Volume 42, Issue 5 - May 2007

Issue at Hand
Connected to You
by Deb Levy

It’s been really neat to watch the growth of the USGlass online community at http://www.usgnn.com (click the Message Forum button on the bottom left). Bloggers Paul Bieber, Ellen Giard, Max Perilstein and Kris Vockler give us their thoughts on the industry and more. You can post your thoughts as well.

A number of readers have joined in with their own questions and thought-provoking answers. Columnist Paul Bieber has led a number of very interesting discussions about everything ranging from wish lists, to fuel surcharges to the efficacy of requiring that glass tabletops be tempered. But one particular question has generated quite a lot of discussion and disagreement.

 “What if Imus worked for you?” Paul asked, referring to the now infamous shock jock’s particularly tasteless jabs at the Rutgers women’s basketball team. “What if Imus worked for you? What would you do?”

While some readers recommended ignoring the situation (“the best advice my mother gave me years ago was to ignore troublemakers,” said one), others said just the opposite. “‘Jokes’ such as [those] you talk about should be a no-no in your harassment policy …” “Anyone who is a ‘joker’ of this type should be warned as it can cause a headache for the company,” said another, who added that she was “speaking from experience of having a ‘joker’ and the pain it caused.” 

“I asked the question as I am sure any businessperson would have,” said Paul. “If I ran CBS or MSNBC, what would I have done? I was interested in what our readers would say.

”As do all the bloggers, Paul has the interest of the glass industry at heart and uses his blogs and the message forum to make the industry better and healthier. Well, maybe make the individuals in the industry better and healthier. “One of things I want to do is get healthier and I figure there are others in the glass industry who want to do the same. So we are forming an online ‘get healthy-lose weight’ area online for anyone in the industry who is trying to shed pounds and get healthier like I am,” says Paul. (Watch the USGNN message forum areas on the bottom left for this as well.)

The web helps us bring more info to you in lots of ways. Space constraints in a magazine are always limited. You can read the edited version of Ellen Giard’s interview with Ed Berkowitz on page 62, but if you’d like to see the longer version, with the questions we didn’t have space for in the printed issue, visit our “Only on” section of http://www.usglassmag.com.

And, while we are on the subject of the web, did you know that USGlass offers every article it has published in the last nine years online with a searchable index? If you go to our glass.com site and look at the top right, you will see a “Search Archives” line. Simply enter the keywords you are looking for and you’ll get a list of the articles where those words appear. You can also use our subscription service to purchase rights to read those articles online as well.

It’s just another way we are connected to you. 

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