Volume 42, Issue 10 - October 2007

Go with the Flow
These Computer Integrated Systems 
Can Help with the Production Flow

Ah, remember the good ol’ days when order entry, production processes and shipping all required a separate computer program? Or when each piece of machinery required a different operation step? No? Then perhaps you’re already familiar with the many computer integrated solutions available to streamline business processes and improve the flow of data. If so, you’ll want to check out these new solutions that aim to improve your business and increase productivity. 

Link to this Management Solution 
Glass Group in Denver is offering its GlassLink™ Internet order management solution. GlassLink provides an automated ordering data flow from the glass dealer directly into the glass fabricator system. According to information from the company, the system prevents redundant entry of data and mistakes. The products are both desktop- and Internet-based. www.glassgroup.com

Check out MATE 
Flemington, N.J.-based PMC Software Inc.’s MATE line of computer integrated systems provides a totally integrated software solution from order entry through shipping of finished goods. The MATE suite of products meets the specific needs of the flat glass and door and window manufacturing industries by improving productivity and profitability throughout the facility. The company says its software’s expertise encompasses glass, lineal and tempering bed optimization; product tracking; real-time production manufacturing; real-time full plant reject tracking; and man/machine interfaces. The software line interfaces with whatever manufacturing equipment may be used for glass, vinyl, wood and metal manufacturing machinery.www.pmcsoftware.com

Enter Orders on the Web
Stewart Computer Services Inc. in Broken Arrow, Okla., is now offering web-based software for glass distributors and retailers. The software provides order entry, accounts receivable and purchase orders. The “CUT” module walks the user through the entry of flat glass and is so user-friendly that authorized customers can even enter their own orders, according to information from the company. Orders are sent to compatible third-party optimizer and/or cutting programs. Many reports are built-in, and an end-user report generator is included. The company also offers custom modifications for the system. www.stewartcomputer.com 

Network with ALCIM
ALBAT+WIRSAM North America Inc. in Bellevue, Wash., is offering software products to organize networked production and optimize continuous flow. Its ALCIM Networked Production was designed to streamline production and provide fail-safe guidance and control for fully automated glass manufacturing and modular production management in insulating glass and safety glass operations. According to information from the company, the software provides fully networked monitoring and display of production data and processing station control. For dynamic optimization, cutting and sorting, the company’s DynOpt aims to limit waste in just-in-time production. The software provides fully-automatic cutting and optimum sequencing to reduce raw material input and eliminate leftovers. www.albat-wirsam.com

Become Dynamic with GTS
GTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of PPG Industries, based in Portland, Ore., has introduced a new business management solution that enables commercial glass shops to combine their GTS software with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP. The new software solution, created specifically for glass industry needs, embeds the general ledger and accounts receivable components of Microsoft Dynamics GP directly into the GTS GlasPac®LX software. Embedding the two systems means users do not have to toggle between separate applications or import/export data. According to information from the company, the software is able to connect business processes with the customer’s accounting system for a single, streamlined solution, and also improves access to business data. Users can simply search for information rather than needing to know how to navigate to a specific report. In addition, the company is able to offer customers customizable solutions that combine the two programs. www.gtsservices.com

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