Volume 42, Issue 6 - June 2007

24th Annual Guide to New Products  
USGlass Presents 
Your Guide to the Industry’s Latest and Greatest 

alternative glazings
Acrilex Offers its Impression of Glass
Acrilex Inc. in Jersey City, N.J., introduced its Acriglas® Impressions textured line of acrylic sheets. The Impressions series creates the look of architecturally patterned glass with the ease of the fabrication and forming found in acrylic. The series is available in nine standard textures that can be customized to any specified color. www.acrilex.com

components and hardware
Markar Makes Adjustments
Markar Architectural Products Inc., a subsidiary of Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. in Pomona, Calif., developed its continuous hinge with Adjusta-Screw fasteners to permit up to 3⁄8-inch adjustment on the hinge side. This provides full door length adjustment so doors can be squared accurately and easily, both in new installations and existing frames. An adjustable lock-edge fastening system allows an additional 1⁄8- to 3⁄8-inch total width adjustment depending on the type of edge guard. www.markar.com

Keeping the Rain Away 
EPCO in City of Industry, Calif., has available a new generation of articulated bolts for the façade industry. The bolts are water-resistant, and resistant to moisture vapor transmission. www.epcocorp.com

Get It Rite
The 4200 Series Power Latch, from Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. in Pomona, Calif., is an electrified deadlatch that provides electric unlocking capability for aluminum stile and glass door entrance systems. It offers flexibility for traffic control and an alternative to fail-safe (unlocked) magnetic locks or cutting in electric strikes. The 4200 can be integrated with a variety of interior lever and paddle operators, and installs or retrofits without stile modification with MS Deadbolt prep. www.adamsrite.com

DORMA Doors Nearly Disappear 
Reamstown, Pa.-based DORMA’s Deubl Alpha door frames for glass assemblies are designed to almost disappear to offer architects and designers an exquisite, clean look. Available with single- and double-acting door frames, the frames feature concealed fixings, and can be outfitted with a floor-concealed door closer. 

The new CD 80 swing door operator from DORMA features a low profile that makes the operators suitable for mounting on standard door systems. The unit’s low weight allows it to fit directly onto the door leaf or top jamb without causing hinge strain. Tight engineering tolerances reduce vibrations during door operation. It also features power assist and an extended hold-open function. www.dorma-usa.com

Cam Lock Keeps It Simple
Philadelphia-based Household Metals Inc. has available a cam lock system for its aluminum storm door line. This patent-pending system allows for the effortless changing of windows and screens, and requires no tools. With a pin and locking arm embedded in the door there are no screws to lose, or clips to break. A 1⁄4, self-stopping turn releases or locks the window in place. www.hmidoors.com

Schlage Now Compatible with Government Credentials 
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies in Montvale, N.J., announced that three of its multi-technology card reader models have been approved by the U.S. government under HSPD-12 for FIPS201 compliance as transparent readers. The Schlage Mullion reader (SXF1100-PIV), mid-range reader (SXF2100-PIV) and keypad reader (SXF2110-PIV) have passed compliance testing for compatibility with the new personal identity verification credentials that will be mandated for federal employees. 

In addition, an integrated MIFARE smart card reader option is now available with FingerKey DX products. MIFARE standard contactless smart cards store the user’s ID number and fingerprint template on the card. The FingerKey DX includes a keypad and LCD display. Verification takes less than two seconds. www.securitytechnologies.ingersollrand.com 

More Narrow Steel Curtainwall Means More Glass 
The steel curtainwall system from Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Kirkland, Wash., is strong and slim, allowing larger spans of glazing than traditional aluminum framing. According to the company, the steel framing members have lower deflection than aluminum, yet provide three times the wind load capacity. In addition, the lower thermal expansion of steel allows design flexibility with few or no extension profiles. The steel curtainwall system uses a “plug and screw” connection system for the framing components, for crisp corner joints without a visible weld bead. The system is watertight and the low heat transfer coefficient of steel prevents interior condensation on frames.  www.tgpamerica.com 

Turn On To Polytronix’s Latest Product
Polytronix Inc. in Richardson, Texas, developed a new version of its Polyvision® glass, which changes from milky white to transparent, or vise versa, at the flip of a switch. The new version of the electrically switchable glass has 5-percent improved transmission, reduced haze and a wider viewing angle than the previous version. According to information from the company, the updated product looks much more like a piece of regular glass when the power is on, while still keeping good image blocking power when the power is off.  www.polytronix.com

