Volume 42, Issue 4 - April 2007



Nupro Offers New Muntin Clips
Two new products are available from Nupro Products Inc. in Monroe, Wash. Manufactured primarily for use with Edgetech I.G.’s Super Spacer® edge seal product line, the indexable tip and barb tip end clips utilize a positive grip technology, keeping muntin bars in place.

The new indexable tip end clips are available specifically for Lisec automated lines, enabling manufacturers to accurately place muntin bars without measuring. The barb tip end clips are suitable for heavy grids and large window applications. www.nuproproducts.com

daylighting systems

Shell and Saint-Gobain to Develop Solar Panels 
Shell Erneuerbare Energien GmbH and Saint-Gobain Glass Deutschland GmbH announced a joint venture, approved by the European Commission, to begin manufacturing solar power panels based on copper indium di-selenide (CIS) technology. The new entity AVANCIS KG will commence construction of the production facilities, with operations likely to begin in 2008. When built, the plant will manufacture solar panels, which, when installed, would power an equivalent of around 6,000 European households per year with clean energy, according to information from Shell. 

Shell and Saint-Gobain believe that non-silicon based solar technologies such as CIS are well-positioned to potentially become competitive with conventional sources of electricity.  www.saint-gobain.com/energy 

doors and windows

EFCO Slides in a New Door 
EFCO Corp. in Monett, Mo., released the 5XP high-performance sliding glass door. 5XP utilizes a reduced sill height, yet maintains high water performance, while providing easy accessibility. The integrated interior pull handle allows for large panel sizes and structural properties. The raised stainless steel sill track and roller assembly reduce sand and debris buildup. The exterior operable panel and multi-point locking mechanism allow for easy operation and forced-entry resistance. 

The 5XP comes with factory pre-glazed panels. Multiple glazing options are available up to 1 5⁄16 inches. www.efcocorp.com 

Custom Window Patents Its Balancing Act
The 9250 Series from Custom Window Co. in Englewood, Colo., is a newly-patented aluminum, self-balanced double-hung window. The series is unique because the top sash counterbalances the bottom sash, eliminating the need for spring balances. Because it is self-balancing, it has virtually no sash weight limitations or size restrictions. With its durable stainless steel cable and pulley system, it has an expected life span of more than 85 years.  www.customwindow.com 

Gyro Tech® Doors Protect Healthcare Air Quality 
NABCO Entrances in Muskego, Wis., developed the Gyro Tech® GT 2100 series of manual sliding doors for hospital room applications where air quality control is needed. The series was tested and rated for air and smoke infiltration by an independent test lab. The heavy-duty doors are suitable for ICU/CCU rooms designated as “infection control.” 

The GT 2100 trackless system and the GT 2150 with floor track allow users to stack the sliding door and swing panel to one side providing full opening access. The GT 2125 is a trackless system with fixed sidelites allowing for partial breakout. 

The company also updated its Gyro Tech® 1175 all-glass automatic sliding door. The new design has reduced the bottom rail a full 1 ½-inches, from 6 to 4 ½ inches. The new low profile bottom rail allows for large, unobstructed views. www.nabcoentrances.com

equipment and machinery

Jenoptik Makes a Break with New Cutting System 
The JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ G Integra laser glass cutting system from Jenoptik Laser Technologies in Brighton, Mich., is used for laser separation of float glass directly on the float line. It produces a continuous predetermined breaking line in the glass at the cold end of the float process with a CO² laser. The edges of the float glass are separated along the predetermined line at the customer’s breaking system. With the laser, soda lime glass (from 0.7-mm to currently 19-mm) can be separated using the TLS method. According to the company, this non-contact process prevents micro cracks in the cutting edge. The system can be oriented and adjusted automatically relative to the float band with a wide processing range. www.lasertechnologies-jenoptik.com

DuraDrum™ Dispenses Sealant Consistently
DuraDrum IG bulk melters from Nordson Corp. in Westlake, Ohio, provide consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives for insulating glass production. Its maker says these melters offer quick, easy installation on linear extruders as well as most other edge sealers. The melters also support manual systems for fourth corner patch or handgun use. www.nordson.com

MP-S Machine Prints on Flat Glass 
Fleischle eKfm in Brackenheim, Germany, represented in the United States by Casso-Solar, offers a semi-automatic screen-printing machine, type MP-S, for printing on flat glass. Glass panels can be manually loaded directly on the print table and positioned between masks in a 3-point-alignment system or by using a lifting device; no pre-positioning-station is needed. 

Printing is done in longitudinal direction from right to left where the pneumatically adjustable squeegee pressure is designed to guarantee an equal application of the ink. The safety system that lowers the machine top works without light barriers and without disturbing contact rails. The company says the machine enables users to print long glass panels, and it can also be integrated into a printing line.  www.fleischle.com/english


glasWest Offering Sparkle 
To obscure the view but still let in light, glasWest in Feldkirch, Austria, offers a new product called satin glass. The glass can be used on facades, as well as for ceilings, dividing walls and doors. The company also offers custom designs. 

Powder-coated glass is also available in a range of types and thicknesses up to a dimension of six meters. Among the effects offered are gold and silver sparkle.  www.glaswest.com 

PPG Offers Solarban 70XL 
Pittsburgh-based PPG Residential Glass is offering its Solarban 70XL solar control low-E glass.Solarban 70XL glass offers a combination of visible light transmittance and solar control performance, together with a highly transparent, clear glass appearance. It transmits 65 percent of the sun’s natural light in a standard insulating glass unit, while blocking more than 70 percent of its solar energy. www.ppgglass.com

laminated glass

Saflex® Paints the Town Tangerine 
St. Louis-based Saflex, a unit of Solutia Inc., has expanded its palette with the introduction of tangerine, the latest colored polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer in the Vanceva series. 

The Vanceva interlayer system is comprised of eight basic colors and three translucent white colors that can be used singularly or multi-layered in various combinations to produce more than 1,000 distinctive transparent and translucent color options. The concentrated pigments in a single sheet of PVB interlayer create vivid hues in specialty colors, including deep red, true blue and the new tangerine.  www.vanceva.com/design


Pres-On Speeds Fabrication
Pres-On in Addison, Ill., introduced SG6400 Series structural glazing tape, a high-strength open cell urethane foam tape demonstrating strong initial adhesion to facilitate fast on-site fabrication of storm doors and windows, curtainwall and other building structures.

Coated on both sides with a specially formulated acrylic adhesive, SG6400 tape bonds with a wide range of materials. In standardized testing, it delivered immediate adhesion performance of 2.6 pounds per inch on steel and aluminum, and 2.0 pounds per inch on glass, according to the company. www.pres-on.com


Glastar Guides Discs with New Grinder
Glastar in Chatsworth, Calif., introduced its improved B12 Diamond disc grinder, which the company says now comes with an easy-to-use guide pin. Users can drill a 3⁄16-inch hole in the center of pads, insert the dowel pin into the hole in the center of the magnetic hub and guide the disc over the pin. After removing the pin, users will have a centered disk every time, according to information from the company. www.glastar.com

briefly ...
Matthews Marking Products in Pittsburgh is offering a new, low-cost, user-friendly inkjet printhead controller, the I-Mark™ SX32. 

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