Volume 42, Issue 4 - April 2007

Cutting Edge Educational Program at AIA
Architectural glass and metal related sessions cover range of important topics

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Annual Convention in San Antonio presents a multitude of opportunities for attendees to increase their knowledge. The diverse educational program includes a number of sessions focusing on subjects that will provide information about the architectural glass and metal market.

Solar Control
A session entitled Tall Buildings at Work: The New High Performance Office, Wednesday from 8 a.m. to noon, will examine the design features and performance characteristics of two structures—the San Francisco Federal Building and the Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn. The session will focus on the impact of the glazing in the façades of the two structures and how it helps control solar heat gain. There will be an evaluation of the benefits of each shading design by comparing solar transmittance data.

High-Performance Enclosures
On Wednesday from 1 to 5 p.m. there will be a session on high-performance building enclosure design, focusing on innovations in design and techniques for maximizing the energy efficiency of enclosures. Included will be a review of successful design assemblies in different climates and the different materials available for successful applications in different building uses, climates and assemblies.

Also on Wednesday’s agenda from 1 to 5 p.m. is a session about ASHRAE 90.1, the standard that deals with energy requirements. As more jurisdictions adopt energy codes, compliance with them is becoming a required part of the design process. This analysis of standard 90.1 is designed to provide attendees with information about energy conservation on projects.

Envelope Design
Friday’s educational program returns to the subject of high-performance design with a session from 8:15 to 9:45 a.m. that highlights the benefits of a good building envelope on energy efficiency. The role of daylighting and the interaction between the building envelope and the mechanical systems will be discussed.

Blast-Resistant Design
On Friday’s program from 8:15 to 9:45 a.m. is a session entitled Innovation and Sustainability in Blast-Resistant Design. It will explore innovative solutions in blast-resistant curtainwall and window design that produce secure buildings filled with natural light, which are still livable for occupants. A design-build team will look at the Pentagon and the new Oklahoma Federal Building and how typical curtainwalls, windows and other building components behave during a blast. The session will look at how buildings required to be secure can use blast-resistant curtainwall to harden the exterior skin while giving architects freedom to create sustainable, healthy interior environments. The session is sponsored by the AIA Trust and AIA Risk Management Committee.

Glare Control
The role glass plays in daylighting and glare control is the subject of a session on Friday’s educational program from 6 to 7 p.m.. The session will look at how the material can assist in the design of environmentally friendly building with interiors illuminated by daylight, without sacrificing aesthetic standards. Translucent glazings can be utilized to create effective daylighted spaces.

AIA Exhibitor Preview: An advance look at what show attendees will see in San Antonio

Contemporary and Efficient
The EFCO 5XP high-performance sliding glass door sports a contemporary design. The specially designed product, engineered to meet the demand for superior air, water and structural performance, is featured in many high-rise residential buildings and condominiums along coastal regions where performance is critical. The company’s System 5500 is designed to provide enhanced energy efficiency with the use of E-Strut thermal isolators. This also allows dual finish/color options. Using screw spline construction, the System 5500 enables assembly of ladders prior to installation providing faster installation and reduced labor cost.  www.efcocorp.com

The Single Source
Arch Aluminum & Glass, which promotes itself as the industry’s true single source for architectural glass and metal products, will be displaying the breath of its product line at the AIA 2007 Convention. The trade show booth features all the products that it either manufactures or fabricates, including Resistor hurricane impact systems featuring high-performance SN 68 laminated glass from Guardian Industries. This system makeup gives architects the ability to design for both impact and performance. Impact material is most successful when designed as a complete system, the company points out. www.archaluminum.net 

Seal Solutions
Lauren Manufacturing provides commercial and residential seals for windows, doors and skylights. Certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and TS 19649, the supplier offers a variety of products in a range of materials including silicone, EPDM, plastics and molded parts in a range of colors. The seals are designed to provide resistance to energy losses, maintaining their performance characteristics in extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, a range of value-added capabilities are available such as PSA adhesives, die-cutting, drilling or notching and logistics. www.lauren.com

