windows and Doors to Visuline Series

Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Window and Wall Systems has added the new 3250iV and 4250iV fixed and project-in, Insulbar® thermal barrier, aluminum windows in 3- or 4 1/2-inch frame depths to its Visuline Series. 

Engineered with a structurally-glazed sash and a single-handle, multi-point lock, the company says the AAMA AW-90-rated casement windows meet or exceed testing for air infiltration, water and condensation resistance, structural integrity and thermal performance. 

The company has also introduced its new TD-4250i Series terrace doors. Suitable for residential towers and high-rise hotels, the doors are part of the Advantage by Wausau product line of pre-engineered, competitively-priced, quality doors and windows for accelerated delivery schedules.

The doors function as either in-swing or out-swing operating units and are available with transom lites, kickplates and French door astragal rails. They feature 4.5-inch frame depths to uniformly match the sightlines and configurations of the company’s window and curtainwall systems. The doors are AAMA-rated as ATD-AW60 for single-leafs and ATD-AW50 for a double-leaf door. 

Booth #1044: 
Kawneer Comes Prepared

Kawneer Co. Inc. of Norcross, Ga., will also be at the show with new products. In its expansive, 800-square-foot booth, the company will feature four major product focus areas: green design, protective glazing, pre-assembly/pre-glazing and new products. Kawneer will also feature a dedicated learning center where visitors can obtain more specific information about products and services, including sessions on its eBusiness solution, KawneerDirect.

The company’s new AA3900 thermal sliding door and the AA900 ISOWEB® window are part of its line of high performance thermal offerings. The products were designed specifically for climates subject to temperature extremes.

shower doors 
Booth #516: 
Coastal Puts Paragon Series on Display 

The 3/8-inch swing door from Coastal Industries of Jacksonville, Fla., is part of the company’s Paragon™ Series. It is made with solid brass hinges and is available in more than a dozen designer finishes including oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and polished chrome. It’s also available in countless different glass options and each door is custom made to provide a stylish, unique and personal addition to the bath. 

In addition, the company has unveiled a low cost option for 3/8-inch enclosures that incorporates a 28-inch door (either 72 or 76 inches tall) with KD panel kits.

doors and windows
Booth #454: 
United States Aluminum to Exhibit Series 900 Terrace Door 

United States Aluminum of Waxahachie, Texas, will exhibit its Series 900 terrace door. The new door, available in out-swing and in-swing models, features the Structlink II nylon thermal break, 1- by 4 ½-inch frame, 1 ½ pair mortised aluminum butt hinges and mitered door corners. It is a high-performance, HC40-rated French door for use in condominiums, lofts, hotels and apartments with a five-point lock on pairs of doors. Designed for 1-inch insulating glass, the door has 3 ¾-inch-wide rails and 2 ¼-inch stiles. 

The company has also introduced the LEED™-friendly Series 3600 sun shade to reduce exposure to direct ultraviolet rays while allowing for ambient daylighting. The screw spline assembly design features a standard 36-inch outrigger with a variety of louvers and fascias available. 

Booth #1544: 
Vistawall Introduces New Blast System

Vistawall of Terrell, Texas, has developed the Reliance™ curtainwall for blast resistance, combining high security performance with a traditional pressure-glazed curtainwall system. 

The new curtainwall has been designed and tested per Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01, Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standard for Buildings. The system was tested at a static load of one pound per square inch with one-inch insulating glass made with ¼-inch laminated inboard lites—1/8-inch annealed, 0.30 polyvinyl butyral, 1/8-inch annealed—per the UFC standard. The glass was glazed utilizing a continuous structural silicone seal at the interior to further comply with the UFC standard. 

machinery and equipment

Booth #2162: 
IGE Solutions Inc. Displays Several Lines

North American distributor IGE Solutions Inc. of Jupiter, Fla., will offer equipment lines from several companies.

From Forvet, IGE Solutions will offer drilling machines designed to drill and notch thick lites of glass precisely. The machines are suitable for drilling and notching shower doors for hinges and hardware. 

In addition, IGE Solutions says the Forvet CNC drilling machines feature dual-opposing spindles (upper and lower). Once glass is fed into the machine, all of the positioning is done automatically. Software from Forvet is also available.

IGE Solutions will also offer equipment from the Chinese company Fushan. The company explains that Fushan offers 88 models of flat glass fabrication machines, including bevellers, edgers and double edgers, drilling machines, washing machines and more. Fushan also manufactures of a full line of tempering furnaces. 

IGE Solutions also offers the Tenon/IGE Elite Series automated insulating glass production equipment. The series offers high-speed cleaning, low noise, a self-diagnosis system automatic control of glass thickness and more. It also features a portable tilting table. 

