Volume 42, Issue 7 - July 2007

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Guardian Follows the Sun 
Guardian Industries Corp. in Auburn Hills, Mich., is introducing SunGuard® SuperNeutral 54 (SN 54), a low-E coating for commercial glass that features a neutral appearance, solar control and significant energy savings, according to the company. This feature also reduces the interior glare that can occur with other high-performance products. SN 54 also transmits an adequate amount of natural light to the interior of a building while blocking 72 percent of solar energy. 

Guardian also is debuting ShowerGuard® UltraWhite™ low-iron glass for high-end shower enclosures. Made with reduced iron content, UltraWhite glass provides clarity and color neutrality, particularly around the edges where standard glass can show a greenish tint. The company says it is easier to clean than standard glass, and resists the corrosion and discoloration caused by constant exposure to heat, humidity, soaps and harsh cleaning agents. www.guardian.com

glazing systems
Novum System Clings to Corners
For designers who want all glass and minimal framework, Novum Structures LLC in Menomonee Falls, Wis., offers the corner clamped glass (CCG) system. The CCG system holds glass panels together at the corners only. With no evidence of structural support, the building appears to be transparent. The CCG system is suitable for glazing applications in conjunction with cable nets or optimized architecturally exposed steelwork. www.novumstructures.com

door hardware
Kaba Stands Guard
The E-Plex 5086 entry/exit series from Kaba Access Control in Winston-Salem, N.C., offers combination access control for the interior and exterior sides of a door. Each side of the mortise lock has 100 access codes and a 3,000-event audit trail that also records key override usage. It can be programmed at the lock keypad or with optional software. 

The company also offers a weather shield designed with a spring-loaded faceplate that protects against weather and accidental damage, while still allowing easy access to the lock. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to 120° Fahrenheit. www.kaba-ilco.com

doors and windows
Silver Line Re-Launches Patio Door For Ease, Durability 
Silver Line®, in North Brunswick, N.J., enhanced its Series 5800 patio door to include a newly reconfigured frame. The frame features a 4 9⁄16-inch jamb, which enables the door to match the thickness of the wall and fit directly into openings while avoiding the need for a drywall return. The fully-assembled sliding patio door also features a standard integral ‘J’ channel, as well as an integral nailing fin for ease of installation. The door includes an optional DP-50 structural rating, and fusion-welded steel reinforced construction for added durability. It’s also available in a variety of sizes and designs. The enhanced patio door comes with 7⁄8-inch insulating glass and dual weather-stripping for energy efficiency and year-round comfort. www.silverlinewindows.com

machinery and equipment
Deglazing Tool Offers Fast, Safe Removal
Nelson Marketing of Northern California is introducing the Glass Bot™ deglazing tool. The Glass Bot uses high-strength stainless steel wire that is operated with a high-torque motor, which pulls the wire at a slow speed through the adhesive. Glass Bot is operated via remote control so the user can monitor the cutting of the sealant and control the panel that is being removed. Glass Bot also has nonvibration rating and no added weight to impact the operator. www.glassbot.net

EDTM Develops Spectrum Detective Meter
The new Spectrum Detective tool developed by Electronic Design to Market Inc. (EDTM) of Toledo, Ohio, is an energy transmission meter that simultaneously displays UV and visible and infrared transmission values. The device is self-contained with no additional light sources or power cords needed. The company also has developed a strengthened glass detector to identify the stress lines in heat-strengthened, tempered and safety glass. By looking into the meter and simply sliding it across the glass, the user can test single or multiple lites of glass. www.edtm.com

KMT Offers New Waterjet Tool 
The KMT Group in Stockholm, offers its IDE™ (Integrated Diamond Eductor) waterjet cutting head assembly. KMT says IDE is designed with the fewest possible parts, with the tool’s head, body, orifice and mixing chamber combined into one device to eliminate wear and tear on individual parts. The IDE also has a simple head mounting that leaves little chance for misalignment or breakage. By providing a consistent stream for a longer amount of time, the IDE can deliver a superior edge, as well as consistency, which reduces scrap and waste. www.kmtgroup.com

window hardware
Roto’s i-Lock Offers Automatic Locking
The Roto-i-Lock,™ a new sliding window sash lock, is offering improved flexibility and balance over standard window locks, according to its creator, Roto Frank of North America in Chester, Conn. The i-Lock’s internal mechanism has two retention clips and two springs, and its latch is positioned in the center to provide maximum balance. Roto i-Lock is available in six standard and many custom colors. www.rotohardware.com