Panels and Canopies
Mapes Industries will be displaying its entire product line of laminated panels and all-weather storefront canopies. The panels can be used as a glazing replacement to improve the thermal efficiency of any spandrel, window or storefront. Specialty panels include spandrel glass, impact resistant, fire resistant, and acoustical options. The architectural canopies are designed to offer complete packaged solutions for shopping centers, storefronts, branding image and loading docks. Custom colors, fascia, decks styles and escutcheons are designed for design flexibility. The canopies are designed for high load areas including hurricane and snow drift areas. Curved canopies are standard designs also.  www.mapes.com

Translucent Panels
The Guardian 275 translucent daylighting panels from Major Industries Inc. have been found to meet or exceed government anti-terrorism performance requirements. They can be engineered to specific blast requirements and allow glare-free, energy-saving natural light to fill interior spaces. The exhibitor will also present information on how its daylighting solutions can help architects obtain possible LEED credit.  www.majorskylights.com

Specialty Contractor
Novum Structures is an international specialty contractor focused exclusively on the design, engineering, fabrication, supply, and installation of highly engineered, custom architectural structures and integrated cladding. The company’s exhibition booth is constructed of steel and glass and displays its Product Menu, which was developed to deal with the broadest spectrum of aesthetic challenges. The company focuses on how the power of using ‘systems’ in solving project challenges can meet both budget and timeline constraints. www.novumstructures.com

Accessible Hinges
Pemko will be promoting its electrically modified continuous geared hinges which are constructed with critical components within reach for easier servicing. The SER and ACC hinges have been tested to 1.25 million cycles at 4 amps with 24 volts without failure, the company reports. www.pemko.com

More Comfort
AFG Glass will be promoting the newest member of its Comfort Ti family of low-emissivity glass products at the show. Comfort Ti-AC23 is designed to maximize solar control and air conditioning efficiency in Sun Belt regions while maintaining an attractive appearance. The supplier suggests the product and its neutral look for residential and commercial applications where heat-gain, glare and aesthetics are a concern. www.afg.com

Emphasis on Green
Edgetech I.G. Inc. will feature its Super Spacer product line, Eco-Coat glass protection system and Uvekol A glass laminating product at the show. Super Spacer Premium Plus and Premium spacers for captured glazing help protect against mold formation and provide warmer inboard panel surface temperatures for improved thermal comfort. The products also help to improve acoustical performance. Super Spacer TriSeal for captured and structural glazing is a silicone-foam warm-edge spacer system specifically engineered for the commercial glazing market. Its triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling, a captive hot-applied butyl primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission, and an outer structural seal for structural glazing performance. Eco-Coat is an environmentally sound temporary coating that is applied during manufacture to protect glass and frames from common materials found in construction sites, including spattered concrete, paint and welding sparks. Uvekol A is a pre-formulated liquid system for making laminated glass VOC-free using low-intensity ultraviolet light for curing.  www.edgetechig.com

Warm-Edge Folio
A recently published project folio showcases contemporary projects featuring windows and glazing systems furnished by customers and fabricators using Azon technology. The brochure includes offices, hospitals and hotels, as well as commercial and residential buildings which utilize Azon’s structural, thermal barrier polymer for pour and debridge combined with Warm-Light, a structural, warm-edge insulating glass spacer. Aluminum fenestration with the energy-saving properties of thermal barrier and Warm-Light for commercial construction—including large openings in the building envelope—allow for optimal daylighting, thermal performance and condensation resistance, while meeting LEED and green building requirements, the exhibitor points out. Projects in the folio range from the Christiana Hospital expansion project in Newark, Del., to the Lotte Castle in Hwanghak-dong, Seoul. www.warmedge.com 

New Solar Control Product 
PPG Industries will exhibit its Solarban z50 glass, a new steel blue-gray, solar control low-E product that is designed to offer the high levels of daylighting and solar control needed to support sustainable design. The company will also be promoting its Solarban 70XL glass, a clear product that combines high solar control and visible light transmittance. The PPG Certified Fabricator Program also has been expanded to include the International Certified Fabricator Program and the International Certified Laminator Program. www.ppg.com

Specialty Catalogs From C.R. Laurence
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. is introducing three specialty catalogs, hospitality and service hardware, architectural hardware, and door controls.