In addition, IGE Solutions will offer recycling and filtration equipment from US Centrifuge.

Booth #533: 
Glastar’s Got Drill Bits

Chatsworth, Calif.-based Glastar Corp. will offer a number of products in its booth. Products on display will include diamond-coated drill bits, core drills and a drill press stand into which a hand drill will fit easily, according to the company. 

Booth #2100: 
Tamglass-Bavelloni to Demonstrate its Products 

The new Tamglass Sonic™ system, from Tamglass-Bavelloni, is specifically tailored to coated low-E glass products offline. The system is based on the patented profiled high convection heating system with ultra-speed convection blower technology. According to the company, the system can process “super” low-E products continuously at a speed of 33 seconds per millimeter.

In addition, the company says it will demonstrate a variety of drills, edgers, and bevellers, as well as two cutting tables and a CNC machine at the trade show. Also to be featured is the VT/1301-T-CN vertical drilling, milling and notching machine. It is equipped with one double drilling head and one single head for milling or countersinking. 

Booth #2637: 
NAGE Cuts Up with Shape Glass Cutting Machine

Toronto-based North American Glass Equipment (NAGE) will display several automatic glass cutting tables. Among them is the Lampo automatic shape glass cutting machine, a numerically controlled machine for cutting straight and shaped monolithic glass. The worktable, provided with the Lampo cutting table, features air flotation and hydraulic lifting. The hydraulic system used for lifting the table has a balancing valve installed for employees’ safety. According to information provided by the company, in the case of a breakage in the hydraulic lines the balancing valve prevents the free falling of the worktable.

The machine is able to cut through float glass plates up to a thickness of 6 mm. A specially designed aligner allows for double zero cutting of laminated glass. The machine’s program allows for mirror compilation of the cutting data. The system of spacers allows users to pick up a sheet and position it vertically without causing an inconvenience during the insertion and extracting of the glass pliers. 

Booth #2562: 
Novel Designs Improve Laminated Glass Production

The patent-pending ISDS interlayer storage, dispensing and lay-down system from Casso-Solar Corp. of Pomona, N.Y., is designed for manufacturers of cut-size or stock-size production. It allows the user to apply the interlayer in a relaxed mode with the product in a stopped position on the conveyor. The dispensing system is located at the exit end of the assembly room and occupies approximately one meter of conveyor space. It can store four or more rolls of interlayer material and can be operated in both a manual and an automatic mode. 

Booth #1536: 
Glassrobots Offers RoboTemp™ 

Glassrobots of Finland will be showing its RoboTemp™ flat tempering machine, which combines the advantages of true convection furnaces and radiant furnaces. 

The furnace can operate at a low system temperature with a rapid processing time, meaning that the glass spends a minimal amount of time on the system’s rollers. Mixed production (clear, tinted and coated glass) of the same thickness can run in the same batch, offering more production flexibility compared to electric radiant heat tempering furnaces, according to the company.

Booth #2430: 
Bromer Automatic Seaming Machine

For tempering line holders, Bromer Inc. of Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada, is offering its automatic seaming machine. According to information provided by the company, the glass sheet follows a “Z” course on the seaming table surface so that the automatic seaming line seams all glass sheet sizes. Square sheets or rectangular sheets are ready to be seamed as soon as it is requested. The machine is set to seam four glass edges or three different glass sheets at the same time. According to the company, the static seaming increases the quality of the seamed edges.
The machine can be applied to any line. The company says that the horizontal seaming line occupies a third of the floor space of a regular seaming line. 

Booth #2330: 
DeGorter Steps Up

The FPS-50M3 is a large-capacity straight-line vertical edger produced by SCHIATTI ANGELO Srl of Italy and distributed in the United States by DeGorter Inc. The model, which completes the FPS-50 series, is designed to increase the performance of the older model, FPS-50M2. 

The FPS-50M3B, which features 14 spindles, can produce three different edges in a single pass and can accept glass thicknesses from 1/8 to 2 inches and a minimum glass size of 6 by 6 feet to a maximum weight of 3,960 pounds. When incorporated, the mitering system can perform a variable angle of 0 to 45 degrees and produces edges with a polished look, according to the company. 

Booth #818: 
EDTM Brings New Spectrum Detective 

EDTM Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, will be displaying its growing line of products for the glass and window industry, including its new Spectrum Detective, which allows window professionals to demonstrate the full performance of a window or film product to a customer. The tool simultaneously measures the ultraviolet, visible and infrared transmission values of a given window product. Users need only to slide the glass sample into the meter and watch the resulting performance data appear on the display. 

transportation and handling

Booth #1170: 
Groves Helps Handle Materials

Groves Inc. of McHenry, Ill., will spotlight several new products.

