Volume 42, Issue 10 - October 2007

Architects' Guide to Glass
From the Editor

Cross Over the Bridge 

by Charles Cumpston
The metaphorical bridge between architects and the architectural glass and metal industry continues to see new “vehicles” cross over it every day.

Several of these are discussed in this issue. Certainly one of the most important today is fire-rated glazing. In a recent survey of the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal readers, the single most important topic architects said they would like more information about was fire-rated glazing.

This is not surprising, given the complexity of the subject and the prominence it has been given in recent years.

Another vehicle we are happy to announce is our Architects’ Educational Seminar Program, which is being inaugurated in Grand Rapids this month and will visit six locations across the United States next year.In our survey, architects told us that they wanted to learn more about the architectural glass and metal industry and that they would attend day-long educational events to do so based on the event’s location. So we have developed a program that will help them earn AIA learning unit credits while learning about such important topics as fire-rated glass and new glass technology and applications.

This is part of our out-reach program to architects to ensure that they are aware of all the vehicles which are crossing the bridge of our mutual concerns. 

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