Volume 42, Issue 4 - April 2007

GANA Perspectives
In Good Company: GANA Offers Opportunities for Architects
by Brian Pitman

We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re known by the company you keep.” For architects looking for resources and information about glass and glazing, there’s no better company than the members of the Glass Association of North America (GANA). Having access to the amount of technical information, contacts and committees available within the association is a prime membership benefit that many already realize and rely upon professionally. 

GANA offers an affiliate membership category, so architects and others not directly involved in the glass industry can participate in the many activities and programs that are beneficial to not only their own professional development, but also that of their firm. Participation also allows members to be a part of a technical community that is shaping the use of glass and glazing for generations to come.

Division Activities 
With seven divisions, GANA covers a broad range of the glass and glazing industry. As an affiliate member, interacting with these divisions gives you insight into the various glazing technologies, enhances your knowledge of the materials used in design and also creates new design possibilities. 

The first of these divisions is the flat glass manufacturing division, which is comprised of the major manufacturers of architectural flat glass in North America. Of its many activities, this group has developed an AIA-accredited presentation on the use of glass in architecture and also a short film on how glass is made.

Innovative designs and groundbreaking products are key elements of GANA’s decorative and mirror divisions. Each of these divisions focuses on product manufacturing and testing to help bring more aesthetic options to architects. Interacting with these divisions can also enhance members’ knowledge of the vastly increasing number of products available.

Problem Solvers
GANA’s insulating, laminating and tempering divisions work to solve industry problems and challenges. They help to bring better-produced products to the market, including those for “green” building design. Each division focuses on standards, capabilities and increased performance of the various applications using these fabrication processes. An increasing number of projects are calling for the sophisticated requirements of laminated, heat-treated and insulating glazing products. Affiliate members can learn about these new technologies first-hand from their producers.

Building to Last 
GANA’s final division is the building envelope contractors (BEC) division. Members include contract glaziers who bring architectural designs to fruition through glazing installation. Affiliate members can work hand-in-hand with those who are charged with making seemingly-impossible designs become the award winners of the future.

Within all of GANA’s divisions, affiliate members may participate in committee meetings and help to mold the association’s industry efforts. Affiliate members also have access to GANA’s “Members Only” website, which provides contact information for experts from several companies within the association.

Many networking opportunities occur in conjunction with GANA’s events around the country, and all GANA members receive large attendance discounts. These discounts also apply to the many technical manuals and educational resources offered by the association.

The greatest benefit of membership for the architectural community is, of course, the formal association with an organization that provides comprehensive informational needs for commercial glass and glazing. GANA’s technical development efforts have established us as the leader for the industry we serve. The information available to members covers a broad spectrum of interests, including new products and technologies, capabilities of glass in architecture, troubleshooting and more.

The affiliate membership category is open to architects, consulting engineers, specifiers and others. If you are interested in joining GANA in this category, please visit the website at www.glasswebsite.com. Also, visit us at the annual AIA Convention and Expo next month in San Antonio in booth #19299. 

the author: Brian Pitman is the marketing communications manager for the Glass Association of North America based in Topeka, Kan. Mr. Pitman’s opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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