Look Through Skywall’s New Translucent System
Skywall® Translucent Systems in Terrell, Texas, introduced a new panel system. The new Skywall Acrylit® translucent panels are manufactured with 100-percent acrylic resin, using glass reinforcement, to provide panels with flatness and durability. The panel system features the Weather Erosion Veil, which offers protection against UV degradation and virtually eliminates yellowing and fiberbloom. The new system also offers excellent light distribution, haze factor and smoke development, according to the company. www.skywall.com

free literature
PPG Highlights the Warm Edge Advantage
PPG in Pittsburgh offers a new brochure describing the insulating and energy-saving advantages of windows made with the company’s Intercept® warm edge spacer system.

When used in conjunction with low-E glasses, insulating glass units made with the Intercept spacer system improve energy efficiency of windows by more than 30 percent. www.ppg.com

Access Hardware Unlocks New Catalog
Access Hardware Supply in San Leandro, Calif., announced its newest Ingersoll Rand product catalog. The catalog contains a selection of security devices including heavy-duty commercial locks, programmable locking solutions, electromechanical locks, delayed access and exit alarm locks, latches and strikes, flush bolts, exit trim, door closers, power supplies, actuators and accessories. In addition, the catalog offers quick reference of product descriptions, features, functions and options. www.accesshardware.com

Pres-On® Puts Plenty of Samples in New Brochure 
Pres-On in Addison, Ill., published a four-page color brochure containing 45 samples of its adhesive-coated materials.

The brochure is designed to educate engineers not only on the company’s adhesive coating, slitting and die-cutting capabilities but on the general properties of materials such as urethane foam, vinyl blends and double-coated films used in the production of hundreds of industrial and consumer products. www.pres-on.com 

New Video Highlights Laminated Glass With PVB 
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released a new video at www.glasswebsite.com/video. The video, produced by the GANA laminating division, displays the creation of laminated glass using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) as the interlayer. 

“This video, our third for the organization, gives viewers a detailed look at just how PVB-based laminated glass is fabricated,” says Brian Pitman, director of GANA marketing and communications. “The videos on our website have drawn an enormous amount of viewers, and we expect this video to do as well as the first two.” 

GANA’s laminating division is considering the possibility of creating multiple laminated glass videos using additional interlayer technologies, such as resin and polycarbonate materials. 

“Our response to these ‘How Made’ videos has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Stanley L. Smith, executive vice president of GANA. “Not only are we helping designers, architects and the general public learn about glass manufacturing and fabricating processes, but we are also educating our members about different processes with which they may not be intimately familiar.” 

GANA’s other videos feature the creation of flat glass using the float glass process, as well as the creation of mirror. Visitors to GANA’s website may view the videos at no charge. www.glasswebsite.com

shower doors 
CRL Makes Shower Kits, Door Rail Systems Available
C.R. Laurence (CRL) Co. Inc. in Los Angeles is introducing the Hydroslide frameless sliding shower door kit designed for full-standing showers or above bathtubs. CRL says the shower door kit is ideal for compact areas and allows consumers who have small spaces to achieve the popular “all-glass” look. Hydroslide kits accommodate shower designs with fixed glass panels on either end or both sides at 90 or 180 degrees. They can also be used in floor-to-near-ceiling glass panels with a sliding door. 

CRL also introduces its low-profile door rail system that incorporates its Wedge-Lock™ glass securing system. The low-profile door rails are designed for securing glass in commercial jobs. According to CRL, the rails are “sleek” and are available in six standard architectural finishes, with custom finishes also available. The low-profile door rails use the same technology as the company’s other Wedge-Lock rail systems enabling the doors to be adjusted and aligned without being removed. www.crlaurence.com

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