Volume 42, Issue 1 - January 2007


You Donít Want to Miss It
Looking Ahead to the í07 BEC Conference

by Max Perilstein

If this reads like a 700-word ad, then I am sorry. I am promoting something that is extremely worth while for our industry and a must-attend event. Soon weíll meet in Las Vegas for the 2007 BEC Conference. The BEC Conference, brought to you by the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and its Building Envelope Contractor division, has grown nicely from its debut ten years ago. It is now simply the place to be.

Starting Strong
So why is this event so great? Well first and foremost it has become the gathering where virtually every supplier and every major glazier has representation. It is truly where the movers and shakers of this industry come to roost. Itís an opportunity to visit with suppliers up and down the chain, do business and discuss the future. The conference itself is strong and this year is no different. Normally you hear the word seminar and your internal snooze button goes off. However, the subjects that will be covered this year are as meaningful as ever and thereís tremendous value there.

Looking at the agenda, everything kicks off on March 4 with the technical sessions. This is the time to find out what GANA is working on and have your voice and ideas heard. Extremely helpful items, such as GANAís blue print reading course, were born from discussions at the technical session. 

The next day the general session gets going with the opening keynote presentation from Garrison Wynn. If you have seen Mr. Wynn, youíll surely remember him. If not, his presentation is one for which it is worth being up at 8 a.m. in Vegas. As for other pieces on that day, we have hot issues on the agenda. Green Building and LEED has been taking off for a while, and to help attendees grasp it better, we formed a high powered trio to present how it all works. Next Greg Carney, GANAís technical director, steps up to educate and inform the audience on a subject that I swore off (that would be an NFRC update) followed by insight from Dr. Helen Sanders of Sage on electronically tintable glass. 

A Conference First
For the first time the afternoon of day one will include breakout sessions. You can choose from either the risk management path or the technology session. In the risk management breakout important subjects such as protecting your assets will be covered in-depth. As for the tech side, among other subjects, the latest innovations in fire-rated glazing will be covered.

Day two starts with a true American hero: Rocky Bleier, former Pittsburgh Steeler and Vietnam Veteran will be the keynote speaker. His speech will be on being the best you can be and it comes from his own life experiences. This is a guy who survived a life-threatening grenade blast while in Vietnam. He returned to the states with his leg bone broke into puzzle pieces, but he never gave up or gave in, and while being the best he could be, became an All-Pro football player with four Super Bowl titles to his credit. Heck, you should attend just for him. But OK, if thatís not enough after Rocky there are a few more pieces including a blue-ribbon panel on claims, preservation and mitigation. This will be an expanded session from last yearís highest-rated presentation.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist. If you own your own business this is an event to not miss. If youíre not an owner, you need to work any angle to get there, and chances are your competitors will be there getting a lead on you. If you want to learn about cutting-edge innovations and issues, make plans to attend now. 

GANA is expecting possibly 600 people, so you wonít be alone. For more info or to register visit www.glasswebsite.com. 

Max Perilstein serves as the vice president of marketing for Arch Aluminum and Glass, as well as the chairperson of the GANA BEC division. His column appears bi-monthly.

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