Volume 42, Issue 11 - November 2007

Product Exclusive  
The Latest Products from GANA Members 

USGlass always aims to offer information about the latest and greatest new products. In this special section, learn just how many of those hot products are produced by GANA members. GANA member companies were invited to submit information about new products to be featured here in our Showcase department, which in this issue is exclusive to GANA member companies only

See SCHOTT’s MIRONA Transform
In front of a lit background, MIRONA™ transformation glass from SCHOTT in Elmsford, N.Y., appears as a transparent lite of glass. In front of a dark surface, it acts as a mirror. The mineral glass has been coated on both sides with an optical interference layer to enable defined reflection and transmission. 

MIRONA is easy to clean and is available as normal window glass, borosilicate heat-resistant glass and gray glass. It also can be supplied tempered, one-side coated or on white low-iron glass. In addition, it can be processed into laminated safety glass. www.us.schott.com/architecture

Control the Sun with SOLARBAN® z50 
Solarban z50 glass is Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries’ latest addition to its line of Solarban solar control low-E glasses. The product, which features a steel blue/gray exterior appearance, offers a combination of high visible light transmittance and solar control characteristics. When combined with clear glass in a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban z50 produces a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.31 and visible light transmittance of 51 percent. 

This yields a light to solar gain ratio of 1.61, which the company says is up to 30 percent better than competitive products with a similar aesthetic. Along with its solar control benefits, Solarban z50 glass also controls glare and maintains a low interior reflectance of 11 percent, providing a building’s interior occupants with a clear, natural view of the outdoors. www.ppgideascapes.com

decorative glassSaflex® Adds Bold Citrus to Vanceva® Color System
Saflex, a division of St. Louis-based Solutia Inc., has added a new specialty color interlayer to its Vanceva color system. Tangerine, a vibrant citrus orange, uses highly concentrated pigments to create brilliant hues for use in laminated glazing. Tangerine is being specified for use in interior and exterior applications to include furniture, retail shelving, movable wall partitions and curtainwalls. www.saflex.com/tangerine

ICD Coats in Any Color
ICD High Performance Coatings in Vancouver, Wash., is offering Deco Vas decorative coatings. The glass screen ink features a unique low-VOC, high solids urethane blend. The coatings are available in 12 standard colors and a wide range of colors and special effects. Custom color matching is available; virtually any color can be achieved, according to the company. Exact color matching is possible with the use of a spectrocolorimeter. The coatings are compatible with lamination, and also can be used on the second or third surface of an insulating glass unit. www.icdcoatings.com

fire-rated glass
Fire-Rated Glazing Reaches New Heights 
San Francisco-based SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions™ has added SAFTIfire Frames SKYLite to its list of fire-rated products. The SAFTIfire Frames SKYLite assembly includes the patented, radiant heat reflective SuperLite I-XL IGU fire-rated glazing. 

The new SKYLite is listed by Intertek Testing Services and meets ASTM E108, UBC 15-2-94, NFPA 256, ULC S107, FM 4470 and UL 790 testing criteria. SKYLite also qualifies as a “Class A” roofing system up to a maximum slope of 5:12.SKYLite frames are available in all commercial finishes. SuperLite I-XL IGU glazing can include a variety of glass types. www.safti.com 

Tem-Pace Sculpts A Lite
By adding an Old World look to New World technology, Tem-Pace Inc. in Niles, Mich., is able to offer the latest in decorative glass. The company’s SculpturLite glass provides a wide range of textures, from subtle to bold with silkscreened colors or tinted glass. The product can be designed to complement any scenery in the door and window markets. The product is fully tempered for strength and safety. www.tempace.com

decorative glass
General Glass International Goes Dotty 
General Glass International in Secaucus, N.J., has expanded its line of post-temperable painted glass products with the addition of dot and line options, available in ¼-inch. Now that these designs are available as a post-temperable product, regional fabricators can offer an alternative to silk-screened glass and shorten lead times to its customers, according to information from the company. 

The Dekor Kolor dots and lines products can be locally cut, fabricated, laminated and tempered in the same manner as other coated glass products. The painted surface has an ultra-hard finish that is scratch- and heat-resistant, both prior to and after tempering. www.generalglass.com

doors and windows
Arch Systems Set to Stop Speeding Bullets 
The Resistor Security BR 3100 III, with patent pending technology, from Arch Aluminum & Glass in Tamarac, Fla., was designed to resist penetration from ballistic sources while maximizing architectural and aesthetic appeal. 

The BR 3100 III glass and aluminum glazing system has passed the Level 3 test conducted by H.P. White Laboratories. The test included three shots of .44 Magnum ammunition weighing 15.6 grams and traveling at a speed of 411 meters per second. The bullet-resistant system is part of the company’s Resistor impact glass product line, which also features hurricane-, bomb- and seismic-resistant systems for various threat levels. This latest addition is a patent-pending bullet-resistant system, featuring an insulating glass unit and accompanying framing. www.archaluminum.net 

PrimeTek™ Slides into Market
The PrimeTek Slider Series from Moduline Window Systems, a division of the Vistawall Group in Terrell, Texas, is designed for long-lasting durability and performance at a competitive price. The horizontal sliding window integrates a continuous handle for ease of ventilator operation. 