The company’s new peg dolly, designed for transporting insulating glass (IG) units, has 56 removable wooden dowel rods to provide 28 slots for glass. The peg dolly can be moved by forklift, and includes a heavy duty push handle to provide safe and efficient handling. The base of the peg dolly incorporates the company’s Easy Slide system to prevent the material from sticking to the base. The peg dolly has removable heavy duty 8-inch casters (two swivel with brake and two rigid) that can be removed to load the unit into a delivery truck or store it in the shop.

The new IG carts have removable harp rods that can allow for 3/8- or 1 1/8-inch widths between the rods. They are covered in polyethylene to prevent the material from being scratched. The carts also incorporate the Easy Slide system to protect the IG units. The carts come with heavy-duty 8-inch casters (four swivel with brake) to ease the mobility and provide a safe means of transport. 

The glass transport cart can be used for laminated glass, windows and mirrors. The front of the unit has two removable bars to help ease loading and unloading. The cart incorporates an optional heavy duty caster kit with 8-inch diameter casters (two swivel with brake and two rigid), and includes forklift pockets for loading into a delivery truck. The glass transport cart is a special order cart and can be made to specifications. 

Booth #1324: 
Trucking with Mongoose

F. Barkow Inc. of Milwaukee will be showcasing a Mongoose Truck and a P-209S glazing body truck. 

The Mongoose truck body is built on a 2006 Ford F350 Chassis/Cab and has a 3,000-plus payload capacity, 9,900 gross vehicle weight rating, V-8 gas engine with an automatic transmission, tilt steering, cruise control and air conditioning. 

The P-209S glazing body has a 60-inch cab-to-axle requirement, stainless steel construction and two 108-inch overall length by 96-inch useable height exterior glass carriers. It features 5-inch useable ledgeboards, eight Stake-Loc® self-locking stakes with Barkleats and hardware, full lower splash panels, two rows of “B” loadholding slats and neoprene Barpads® on 8-inch centers. Additionally, large sign panels are on each side at the top, 11/2-inch square stainless steel tubular A-frames with structural steel underbody and cross members, a front stop on each ledgeboard and removable rear wheel apron are also included. 

lifting and handling equipment
Booth #852: 
Vacuum Lifting Equipment on Display
Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc. will feature a diverse selection of its vacuum lifting equipment.

The MR411LAC manual rotator, with 700 pounds capacity, is an economical vacuum lifter for production line use. It permits easy access to the glass for rotation, while also supplying adequate leverage for precise glass positioning. It features manual 360-degree rotation with automatic locking at the quarter points and hardened steel rotation wear plates.

The MRTA611LDC quadra-tilt lifter offers 1,100 pounds of lifting capacity and features 360-degree manual rotation. A unique, four-bar tilt mechanism reduces the effort needed for tilting glass 90 degrees between the upright and flat positions. Removable vacuum pads and extension arms accommodate a wide variety of glass sizes and shapes. This vacuum lifter comes standard with the company’s dual vacuum system, designed to reduce the risk of falling glass.

The MRTA4LP6FACS quadra-tilt rotator is designed to make tilting loads between flat and upright positions easy for the user. This tilter maintains the load position automatically, without the need for latches. 

scratch removal
Booth #337: 
Remove Scratches with G Force
The G Force scratch removal system from GlasWeld of Bend, Ore., is a portable system that is designed to remove deep scratches from all types of glass, including tempered, annealed, laminated, low-E, bullet-resistant and even curved glass and mirrors. 

According to the company, the one-step process has been independently-tested and proven to remove scratches without distortion. 

Booth #944: 
The Scratch Hog Removes Severe Scratches
Glass Technology Inc. of Durango, Colo., will show its Scratch Hog Glass Restoration System for removing severe scratches and hard-water stains.

According to the company, the Scratch Hog System removes mild to severe scratches with little or no visible distortion. The system, which uses a series of glass-cutting discs, pumps distilled water from a portable reservoir through an industrial-grade center water feed machine. The company says that by feeding an ample supply of water through the center of the glass-cutting disc the water activates the cutting properties of the discs, spinning through the cutting disc and flushing away ground glass to expose new layers and a clean and clear work surface. 

Booth #1828: 
Truseal to Launch New Spacer Product 
Truseal Technologies Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, will launch a new addition to its warm-edge spacer product line. According to information from the company, the new spacer is its most significant product innovation since it launched Duraseal® in 2004.

The company will also highlight its hands-free, automated XY bridge applicator and application bed from its Besten TAPE-AT line. The applicator uses input dimensions to apply Truseal insulating glass spacers to glass lites in small, medium and large modes. 

machinery and equipment
Booth #1816: 
Glazing Tables Galore from Spadix Technologies
Spadix Technologies Inc. of Middlesex, N.J., will showcase several products. 