The 248-page architectural hardware catalog features the company’s architectural metal and glass hardware for the construction of all-glass entrances in commercial office buildings and storefronts, as well as its line of patch hardware, access control hardware, the CRL Stacking Partition System, the Laguna Series all-glass door hardware, and a growing line of architectural metals. Many photos of finished projects are included as well as technical data to assist designers and specifiers. 

The 196-page hospitality and service hardware catalog showcases a line of products for use in the food service industry, including self-service buffet and cafeteria posts, sneeze guards, booth partition posts, tray slide shelves, foot rails, and heavy-duty separation posts. Menu boards, CRL’s line of standoff hardware, and a variety of manual and automatic service windows are also included. 

The 128-page door and hardware catalog features the company’s expanded line of door closers and related door control hardware, including panic door handles and electronic egress systems. Specifications and ordering information are provided to enable proper product selection.  www.crlaurence.com 

Glass Sandpaper
Safety glass treads with the exclusive Nathan Allan Glass Sandpaper walking surface will be displayed by Nathan Allan at the AIA Convention. To encapsulate the glass floor surface, the company has developed a product called Convex Glass. It is created by forming 3-D pillow shapes, allowing Convex Glass panels to be used for walls and ceiling in a tunnel. The Convex Glass can be tempered or laminated. The exhibitor will also have various patterns and colors of cast glass on display.  www.nathanallan.com

Switchable Privacy Glass
Polyvision from Polytronix is applied to the inside of glass or plastic to create a transparency that is electronically controllable. The product is designed to offer state-of-the-art opportunities to expand current light control and shutter technology with the touch of a switch. www.polytronix.com

Textures Glass
Walker Glass will be exhibiting two new products from its Textures acid-etched glass and mirror product line. Velour is a new acid-etched finish designed to offer a smooth, rich and consistent etched surface, giving architects yet another opacity to work with. The new Textures Select was created to answer a market need for custom partial surface etched glass and mirror applications. The process creates acid-etched stripes on glass or mirror with a rich and consistent finish and a high quality registration. The company says a flexible technique of tape masking allows the architect to specify an almost endless combination of linear stripes on the glass or mirror used. Textures products are available in various glass tints including clear, bronze, grey, green, blue, black and ultra-clear Starphire by PPG. www.walkerglass.com

15-Minute Opportunity
In addition to displaying a range of products including a green focus area, Kawneer will be offering three AIA –registered Continuing Education System (CES) programs in the exhibit’s dedicated learning center: Achieving Your LEED Strategies with Division 8, Curtain Wall Design and Selection, and Thermal Barriers in Aluminum Fenestration Systems. Available several times during the course of the expo, the 15-minute long presentations are designed to provide a convenient way to earn CES learning units. Keeping in mind the expo’s Growing Beyond Green theme, the programs show architects practical ways in which green construction goals can be put into practice.   www.kawneer.com

Glazing Tape
The 3M VHB structural glazing tape has been utilized in thousands of international buildings since 1990 as an alternative to structural silicone and space tape for glazing in curtainwalls, the exhibitor reports. www.mmm.com

Approved Windows
Wausau Window and Wall Systems has received Florida product approval for its out-swing, in-swing and fixed windows in 2.5-, 3.5- and 4.5-inch frame depths. The windows accommodate multiple configurations including casements fixed/awning and fixed/hopper pairings. All the products include a 10-year limited warranty.  www.wausauwindow.com


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