Volume 42, Issue 6 - June 2007

Global Update
Southwall Technologies Creates 
Partnership on Green Building in China

Southwall Technologies Inc. in Palo Alto, Calif., signed a strategic partnership agreement with Beijing-based ECO Green Building Research Center and GB Sunshine Glass Technology to deliver energy-saving glass solutions for commercial buildings in China. 

GB Sunshine Glass Technologies, a subsidiary of the scientific research organization ECO, was established to promote and sell Southwall’s Heat Mirror™ and XIR™ spectrally selective films. 

The agreement was signed in March during opening ceremonies of the Third International Conference on Intelligent, Green and Energy Efficient Building and New Technologies and Products Expo in Beijing. Under the partnership agreement, Sunshine Glass will leverage the professional service and channels of ECO and the production capability of Southwall’s existing local fabricator to promote energy saving glass products in the China market. 

“The growing awareness of green building in China not only ensures the future of the environment but also represents an enormous business opportunity,” says Dennis Capovilla, Southwall executive vice president. “There is no doubt that China will continue its rapid economic growth and play an increasingly important role in the global economy. We view China’s adoption of sustainable design concepts as a compelling growth opportunity for Southwall’s core energy-saving products, and we are pleased to work with such influential partners to jointly develop this exciting market.” www.southwall.com 

Vietnam to Build Float Factory; Also Exporting Glass to the United States
Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction proposed building a float glass factory in the country’s central Quang Nam province. 

The facility, which will be owned by Vietnam Coal and Minerals and two other companies, will cost approximately USD $79.9 million. The construction schedule is not known.

Based in Quang Nam’s Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, the float glass factory would have access to nearby silica sand, limestone and dolomite resources. 

In other news, a report from the Vietnam Agency says the Artglass company won a contract to export its products to the United States until 2008, becoming Vietnam’s first glass producer to enter this market. Director Bui Chi Cong says that under the contract, Artglass will export lights, logos and name plates of basketball teams, colleges and universities to the northern United States. 

DFI Expands into South Africa
Cover Frameless Glass in South Africa now offers the easy-to-clean coating CoverShield®, powered by DFI nano-coating, from Diamon-Fusion International Inc. (DFI) in San Clemente, Calif.

This product is a result of DFI’s recent licensing of AT SOLUTIONS Corp., a Cape Town, South Africa-based company that has certain exclusive distribution rights on DFI’s proprietary nanocoating system, along with a sales representation for DFI’s vapor deposition process for large volumes of application. Cover Frameless Glass, also a privately-held South African company, is a supplier of unique frameless glass applications. 

“We create ‘the Cover experience’ and we strongly believe adding DFI’s nano-coating, under our brand name CoverShield, will further enhance our product line,” says Gerhard Croucamp, group manager of Cover Frameless Glass.

DFI has also signed a sales operations agreement with NANOAQ Pte. Ltd., a privately owned nanotech company based in Singapore, to expand its proprietary technologies throughout Southeast Asia. Nanoaq is a Singapore-based supplier of nanotech health protection systems. 

In addition, DFI signed a 5-year license renewal with Italian glass manufacturer Curvet Holding Group. According to DFI, the Italian company is the only company in Europe able to produce bent glass of every type with unique solutions for every sector. www.DFInanotechnology.com 


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