The Enduron horizontal insulating glass (IG) sealing table applies hot or cold sealant to all four sides of flexible or dual seal metal bar IG units. The standard table seals single or dual-seal units and dual- or triple-glazed units from 6- by 6-inches to 48- by 80-inches, with larger systems available. Size detection is automatic and operator input is not required, according to the company. 

The Sure Seal glazing table is a wet-glazing system that automatically applies an even bead of cold or hot sealant to all four sides of a frame or sash. It applies radius or square bead placement in corners as well. 

The hand-assist glazing table is a semi-automated wet-glazing system. The dispense head is manually-controlled, permitting precise glazing of unlimited frame profiles. The system is driven via a single hand-operated control grip. Dispensed bead size is fully adjustable. Automatic glazing height detection is standard, and a unique metering pump system eliminates shearing or pulsing of glazing material. 

Booth #2703: 
HMT Introduces Benchmark® 650 Hot Melt System 
The new Benchmark® 650 System from Hot Melt Technologies (HMT) of Rochester, Mich., is designed specially for dispensing hot melt butyls. 

The Benchmark 650 is a hot-melt gunning unit that can be table-top or cart-mounted for either interior or exterior applications. The unit’s 10-inch diameter melt tank holds five gallons of chunked material. Within the tank, two pre-melt grids allow material to be added at any time. The company says the grids substantially increase melt-rate efficiency and eliminate “cold spotting” over the pump inlet. 

Booth #2758: 
Accu-Print™ High-Tech V Screen Printer Comes Supersized
The Chicago-based A.W.T. World Trade Group’s Accu-Print High-Tech V™ flatbed screen printer comes in a new 52- by 52-inch size. The company says it is the only printer of its kind to print 4- by 4-footprints, in a reduced working space due to its small size, while still delivering optimal results. 

Booth #3036: 
GED Showcases Fast Corner Cleaner Line 
GED Integrated Solutions of Twinsburg, Ohio, will showcase an improved line of corner cleaning equipment, as well as a redesigned PC4000 twin station programmable corner cleaner with cycle times 32 percent faster than the earlier version, according to the company.

A new control platform delivers smooth, fast motion control to reduce cleaning cycle times and ensures aesthetics and strength. The new platform also allows integration of the company’s LeanNET® software to streamline the entire manufacturing process.

Booth #2632: 
Vertec Quickly Drills and Mills Single Lites 
CMS North America Inc. of Caledonia, Mich., will show its Vertec, a vertical drilling and milling machine that can easily and quickly execute complex drilling and milling cycles on individual lites of glass.

Equipped with two opposing 6.7-horsepower spindles, each with an eight-position tool changer, the Vertec can perform most any drilling or notching operation, according to the company. Both electrospindles with 1,000 to 15,000 rotations per minute allow for internal tool cooling. External cooling is done through the support rings, which also create a cushion of water to dampen vibration.

The Vertec can machine glass thickness of .125 to .750 inches, and lites as large as 98.4 by 122 inches, depending on the size of the unit.

glazing extrusions
Booth #1220: 
Morse Spotlights More Channels, Angles and Flat Bars
The booth from Morse Industries Inc. of Kent, Wash., will feature heavy commercial glazing extrusions for the glass and mirror industry, along with its complete line of matching channel angles and flat bars with 1/8-inch wall thickness. Heavy channels and angles are available in 20-foot lengths and the flat bar is available in 16-foot lengths. Finishes include mill (as extruded), satin anodized and dark bronze anodized.

Also available are Morse’s fixed panel deep shower U-channels, which have a ¾-inch profile and can be used as a top channel in installations where the glass must be inserted into the top channel, then dropped down into the regular bottom U-channel with a 3/8-inch profile. 

The company will also display its vinyl flat bars with tapered or non-tapered square corners for trimming retrofit windows. According to the company, the non-tapered bar is suitable for butt-joint corners and is available in 12-foot lengths, with or without two-way tape by 3M for bonding. 

architectural metals
Booth #1677: 
LiteBar is Made of Lightweight Aluminum 
Ohio Gratings Inc., a Canton, Ohio-based company that manufactures aluminum bar grating products, will introduce the LiteBar. The lightweight aluminum bar can be used to replace heavier materials, such as steel, to reduce the cost of shipping, in the manufacture of sunscreens and louvers, among other products. The company says it manufactures other types of aluminum bar grating products for all types of markets including industrial, commercial and architectural. 

Booth #1370: 
Have a Blast (Mitigation) with this Brochure
Graham Architectural Products has published a new blast-mitigation products brochure. The company says its products meet GSA Level D Department of Defense UFC-4-010-01 criteria for bomb-blast protection. The company offers casement, double hung, sliding, dual-action and fixed windows. 

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