Stick With Capital Tape’s VK Series 
The VK series structural glazing tapes from Capital Tape Co. in Cleveland are designed to meet stringent performance standards required for structural silicone glazing applications. These products are available in a range of thicknesses and two densities for use in onsite and in-shop glazing. The VK series tapes are silicone compatible, field proven and engineered to rigorous standards. www.capitaltape.com

decorative glass 
Arch Deco Glass Introduces Visual™
VISUAL is the latest proprietary product advancement available from Tamarac, Fla.-based Arch Aluminum & Glass’ Arch Deco Glass operations. VISUAL is a high-end laminated product that allows virtually any image to be reproduced onto the interlayer. “It’s this simple: if you can visualize or picture a product in your mind, we can now produce it with VISUAL,” says David Williams with Arch Deco Glass. “It’s a great process and one that will truly benefit the design community and their clients.” 

Williams adds that VISUAL is fabricated completely in-house, so the company has control from the initial design stage, through the lamination and shipping. “That alone makes VISUAL unique and valuable,” says Williams.

VISUAL can be made with highly saturated colors, but also has the ability to be virtually opaque. In addition, a pure white, black and sepiatones can be created through this process as well.As a laminated product, VISUAL also has the multi-function properties that allow it be used in safety, security, solar, structural and sound reduction applications. www.archaluminum.net

These Glass Gemstones Glitter 
Now glaziers can get decorative with Gemstones decorative glass from Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc. in Richmond, British Columbia. Gemstone colors are a mixture of the company’s clear finish colors with pearlescent frosting. Gemstone colors can be applied to any Freeform patterns or 55 standard textures. 

In addition, Nathan Allan now offers Sphere Glass, which is formed by creating domes of slumped glass in various diameters that are individually formed and attached to background panels of clear or cast textured glass. Clear panels allow for 100-percent light transmission and cast panels provide a decorative background while creating privacy. www.nathanallan.com

Go Green With Gforce 
GlasWeld in Bend, Ore., offers its portable, field-friendly Gforce Scratch Removal System™ to quickly and easily remove damage from glass—keeping it in the supply chain and out of the landfill.

The system can help reduce scrap ratios, product defects and customer returns; eliminate costly reworks; and improve efficiencies throughout the production process, according to information from the company. www.glasweld.com/greener

fire-rated glass
SCHOTT Adds New Fire-Rated Glass Products
SCHOTT North America Inc. in Elmsford, N.Y., added three new Pyran Platinum glass products to its line of Pyran® fire-rated glass. The new products—Pyran Platinum, Pyran Platinum F and Pyran Platinum L—feature a glass-ceramic surface that eliminates the need for a surface polish. 

Pyran Platinum F comes with a surface-applied safety film, and Pyran Platinum L is a laminated product. All three products have been tested by UL for use in doors with fire-ratings of up to three hours. Pyran Platinum and Pyran Platinum F have also been tested for use in sidelites, transom lites and windows with fire-ratings up to 90 minutes. www.us.schott.com

New Software Designed to Ease Contract Glazing Woes
GMTEC LLC in Greensboro, Ga., introduced a new material software that aids project managers in takeoffs and ordering. The new software, ACIST®, which operates as an extension of AutoCad®, can greatly reduce errors and cut back on labor. 

By using the ACIST information as a managerial tool, a project manager can schedule all deliveries straight from the shop drawing details. GMTEC, a company that includes Glass Systems Inc., in Lithonia, Ga.; Glass Tech Inc. in Greensboro, Ga.; and Ingersoll Consulting in Marietta, Ga., initially developed the ACIST software in October 2003 for use by Glass Systems Inc. But early in the design phase of the software program, the GMTEC partners decided to introduce their software to the marketplace. The company recently released ACIST on CD-ROM.

According to its developers, ACIST allows project managers, regardless of their level of experience, to start off a project with the same complete and accurate information every time. This results in allowing them to handle more work loads, without increasing their hours worked. 

ACIST® can output the following reports:

  • Profile cut sheets;
  • Profile list by floor;
  • Profile list by elevation;
  • Glass order;
  • Glass release by floor (boxing schedule); and
  • Profile accessories.

“Before ACIST, we determined glass sizes manually,” says Mike Evans, senior CAD designer, with Glass Systems Inc. “Glass sizes and quantities were written by hand in list form. This list was then attached to a purchase order and faxed to our glass suppliers. Our glass suppliers, for the most part, use MS Excel as Order Input. Now they are able to enter the ACIST output that we e-mail to them, directly into their order entry forms.”

