Volume 42, Issue 4 - April 2007

Energy & Environment
ASHRAE Releases Next Advanced Energy Design Guide 

The new Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Retail Buildings, published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is the second in a series of publications that cover various types of building construction. Intended for use by builders, contractors and architects, the guide covers energy-efficient design for retail buildings up to 20,000 square feet, and offers energy efficiency guidance in many areas, including windows, skylights, lighting, HVAC efficiencies and envelope measures. 

The design guide provides a simple, prescriptive menu of options that will result in a building using 30 percent less energy than those constructed in accordance with the 1999 version of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, the universal standard for energy efficiency in building codes in the United States. 

“Those looking to achieve a LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council will find this guide particularly useful,” says Merle McBride, chair of the committee overseeing the book’s creation.

A major difference from Standard 90.1 is that the guide provides equipment efficiencies by climate zone to take into account varying environmental factors, instead of having one number for the entire United States.The cost of the Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Retail Buildings is $59 ($49, ASHRAE members).  www.ashrae.org 

Open Energy Installs Roofing Membranes 
Open Energy Corp. of Solana Beach, Calif., completed the first installation of its SolarSave® roofing membranes at KTS Machine Shop in Elmwood Park, N.J.

The project includes 56 SolarSave roofing membranes that create a 25-kilowatt system. The company says the building-integrated photovoltaic membranes are expected to generate 100 percent of the electrical energy needed to power the building.

“We were initially disappointed when we found out that conventional solar technology could only cover 70 percent of our electric bill. The SolarSave roofing membrane was a smart choice as it covered 100 percent of our bill along with a 20-year roof warranty,” said Stanley Barszcz, owner of KTS Machine Shop.SolarSave membranes encapsulate monocrystalline cells in high-performance composite materials laminated under vacuum pressure to create a single ply, waterproof, fire-rated, aesthetically appealing product.  www.openenergycorp.com


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