Volume 41, Issue 9 - September 2006


decorative glass 

Harmonious Designs
Omnidecor’s DecorFlou Design collection has three newly-proposed designs. Designed by Marc Krusi, the new designs extend over the glass surface without interruption to create ever-changing perspectives. The glass surface is treated to let light through and produce unusual light effects while making the glass soft to the touch, according to the company.

Carving a Unique High-End Niche
Carved art glass luminaries from artist Randy Mardrus of Hamburg, N.J., are making their way into opulent venues all over the world. The art combines three-dimensional deep relief sculpture in a flat glass surface.

The carved art glass can be used in a variety of applications including doors, partitions, railing panels and large framed wall hangings.


Makita is Cuttin’ Up
Makita USA Inc. based in La Mirada, Calif., says its new 81-cubic-centimeter, 16-inch power cutter features maximum performance, efficiency, power and versatility. With capacity at 5-3/4-inches, the company says the tool can cut doors and windows in pre-cast concrete walls easily.

The new power cutter comes equipped with a five-stage filter system, an air filter with a large surface area for dust removal and a computer-controlled ignition system with large flywheel and earth magnets. 

impact-resistant products

United States Aluminum Product Protects Against Explosions
United States Aluminum of Waxahachie, Texas, has introduced its newest line of storefront systems, the blast-resistant Defender Series. 

According to the company, the product line, BR604 and BR606 blast-resistant storefront systems is designed to provide protection from potential explosions. The company says the systems have been tested successfully to withstand explosions from pressure levels of one to six pounds per square-inch.

In other news, the company has also announced the addition of its IG500 and IG600 Storm Front™ systems, which have been tested to exceed the requirements of the Miami/Dade County protocol for maximum protection from high winds and windborne debris. The entrances incorporate a patented one-glazing-bead design, ensuring maximum protection for the entrance area, according to the company.

Accura Aims to Secure Window Systems
Accura Systems Inc. of Sunnyvale, Texas, offers high-performance security glazed systems for punched and strip window applications as well as curtainwall. The company provides custom blast, ballistic and impact window systems. 

The basic security glazed system the company offers is a 2 ½-inch by 6 ½-inch four-sided silicone glazed window designed to accommodate 1 3/16-inch glazing. Other features include a continuous sill anchor and a vertical silicone glazed mullion option. Custom system dimensions are available. According to information from the company, all of its security glazing systems are independently tested and meet or exceed criteria set forth by the Department of Defense and other agencies. 

door and window hardware

Mayflower Stocks Rixson Electrolynx™ Electrified Pivots
Mayflower is now stocking a full line of Rixson electrified pivots that feature Electrolynx™, a quick-connect system that simplifies the electrification of the door opening. Each pivot features concealed plug connectors, eliminating the need for separate, and possibly exposed, wiring, while installer-friendly “plug and play” connectors are designed to take the guesswork out of wiring, according to the company.

daylighting panels

Daylighting That’s Intelligent
ControLite®, from CPI Daylighting Inc. of Lake Forest, Ill., is an all-in-one daylighting system that controls the amount of natural light, from dark to bright, without blinds, shades or curtains. 

According to the company, the product’s design offers automatic or manual operation and delivers energy savings, low maintenance and the freedom to choose the temperature and amount of sunlight. 

equipment and machinery

GIANT-83 is a CNC Goliath
Italian machinery manufacturer LOVATI Fratelli Co. has introduced the GIANT-83, a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine with five axises for grinding and polishing bevels and edges on shaped glass with internal and external curves, straight line edges and mitered corners. The machine can process glasses up to 8.300 by 3.210 millimeters and can also drill holes, pin and screw inserts. It can also perform internal and external milling and routing functions.

doors and windows

Kawneer Releases New Sliding Door and Window
Kawneer Co. Inc. of Norcross, Ga., has introduced two new products, the AA3900 thermal sliding door and the AA900 ISOWEB® window. 

The AA3900 thermal sliding door and the AA900 ISOWEB® window feature an ISOWEB® polyamide thermal break that provides low thermal transmittance and high condensation resistance while eliminating dry shrinkage. The company says this design feature helps the products meet all applicable North American performance standards and allows for a two-color finish option not possible with traditional thermal barriers.

glass cleaning and handling

Vacuum Lifter Tilter Prevents Edge Damage and Injuries
Anver Corp. of Hudson, Mass., has unveiled the Anver ET series four-pad vacuum lifter with powered tilt. The new product allows one person to lift flat, non-porous loads and attach and release them in either the vertical or horizontal plane. 

The company also has available a vacuum lifter that features powered tilt and manual rotation for placing loads into a crate, jig or frame, without damaging edges or risking hand injury. The Anver ETL is designed for applications requiring frequent vertical and horizontal attach and release. 

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