Volume 42, Issue 1 - January 2007


Glaziers Speak Out: Working Smart Through an Economic Slowdown
More than 100,000 housing professionals are expected to descend on Orlando, Fla., for the 2007 International Builders’ Show (IBS), February 7-10. Hosted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the housing industry’s largest annual light construction trade show and exhibition will take place at the Orange County Convention Center. 
IBS 2007 will feature a new-product showcase covering more than one million net square feet, with a record 1,800 exhibitors displaying the latest products, services, designs and technologies available to the home-building community. Attendees will also be able to choose from more than 290 educational sessions. 
Wow! That’s a lot of ground to cover in such a short time. Luckily, we’re offering a quick glimpse at some of the new products members of the glass industry may be seeking on the show floor. And you can bet that there will be information on exciting new products discovered at the show in future issues of USGlass. 

Booth #S10489: 
CRL Retracts Its Euro Window Screens

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced its Euro retractable window screens. With these screen systems, installers can measure, cut and install, all in one visit. 
The screens are available in four maximum opening widths from 31 to 55 inches, in three colors. They provide a maximum inside window height of 66 inches. Each kit includes powder-coated extruded aluminum lineals, durable 18 by 16 fiberglass screen wire and quality mounting hardware. These interior screens can be inside jamb-mounted without drilling into the window frame. 

Booth #S10593: 
Glazelock Gets it Together

Glazelock Shims Inc. of Kankakee, Ill., has introduced its Wedge-Lock shims, which are designed to maintain alignment when compressed together. The Wedge-Lock shims can be reversed to utilize the locking ridges to maintain alignment and prevent sliding of shims. Molded in a series of 3 shims, they are easily broken into 1 ½ by 8-inch individual shims, according to the company.

Booth #W1571: 
DuPont to Highlight Hurricane Resistance

DuPont of Wilmington, Del., will feature a live demonstration at the trade show, highlighting the benefits of using hurricane-resistant impact windows capable of withstanding high-speed winds and resisting wind-borne debris. The demonstration of window installation techniques and related technologies will be of interest for both large and small homebuilders, according to the company.

Booth #W201: 
RoyalGuard Makes (and Resists) an Impact

The RoyalGuard impact product line of doors and windows from Royal Group Technologies of Woodbridge, Ontario, has been designed, manufactured and tested to meet the high missile levels and cyclic test pressure protocols for impact certification by the Florida Building Code. According to information from the company, the products also meet ASTM standards for preventing forced entry (ASTM F 1233) and the burglary-resistant guidelines issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL972).
The products also meet Energy Star® requirements, and the units’ laminated insulating glass also serves to reduce sound transmission as per ASTM specifications.

The interior glazed units feature all-vinyl welded frames and sashes, 3 ¼-inch frame depth, 7/8-inch laminated insulating glass with PVB and steel installation strips. All products are silicone-glazed to assure strength, tightness and structural integrity. Aluminum reinforcement is provided in sashes on vertical and horizontal slider systems.

Booth #S11467: 
NanaScreen™ Brings the Outdoor Breeze In

Nana Wall Systems of Mill Valley, Calif., has introduced its European-designed NanaScreen™ system, which is customized to complement its large, movable NanaWall™ opening glass wall system. The NanaScreen™ is a series of collapsible, pleated, screen panels that connect to protect the full width of the NanaWall. Designed and tested for durability, the screen features 4-inch-wide vertical cassettes to support the reinforced polypropylene screen mesh. 

Booth #W1470: 
Windsor Offers Warmth

Windsor Windows & Doors of West Des Moines, Iowa, will display its Windsor Glazing System, featuring Cardinal Glass’s LoE2 glass. According to the company, LoE2 keeps a home cool and comfortable by rejecting the sun’s heat and damaging rays and helps a home stay warm by reflecting heat back into the room. 
The system also utilizes Edgetech’s Super Spacer, along with a secondary seal of hot melt butyl to seal the unit and keep moisture out.

Booth #W1471: 
Silver Line Offers Shelter from the Storm 

Silver Line of North Brunswick, N.J., says its new line of Weather Stopper™ impact-resistant windows and patio doors are built to endure the most demanding weather conditions. All Weather Stopper™ sizes and styles meet ASTM testing standards for impact and wind pressure cycling along with Miami/Dade County codes. 
Weather Stopper’s first line of defense features DuPont’s patented SentryGlas® and Sentry Glas Plus, as well as a series of steel and aluminum reinforcements. A newly engineered tilt latch secures the sash to the window frame when the sashes are in the closed and locked position. It interlocks with the window frame when closed, providing additional strength during a storm. 


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