Volume 42, Issue 10 - October 2007

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YKK AP’s ThermaShade™ Sunshade System Cuts Energy Costs 
YKK AP® in Austell, Ga., announced that its new patent-pending ThermaShade™ sunshade system, the industry’s only sunshade system with a thermal barrier to reduce energy costs, is now available for owners and developers of commercial, retail and institutional buildings. 

The ThermaShade system reduces solar heat gain to help lower energy consumption, improve the comfort level for building occupants and adds to the overall aesthetics of the building. The product line offers a spectrum of pre-engineered design options. Integral hook mechanisms on the outriggers simplify installation and reduce field labor costs. www.ykkap.comcomponents

Edgetech Unveils nXt™ Big Thing in Spacer Technology
Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, has launched Super Spacer® nXt™, which combines the same desiccant and acrylic adhesive as its other products with a new proprietary core. The hybrid technology provides exceptional thermal efficiencies. Providing a virtually seamless seal, Super Spacer nXt is aesthetically pleasing in the window system. It is available in a variety of standard colors with a metallic appearance that mocks the look of a metal spacer—but provides the thermal benefits of Super Spacer warm edge technology. www.edgetech360.com

AGC Launches World’s First Antibacterial Glass
AGC Flat Glass Europe, formerly Glaverbel, in Brussels, Belgium, has launched a glass product that it says will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on it and stops the spread of fungi, helping in the fight against hospital-caught infections.

AGC’s AntiBacterial Glass™ destroys 99.9 percent of all bacteria on its surface, eliminating micro-organisms as soon as they come into contact with the glass. The antibacterial action is based on silver. Extensive research into the properties of silver demonstrates that it has a powerful antibacterial function. AGC’s patented process involves diffusing silver ions into the upper layers of the glass: the ions interact with bacteria and destroy them by disabling their metabolisms and disrupting their division mechanisms.

AntiBacterial Glass has been tested by university laboratories, with results validated based on European and Japanese standards. Accelerated age testing demonstrates that the functionality of the glass does not diminish over time. The glass can be used for a variety of surfaces. www.agc-flatglass.eu

laminated glass
VISUAL® Laminated Glass Looks Good Green
The new VISUAL® laminated glass system by Arch Deco Glass®, a division of Arch Aluminum and Glass in Tamarac, Fla., is a high-end laminated product that provides the architectural community exterior and interior design options—and also will contribute points toward certification in projects registered in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System™.The system can be manufactured to meet the minimum energy efficiency prerequisite of LEED based on ASHRAE 90.1 or a potentially stricter local energy code. It also can be designed for operability or as part of a daylighting strategy. VISUAL laminated glass can block noise, reduce the penetration of ultraviolet radiation and help protect building occupants from wind or explosion driven impacts.  www.archaluminum.net

Uni-Wall Can Be Found on Jobs Large and Small
Architectural Glazing Technologies (AGT) in Waterboro, Maine, designed its new unitized curtainwall system, Uni-Wall®, for flexibility of design and installation on jobs of all sizes, including small- to medium-sized projects.

Since the panels are built to be installed completely from inside the building, Uni-Wall is efficient in city construction sites, according to information from the company. Installation is speeded considerably, without the need for an external crane, and crews can be much smaller than those required on traditional “stick-built” jobs. www.agtglazing.com

curtainwall components 
Halfen Holds it Together 
Halfen Anchoring Systems of Converse, Texas, offers multi-adjustable curtainwall clips for edge-of-slab applications. The clips provide both up and down and in and out adjustability. Left and right dead load clips are available with an offset horizontal slot to maximize capacity, by opposing wind load and dead load moments. Extruded serrations on the clips and washers provide exceptional wind load capacity, according to the company. Three sizes are available to fit most stick curtainwall applications.

The company also is offering anchor channels for a multitude of applications in commercial projects. The company’s anchor channels have a cold-formed or hot-rolled channel body with I-anchors welded to the back of the channel. They are available in hot dip galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel. The channels are foam-filled to prevent concrete from entering the channel. A selection of tee-bolts and channel nuts allow design flexibility and easy installation. With 11 different profiles, and available lengths from 1 ¾ inches to 20 feet, anchor channel connections can be supplied to suit most requirements. www.halfenusa.com

decorative glass
Make a Memorable Entrance 
With its beauty and vast creative potential, UltraGlas®, from UltraGlas Inc. in Chatsworth, Calif., aims to turn any surface into a work of art. According to information from the company, the decorative glass products can be used to create distinctive storefronts and entrances.

The decorative glass products are available in a variety of textures, colors and patterns. www.ultraglas.com

New Brochure Highlights Energy-Saving Attributes of Solarban 60 
Pittsburgh-based PPG has published a new brochure for consumers highlighting the environmental and cost-saving advantages of windows made with Solarban 60 solar control low-E glass. Because of its clear appearance, Solarban 60 glass allows more than 70 percent of the sun’s natural light to enter a building while blocking more than 60 percent of total solar energy. This can lead to lower cooling bills in the summer, more abundant natural light and less furnace heat loss. www.ppg.com

CRL Introduces Door and Window Replacement Hardware Catalog
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced the fifth in a series of six Master Catalogs, the CRL83 Door and Window Replacement Hardware Catalog. The hard-cover catalog contains 688 full-color pages of door and window hardware products, many of which are manufactured by CRL. CRL83 features CRL’s extensive selection of screen fabrication supplies; storm window and door components; sliding glass door and window hardware; operators for casement and awning type windows; door closers and commercial door hardware; insulating glass supplies; and a diverse selection of sealants, fasteners, tools and cleaners. The catalog can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format at the company’s website. www.crlaurence.com

material handling
Prevent Container Damage with Shock Timer
The Shock Timer Plus 3D from Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST) in Okemos, Mich., attaches to a shipment and records the exact time the product, tote, crate or sea container was damaged in transit. The product is a low-G, 3-axis shock detector with a time stamp that detects and logs whenever a shock occurs that exceeds the trip level. The device saves the peak G-level and time-stamps the occurrence. Shock Timer Plus 3D can be reset and reused via a wireless IRDA interface to the user’s PC. www.isthq.com

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