Volume 42, Issue 12 - December 2007

Top Picks  
 USGlass 2007 Product of the Year Winners 

In a recent survey, USGlass asked which products introduced in the past year have stood out to readers as extraordinarily important or helpful. Of course, the real winners are the glazing contractors, the architects, the building owners and occupants and even the passersby who benefit from the job well done. But we thought you’d like to know what your colleagues, and your customers, are looking for in new products. 

Each of the products listed in our Product of the Year survey appeared in an USGlass Showcase department over the last year. Readers chose their favorite picks and the winners—and ties—for each category are listed below, in no particular order.

Product submissions are welcome throughout the year. Please send them to mheadley@glass.com

Tools and Equipment 
Gforce From GlasWeld
GlasWeld in Bend, Ore., offers its portable, field-friendly Gforce Scratch Removal System™ to quickly and easily remove damage from glass—keeping it in the supply chain and out of the landfill.

The system can help reduce scrap ratios, product defects and customer returns; eliminate costly reworks; and improve efficiencies throughout the production process, according to information from the company. www.glasweld.com/greener

Glazing Systems 
Narrow Steel Curtainwall by TGP 
The steel curtainwall system from Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Kirkland, Wash., is strong and slim, allowing larger spans of glazing than traditional aluminum framing. According to the company, the steel framing members have lower deflection than aluminum, yet provide three times the wind load capacity.

In addition, the lower thermal expansion of steel allows design flexibility with few or no extension profiles. The steel curtainwall system uses a “plug and screw” connection system for the framing components, for crisp corner joints without a visible weld bead. The system is watertight and the low heat transfer coefficient of steel prevents interior condensation on frames. www.tgpamerica.com 

New Tools From CRL
The Diamond notch and saw machine crafted by Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) creates notches and allows for free-style pattern edge cuts. The tool was developed for the glazing industry to reduce labor time. The machine can be used freehand, or can reduce time on patterns. The adjustable jig tool can also be used to eliminate drilling, which reduces labor time by more than 50 percent, according to the company. www.crlaurence.com

Value-Added Glass Guardian’s SunGuard®
Guardian Industries Corp. in Auburn Hills, Mich., is introducing SunGuard® SuperNeutral 54 (SN 54), a low-E coating for commercial glass that features a neutral appearance, solar control and significant energy savings. 

The company says the coating also reduces the interior glare that can occur with other high-performance products. SN 54 also transmits an adequate amount of natural light to the interior of a building while blocking 72 percent of solar energy. www.guardian.com

PPG Offers Solarban 70XL 
Pittsburgh-based PPG Residential Glass is offering its Solarban 70XL solar control low-E glass. Solarban 70XL glass offers a combination of visible light transmittance and solar control performance, together with a highly transparent, clear glass appearance. It transmits 65 percent of the sun’s natural light in a standard insulating glass unit, while blocking more than 70 percent of its solar energy. www.ppgglass.com

Screens Euro Window Screens by CRL
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced its Euro retractable window screens. With these screen systems, installers can measure, cut and install, all in one visit. The screens are available in four maximum opening widths from 31 to 55 inches, in three colors. 

They provide a maximum inside window height of 66 inches. Each kit includes powder-coated extruded aluminum lineals, durable 18 by 16 fiberglass screen wire and quality mounting hardware. These interior screens can be inside jamb-mounted without drilling into the window frame. www.crlaurence.com

GTS Software’s Services 
GTS Services LLC in Portland, Ore., has released the first complete suite of services specifically for glass shops to help enhance the effectiveness of their Internet marketing. A search engine optimization (SEO) service assists glass shops with website building or modification. SEO helps increase site visits by providing optimal compatibility with search engines for better positioning of free listings. A search engine advertising service provides strategic placement and management of paid advertisements on popular search engine sites to increase website visits by qualified customers. www.gtsservices.com

Shower Enclosures 
CRL Makes Shower Kits Available
C.R. Laurence (CRL) Co. Inc. in Los Angeles is introducing the Hydroslide frameless sliding shower door kit designed for full-standing showers or above bathtubs. 

The shower door kit is suitable for compact areas and allows consumers who have small spaces to achieve the popular “all-glass” look. Hydroslide kits accommodate shower designs with fixed glass panels on either end or both sides at 90 or 180 degrees. They can also be used in floor-to-near-ceiling glass panels with a sliding door. www.crlaurence.com

Solar Innovations Skylights are Low Maintenance
Solar Innovations in Myerstown, Pa., is offering low-maintenance skylights. The skylight systems combine a low-maintenance aluminum exterior with decorative wood options. They are available in a double-pitch, flat, segmented barrel vault or true-radius dome skylight styles. 

