Volume 42, Issue 12 - December 2007

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Glass Industry Featured on the Small Screen 
Today’s new and remodeled bathrooms often feature showers filled with fine tile and fixtures that are showcased behind clear shower enclosures made of high-quality glass. In a recent episode of the remodeling show “Designing Spaces,” Scott Thomsen, chief technology officer of Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich., explained how the company has developed the technology to ensure that such glass stays beautiful over time with minimal effort. 

“The ordinary glass most often used in showers today is prone to damage and aging,” says Thomsen. “ShowerGuard™ glass is the result of our new technology that allows for the glass to be protected during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. I know ‘ion beam’ is not something we all understand, but I show viewers how it can help protect their shower glass for years longer than normal glass, and talk about the latest advances in glass technology.” 

Tim Whitaker, president of Mr. Shower Door, was also featured in the segment. “There is an added benefit of being on TV and educating consumers about the advantages of low maintenance glass,” he says. “It gives us credibility, makes us more recognizable and helps consumers know that clear glass can showcase their beautiful tile, marble and fine fixtures.” 

BEMA Announces 2006-2007 Design Award Winners
The Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association (BEMA) has announced the winners of its 11th Annual Design Awards Competition. Dave Cerne of Advanced Shower Doors in Baptistown, N.J., and Bill Daubmann of Mr. Shower Door in Naples, Fla., received the honors this year. Cerne is this year’s winner in the “Glass Under 3⁄8-inch” category.

“The door was originally designed for ˝-inch glass but stretched into the budget of the homeowners so 5⁄16-inch clear glass was selected,” 

Cerne says. “The customer did not want a traditional header system to keep the shower stable, so we clamped a fixed transom over the door and UV-welded the three stationary panels together to perform just like a header while providing excellent stability.

”Daubmann won the award in the “Glass 3⁄8-inch and Over” category. He says, “The owners of this beachfront condominium wanted to achieve a feeling of openness, as well as the convenience of his and her entryways. To accomplish this, we enclosed almost the entire shower area in ˝-inch clear glass, with the exception of one small area that housed the shower fixtures. To maintain a clean look, we used the CHMI mini-clip system, as well as the Pivot 1 hinge system. These were key elements on honoring the customer’s wishes.” www.bathenclosures.org 

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