Volume 42, Issue 8 - August 2007

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Vistawall Showcases Unit Wall Systems, Solar Shelf
Vistawall in Terrell, Texas, has introduced two new systems that can be installed onsite. The company is offering design assistance, engineering, extrusion, finishing, fabrication and pre-glazing to ensure a quality product is delivered to the site. According to Vistawall, every unitized system is engineered to determine the proper components necessary to satisfy all design specifications, including special perimeter or interior conditions. 

Vistawall also has introduced its Solar Shelf™, which is an architectural light shelf for its CW-250 and Reliance™ curtainwall systems. Solar Shelf is field-installed on to the interior of the curtainwall to deflect daylight deeper into the building in order to reduce artificial lighting and associated energy costs. 

Moduline Window Systems, also part of the Vistawall Group, now offers a sill option for the disabled. Moduline has developed the new option for its Terra Swing doors, for offices and condominiums. The new sill is designed into the threshold of the opening and the exterior/interior heights are raised to allow for easy wheelchair exit and entry. www.vistawall.com  www.modu-line.comalternative 

Dow Corning’s InstantGlaze Offers Softer Feel, Improves Productivity 
Dow Corning® in Midland, Mich., has developed a sealant that the company estimates will improve glazing productivity by 33 percent over tape glazing. InstantGlaze II sealant is made for easy application. According to Dow Corning, InstantGlaze II has lower viscosity while offering the same green strength, reduced hold time and improved efficiency of InstantGlaze I. The softer texture of InstantGlaze II also has increased elastic recovery performance than the earlier product, which enabled it to pass tests to meet Dade County, Fla.’s., hurricane standards. www.dowcorning.com

doors and windows
DORMA Offers New Glass Family Product Line
Dorma Group North America, in Millersville, Md., is offering its Mame glass door line for residential and commercial applications. The Mame family includes door frames, hardware and fitting and specialized glass that blends seamlessly with contemporary building designs. The Mame system comes ready-to-install with all door hardware attached. There are other design options including color, sandblasting LED lighting and engraving also available within the Mame line. www.dorma-usa.com

Thermal Industries Introduces New Window Line
Thermal Industries Inc. in Pittsburgh introduced its new 305 Series line of replacement windows featuring single-hung, double-hung, double-slider and picture windows. Designed as a replacement line for use in condominiums, apartments, multi-family dwellings and new construction projects, the single-hung model of the 305 Series is the company’s first single-hung product geared toward the light construction market. www.thermalindustries.com

insulating glass
Edgetech Introduces New Grid Placement for Glass

The EZ RAD grid placement system that assists in the assembly, transportation and placement of grids on washed or unwashed glass now is available from Edgetech I.G. and Nupro Products Inc.

The EZ RAD system is made up of two parts: the upright easel/table and the D-ring. Grid installers place spokes on the easel over a template of the design. Next, the D-ring is placed over the grids and each spoke is locked in place individually into the D-ring. Equipped with the properly measured and completely assembled grid, the D-ring is then transported to a washed or unwashed lite of glass where the finished grid is applied and the D-ring removed.

The upright easel is designed to handle lites of glass ranging in size from 18 to 96 inches. The D-ring assembly is available in small, medium and large sizes, depending on the diameter of the glass. Standard D-rings are designed for three and five spoke, half-round patterns. Most custom and signature grid patterns can be accommodated upon request. www.edgetechig.com

laminated glass
JEB Introduces Fusion Architectural Glass
J.E. Berkowitz L.P. of Pedricktown, N.J., says its new Fusion™ laminated glass offers a great variety of high-quality annealed and heat-treated laminated architectural glass products. 

Fusion™ laminated glass can be used in a variety of applications including: IG units, hurricane-resistance, solar control, noise reduction, safety, UV protection, point-supported walls and canopies. 

“We are committed to making better products with shorter lead times in order to improve service and add value,” says Michael Z. Nicklas, architectural sales and marketing manager. www.jeberkowitz.com

door hardware

CRL Showcases Low-Profile Door Rails
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) is introducing ease into its new low-profile door rail line. The rails incorporate the CRL Wedge-Lock™ Glass Securing System, which has been designed and manufactured by CRL for securing glass in commercial door rails. The low profile door rail measures only 2 5⁄16-inches by 1 1⁄2-inches, and is made for 12 millimeter tempered glass. The “Red-E-to-Ship” rails are available in 35 3⁄4-inch lengths for low-profile door rails and in 120-inch sizes for low-profile sidelite rails. Standard 8-inch patch door rails and custom lengths also are available. www.crlaurence.com

decorative glass
Gardner Glass, PPG Introduce Dreamwalls Color Glass
Gardner Glass Products in North Wilkesboro, N.C., is teaming with PPG Performance Glazings in Pittsburgh to showcase Dreamwalls color glass. Dreamwalls combines Gardner’s on-line glass painting technology with PPG’s Starphire® Ultra-Clear glass. Starphire allows Dreamwalls customers to obtain the truest color reproduction possible. 

It will be manufactured at Gardner’s coating operations in North Carolina and Texas. The two companies will market Dreamwalls jointly. www.dreamwalls.com


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