The Slider Series, with a 3 ¼-inch frame depth, features adjustable nylon ball-bearing rollers and a reusable glazing channel. The series accommodates ¼- and 1-inch glazing. The PrimeTek series has been tested to the performance requirements of AAMA 101 and received ratings of HC-40 and HC-60. www.vistawall.com

New SAF System Keeps Out the Rain 
Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) has introduced the SAF Series 4000 panel system, a dry-joint rain-screen system. The new architectural rain-screen wall panel system provides a defense against moisture problems by equalizing pressure between the interior and exterior environments by channeling air and water. 

Flashing and weep holes in the panel bottoms and vent holes in the panel tops can be added to allow for back ventilation and drainage. Designed for both new build and refurbishment projects, SAF Series 4000 panels are available in a variety of cladding materials. The panels are attached easily to walls with mechanical fasteners. www.saf.com

curtainwall and storefront 
Curtainwall Systems Get Slim and Strong Steel
Built Curtainwall™ systems from Technical Glass Products in Kirkland, Wash., are stronger and slimmer than traditional aluminum framing, allowing for large expanses of exposed glass or narrow frame profiles. Useable in interior and exterior applications, SteelBuilt Curtainwall systems provide the design freedom to incorporate vast areas of glass in buildings and to better capture natural light in interior spaces, while offering superior performance such as high wind resistance, less potential for sweating on the frames and water-tight joints without a visible weld bead, as compared to traditional framing. The framing is available in stainless steel or can be finish painted at the factory to match the desired color scheme. www.tgpamerica.com

equipment and machinery 
CRB-P™ Engineers Glass Parts for Solar Power 
Glasstech in Perrysburg, Ohio, has engineered the Constant Radius Bender – Parabolic (CRB-P™) as a cost-effective and efficient means of providing the essential glass parts that are needed by the burgeoning Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) market.

The CRB-P does not use dedicated tooling, but instead bends glass using patented, computer controlled roll-forming technology. Because of its unique shape control, glass produced on the CBR-P achieves strict tolerances and a high degree of shape repeatability. Glass produced on the CRB-P can be annealed for lamination or tempered or heat-strengthened with a minimum of system changes. www.glasstech.com

Vesuvius Expands Roll Capacities 
Vesuvius has increased its offerings of fused silica glass tempering roll manufacturing with the completion of its new factory addition in Dillon, S.C. Along with the addition of new and upgraded fabricating equipment, these expanded facilities will double Vesuvius’ tempering roll capacity in the United States. The Dillon facility serves as the company’s fused silica manufacturing and technical support platform for the Americas, servicing glass, steel and foundry industries throughout the Western hemisphere. In addition to tempering rolls, a wide product offering is available. www.vesuvius.com

New Surface Stress Software Automates GASP® Measurements 
The AUTO-GASP® polarimeter from Strainoptics Inc. in North Wales, Pa., measures surface stress in tempered flat glass non-destructively and automatically. The instrument can be ordered as a complete system or as a kit for easily converting the company’s conventional GASP tools to automatic measurement.

The AUTO-GASP connects to any WinXP or Win2K PC with a USB port and uses proprietary image analysis software to report surface compression with two mouse clicks. Data is reported on-screen and may be saved or recalled in Excel format for storage or analysis. For verification purposes, calculations may also be made manually via a video image using the familiar GASP reticle and protractor dial. www.strainoptic.com

glass handling
Eco Coat Prevents Scratched Glass During Cleaning 
Eco Coat Glass Protection Systems Inc. in White Rock, British Columbia, has developed a proprietary product that window manufacturers can use to protect their product, glass and frames quickly and efficiently from construction debris such as splattered concrete and mineralization, chemical residue, paint and more. The tough, chemically-resistant, ultraviolet-protected and translucent product can cover every part of the window and frame, enveloping it in a layer of protective shielding from the moment it is applied until it is removed. The product is removed easily as part of the standard window cleaning process once the building is complete using a water-based, pH-neutral, environmentally safe release agent. www.ecocoatsystems.com

adhesives and sealants
VHB™ Tape Tackles Four-Sided Glazing
3M in St. Paul, Minn., has introduced its 3M™ VHB™ structural glazing tape as an alternative to structural silicone and spacer tape/gaskets for four-sided glazing.

VHB structural glazing tape offers immediate handling strength, which the company says speeds the assembly process and eliminates the time spent waiting for a structural silicone to cure. It also offers improved sight lines with clean edges and a consistent color. www.3M.com

LISEC Applicators Now Support Dura Platform
Glass fabrication equipment from Lisec America Inc. in Eagan, Minn., now supports TruSeal’s Dura Platform warm-edge spacer systems for insulating glass (IG). The move to support the Dura Platform follows the company’s strategy to offer equipment solutions for all flexible spacer systems. www.lisecamerica.com

Syracuse Glass Offers a Gamut of Glass Products
Syracuse Glass Co. (SGC) in Syracuse, N.Y., offers a variety of high-quality glass and aluminum products, including insulating glass and tempered glass produced with a UNIGLASS convection furnace. The company is also able to produce bath and shower enclosures, all-glass entrances and railings, Opaci-Coat 300 spandrel glass and Tubelite custom entrances and storefronts.

SGC is a Guardian Industries Sunguard Select Fabricator of high-performance insulating glass as well as a fabricator and distributor of Pilkington and PPG glass products. www.syracuseglass.com 

Accura Aims to Make a Difference
Accura Systems Inc. in Sunnyvale, Texas, offers architectural building products for the exterior cladding of commercial buildings. Its capabilities include design assistance, engineering and fabrication, as well as factory assembly and glazing. The company offers an experienced group of engineering and project managers who pride themselves in providing solutions for their customers. This commitment is called “The Accura Difference.” www.accurasystems.com

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