Volume 42, Issue 4 - April 2007

Industry Outlook
Score a Home Run with these Replacement Cost Ballparks

USGlass found the competition to be pretty tight when it came to the cost of replacing the glass in sliding doors in Wilmington, Del.; Des Moines, Iowa; and Sacramento, Calif. 

We asked about clear, tempered, insulating glass units measuring 34 by 76 inches and 5⁄8-inch think. 

The range wasnít too greatómost estimates were within $80 of each otheróuntil we hit the West Coast. Coincidentally, the company that stands out was the one that warned us that ďpatio door glass can be more expensive since itís safety tempered.Ē Perhaps itís not as expensive as they would have us think. See how your prices compare to these averages from across the country. 

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