Because of ACIST, Evans said that sizing errors have also been greatly reduced. ACIST software enters the information directly to production, which does not call for manual sizing or manual keypunching of the information. 

Program designers also say ACIST can be used with any shape or any system. www.gmtecsoft.com

Glaverbel Toughens Up Its Coatings
Glaverbel in Brussels, Belgium, created a new high-performance coated glass product that can now be tempered, bent, silkscreened and cut directly by fabricators. The company says its Stopray Vision 50T is the first temperable Stopray clear float glass. It features a neutral appearance, maximum selectivity and a solar factor of almost 30 percent. Stopray Lime 61T (green), Stopray Titanium 37T (grey) and Stopray Indigo 48T (blue) offer thermal and solar performance properties for all types of climates. 

The company also launched a new hard-coated glass, Sunergy Dark Blue. It features a solar factor of up to 26 percent and a low light reflection factor of 6 percent. www.glaverbel.com 

transportation & handling equipment
F. Barkow Carries Glass to New Levels
The model 610 HS glass carrier from Milwaukee-based F. Barkow features all-welded aluminum construction, and measures 120 inches long by 86 inches tall. It includes 1 ½-inch square aluminum frame and stakes, Barpad glass cushions on 8-inch centers and four stakes with Barkleats™ and hardware. It is also equipped with Stake-Loc™ self-locking stakes and two rows of b-load-holding slats. A 5-inch useable ledge board features a double row of stake slots. The carrier also comes with front load stop, a full bottom splash panel and a polished finish. www.barkow.comcurtainwall

YKK Offers YCW 750 SplineTech™
The YCW 750 SplineTech system from YKK AP in Austell, Ga., was developed to reduce fabrication and field labor. The design of YCW 750 SplineTech eliminates the need for shear blocks as all horizontal members are secured to the verticals through the use of the company’s patented screw spline system. The integration of a two-piece vertical member permits entire “ladder” assemblies to be prepared for glazing in the shop. Standard F and T mullion end anchors reduce the number of fasteners required to secure the frame to the structure.  www.ykkap.com

tools & supplies
Precision Laser Stands Straight 
Pinpoint Laser Systems in Newburyport, Mass., introduced a new, precision machinery alignment kit. The dual-axis alignment kit includes a new laser squaring attachment called the 90-Line for checking machine beds, vertical cutting machinery, roll parallelism, squaring slides and gantries and measuring geometric parameters. 

Special internal optics allow operators to place the 90-Line anywhere along the laser path and establish precise right angle references. The 90-Line can create multiple references, and has a locking mechanism for pre-set positions and a friction lock to hold the beam in place.  www.pinlaser.com

New Tool Offers Free-Style Edge
The Diamond notch and saw machine crafted by Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. (CRL), creates notches and allows for free-style pattern edge cuts. The new tool was developed for the glazing industry to reduce labor time. The machine can be used freehand, or can reduce time on patterns. The adjustable jig tool can also be used to eliminate drilling, which reduces labor time by more than 50 percent, according to the company. 

CRL also introduced three new specialty catalogs: the Hospitality and Service Hardware Catalog (HS07), the Architectural Hardware Catalog (AH07) and the Door Controls Catalog (DC07). www.crlaurence.com 

machinery & equipment
Nordson Applies Itself to AG-900+
Nordson Corp. in Westlake, Ohio, designed its AG-900+ modular dispensing applicator for use with high-performance materials when gasketing, sealing or bonding. Ambient or heated configurations are available to support the solid or foamed application of materials including silicones, urethanes, epoxies and butyls. www.nordson.com

CMS Creates New Equipment Solutions
The new Runner 3.70 cutting table from CMS North America Inc. in Caledonia, Mich., features a system for tilting the table with two large gears driven by a single motor for a smooth, powerful and quiet lift. The monoframe table remains rigid even when loading sheets up to 102 by 145 inches and 1-inch thick. A compact control pedestal integrates the major electrical components under the table.

The Deltagrind, which grinds all four sides of rectangular and trapezoidal glass shapes to produce seamed, flat and pencil edges, is also available. It automatically reads the shape of each part. Glass in sizes up to 157 by 102 inches may be continually fed into the machine manually or automatically. 