The standard wood options include solid mahogany and Southern yellow pine laminate. Other laminates of Western red cedar, Spanish cedar and Douglas fir are also available. Solar Innovations’ advanced aluminum weep control system was designed to carry water and condensation away from the wood to ensure safety for interior wood applications. www.solarinnovations.com

Unit Component or Hardware 
DORMA Doors Nearly Disappear 
Reamstown, Pa.-based DORMA’s Deubl Alpha doorframes for glass assemblies are designed to almost disappear to offer architects and designers an exquisite, clean look. Available with single- and double-acting doorframes, the frames feature concealed fixings, and can be outfitted with a floor-concealed door closer. Maximum door weight ranges from 100 to 143 pounds for a single-acting doorframe, and up to 176 pounds for a double-acting doorframe. All Deubl Alpha frames come with a standard satin silver anodized finish.  www.dorma-usa.com

Roto’s i-Lock Offers Automatic Locking
The Roto-i-Lock,™ a new sliding window sash lock, is offering improved flexibility and balance over standard window locks, according to its creator, Roto Frank of North America in Chester, Conn. The i-Lock’s internal mechanism has two retention clips and two springs, and its latch is positioned in the center to provide maximum balance. 

The lock has been proven to achieve forced entry-resistance requirements, and has passed required industry performance and hurricane impact testing, according to information from the company. Roto i-Lock is available in six standard and many custom colors. The main lock is available with various exposed attachment screw locations that provide flexibility with installation and aesthetics. For additional versatility, a removable plastic snap-on cover that will conceal the attachment screws is available. www.rotohardware.com

Decorative Glass 
Arch Deco Glass Introduces Visual™
VISUAL is the latest proprietary product advancement available from Tamarac, Fla.-based Arch Aluminum & Glass’ Arch Deco Glass operations. The high-end laminated product allows virtually any image to be reproduced onto the interlayer. VISUAL is fabricated completely in-house, so the company has control from the initial design stage, through the lamination and shipping. 

It can be made with highly saturated colors, but also has the ability to be virtually opaque. In addition, pure white, black and sepia tones can be created through this process. As a laminated product, VISUAL also has the multi-function properties that allow it be used in safety, security, solar, structural and sound reduction applications. www.archaluminum.net

Commercial Door or Window 
Crystal Swings In New Terrace Door 
Crystal Window & Door Systems in Flushing, N.Y., introduced an “in-swing” option for its heavy-commercial rated Series 1400 aluminum swing terrace door. The door features a heavy-duty 3 ¼-inch frame depth and 1-inch insulating tempered glass unit. A 3-point lock system, as well as solid European hardware and handles, are standard on the door. 

The door’s aluminum extruded frame and sash are thermally broken using a polyamide Insul-Bar system for energy efficiency, strength and accommodation of two-tone color specifications. The in-swing Series 1400 was tested by an independent national laboratory and achieved an AAMA test rating of ATD-HC50. www.crystalwindows.com

Residential Door or Window 
Silver Line Offers Shelter from the Storm 
Silver Line of North Brunswick, N.J., says its new line of Weather Stopper™ impact-resistant windows and patio doors are built to endure the most demanding weather conditions. All Weather Stopper™ sizes and styles meet ASTM testing standards for impact and wind pressure cycling along with Miami/Dade County codes. 

Weather Stopper features DuPont’s patented SentryGlas® and Sentry Glas Plus, as well as a series of steel and aluminum reinforcements. A newly engineered tilt latch secures the sash to the window frame when the sashes are in the closed and locked position. It interlocks with the window frame when closed, providing additional strength during a storm. www.silverlinewindow.com

Window Film 
3M Introduces Rear-Projection Window Film 
3M of St. Paul, Minn., offers a rear-projection window film for digital signage applications. The Vikuiti™ window rear projection film turns any clear surface into a rear-projection screen. The adhesive-backed film provides a vibrant, wide-viewing, ambient light-rejecting surface. The new product offers easy installation—no brackets, hanging wires or framing are required—and it may be cut to any shape or size. www.3M.com/Vikuiti

Sealant or Adhesive 
Dow Corning’s InstantGlaze Offers Softer Feel, Improves Productivity
 Dow Corning® in Midland, Mich., has developed a sealant that the company estimates will improve glazing productivity by 33 percent over tape glazing. InstantGlaze II sealant is made for easy application. According to Dow Corning, InstantGlaze II has lower viscosity while offering the same green strength, reduced hold time and improved efficiency of InstantGlaze I. 

The softer texture of InstantGlaze II also has increased elastic recovery performance than the earlier product, which enabled it to pass tests to meet Dade County, Fla., hurricane standards. www.dowcorning.com


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