In addition, the Vertec vertical drilling/milling machine was designed to quickly and easily execute complex drilling, milling and grinding cycles. A modular verticle design allows the operator to load manually or from a conveyor. The glass is stationary during the machining, eliminating potential scratches. It is equipped with two opposing 6.7 HP (5kW) spindles, each with an 8-position tool changer.  www.cmsna.com

Sample PPG’s Extra-Heavy Starphire® Glass 
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries created a sample kit highlighting the color and clarity differences between extra-heavy Starphire® Ultra-Clear glass and conventional clear architectural glass. The extra-heavy Starphire glass sample kit contains one lite of 19-millimeter Starphire glass and another of conventional clear glass in the same thickness. The company says that the comparison shows the contrast between the Starphire glass, and its clarity that intensifies as it gets thicker, with the light-green cast that is inherent in traditional clear glasses. 

PPG also offers a new brochure describing the insulating and energy-saving advantages of windows made with the company’s Intercept® warm edge spacer system. www.ppg.com

ribbon window
Vistawall Rolls Out Energy-Safe System
Vistawall Architectural Products in Terrell, Texas, introduced its TCR-0250 thermal composite ribbon window system for projects with ribbon window openings that demand high-energy efficiency. The zone-glazed system features glass-reinforced, polyamide insulating strip thermal breaks on all members. Featuring continuous head and sill members, the system provides incidental water management at the head. It offers 2 ½ by 4 ½-inch framing, for 1-inch glazing, with front-set, inside-glazed configurations. The system also offers two-color finishing capability. www.vistawall.comscreenprinting 

THIEME Saves Time on Printing 
For graphic and industrial print applications, THIEME 1000 from THIEME in Teningen, Germany, offers high print quality, reliability and simple handling. 

As an option, the machine can come equipped with ScreenClean to provide automatic screen cleaning. A solvent application unit automatically applies a specific dose of solvent to the underside of the screen, releasing ink from the screen. Another option, an adapter plate fastened to the vacuum table, allows fully automatic plate positioning.  www.thieme-products.com

shower enclosure
CrystalLine Puts New Twist on Framing
Southeastern Aluminum Products Inc. in Jacksonville, Fla., now offers a framed option of its CrystalLine by-pass bath enclosure line. The new product incorporates sleek, polished framing for an aesthetic look. The new enclosure can be installed as a stand-alone door unit or with in-line or return panels. The framed bypass is now available in many widths and lengths for shower and tub installations and is stocked in silver, gold, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze or it can be powder-coated to match any bathroom décor. www.southeasternaluminum.com

CyberFlex Releases Flexeshower Design Software
A new software program could change the way glaziers, hardware manufacturers and glass fabricators design shower enclosures. The program, called Flexeshower,® allows the user to choose from hundreds of built-in shower templates or configure a custom shower from scratch. The program includes choices in hardware as well as glass preferences.

Flexeshower can automatically calculate virtually any shower configuration. Once measurements are entered into the Flexeshower program, a fully scaled 3D model of the shower will appear on a computer screen. The image can be rotated, animated or enlarged to allow the user to view the design and make their hardware and glass type choices. The new software also is expected to enhance the way shower systems are ordered via e-commerce as well as improve the way they are cut directly on CNC machinery and finally installed. www.cyberflex.com; www.flexeshower.com

GTS Software Offers New Services 
GTS Services LLC in Portland, Ore., has released the first complete suite of services specifically for glass shops to help enhance the effectiveness of their Internet marketing. A search engine optimization (SEO) service assists glass shops with website building or modification. SEO helps increase site visits by providing optimal compatibility with search engines for better positioning of free listings. A search engine advertising service provides strategic placement and management of paid advertisements on popular search engine sites to increase website visits by qualified customers. www.gtsservices.com

Friedman Unveils Frontier 2.2 
Friedman Corp. in Deerfield, Ill., released Frontier version 2.2. The software features an updated user interface and additional functionality including advanced order-processing, scrap and rework processing, planned work order regeneration, order number expansion and consolidated purchasing. Improvements also have been made to the license distribution process, and iProducts, its Web-based interface, is now fully integrated across all databases. The upgrade also includes the addition of business unit security. 

Seven modules, previously add-ons, have been rolled into the new version, as well. www.friedmancorp.com

The Wagner Cos. Release 2007 Catalog
Milwaukee-based The Wagner Cos.’ latest master catalog introduces the Wagnerail™ railing system with aluminum and stainless steel components and assemblies and multiple infill options of glass, Ultra-Tec® cable railing, 3form Ecoresin™ panels and Archimesh™ stainless steel wire woven mesh panels. Lighting options are available for all of these products through use of the company’s Lumenrail® system components. The catalog also includes an expanded technical information section with installation instructions and current code summaries. www.wagnercompanies.com

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