Volume 42, Issue 9 - September 2007

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Preview of the Products to See in Atlanta

If you just can’t wait to see who will be exhibiting at this year’s GlassBuild America, September 10-12, 2007, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USGlass will curb the suspense. We’ve got a sneak peek of some of the hot products you can expect to see when walking the aisles of the show. Don’t worry, there’s no spoiler alert needed—there is sure to be plenty of news and products waiting to be uncovered at the show, and you can read about it in the November issue of USGlass.

To share your news and learn more, be sure to visit USGlass at booth 1502. In the meantime, here’s a preview of some of the show’s stars.

Exhibit Hall Hours
Monday, September 10
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tuesday, September 11
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday, September 12
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Booth #2509: Reliance Line Now Includes TC IG Curtainwall 
The Reliance™ thermal composite inside glazed (TC IG) curtainwall from Vistawall Architectural Products in Terrell, Texas, achieves increased thermal performance through the use of glass-reinforced polyamide strips in the construction of all horizontal and vertical members. The new vertical is available in both 7 ¼- and 6-inch depths, with either captured or structural silicone glazed (SSG) verticals. Two-color capability is available on both vertical and horizontal sections. As with Reliance curtainwall, Reliance-TC IG offers optional system depths and profiles with the ability to adapt entrance doors and operable windows. With this latest addition, the company now offers three tiers of thermal and installation options: a traditional exterior-glazed pressure wall, an exterior-glazed pressure wall with thermally enhanced composite verticals and a fully inside-glazed composite system. www.vistawall.com

Booth #4020: Translucent Daylighting Pairs with Anti-terrorism Requirements
Major Industries Inc. in Wausau, Wis., is showcasing its Guardian 275® translucent daylighting panels that can also be engineered with specific blast requirements. Major Industries says that unlike traditional blast-resistant materials, the Guardian 275 application allows glare-free, energy-saving, natural light into interior spaces. While at GlassBuild America, the company also will present architects with information on how Major’s daylighting solutions can help them obtain LEED® credit. www.majorskylights.com

doors and windows
Booth #4211: MAME Door System is Ready to Install
The new MAME glass door family from DORMA in Reamstown, Pa., comes complete and ready-to-install, with all door hardware attached. The slim aluminum door frame is strong and stable. The doors are equipped with 3⁄8-inch glass.

Available design elements for the specialized glass include color, sandblasting, LED lighting and engraving. Other materials, such as steel cables, wood or even leather, can be incorporated into the glass. www.dorma-usa.com

Booth #1202: Quaker Creates Window Line for Intricate Projects
Quaker Windows & Doors in Freeburg, Mo., will display a new window line that can be used in heavy-commercial applications. Quaker says its #8100 series aluminum single-hung window can be used in projects that require intricate specifications, including historical replications. www.quakerwindows.com

glass Booth 
#1916: SAFTI FIRST Improves Product Line
San Francisco-based SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions now offers its SuperLite C, CS, CP and CSP with a five-day lead time. The SuperLite product line, fire-rated from 20 minutes to three hours, includes fire-retardant filled glass, ceramics and safety wired glass. The products also can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane and UV rays and is available custom-made. www.safti.com

Booth #4522:XYG Keeps Clear 
XYG Glass, the Richmond, British Colombia, Canada-based representative of Xinyi Glass, says it will be spotlighting Xinyi’s ultra clear photovoltaic low-iron glass for solar module production during the show. The special pattern glass is designed to enhance solar energy transmission at various light incident angles for higher energy output, according to information from the company. www.xygglass.com

Booth #1013: Dlubak Spotlights Safety and Style 
Dlubak Corp. in Blairsville, Pa., will spotlight a diverse range of products at the show, from protective glazing for security applications to decorative custom graphic flat and bent glass laminates. The company fabricates flat and curved glass for commercial, residential and military applications. It offers hurricane, security, ballistic, blast, laminated, tempered, insulating, display case and curved glass, as well as screen printing, water jet cutting and extrusion bending. www.dlubakglass.com 

Booth #2013: Can’t Scratch Sevasa 
Sevasa of Barcelona, Spain, will present a new architectural glass at the show. The company says its new Antiscratch line is a unique acid-etched glass that has been treated with an Alfluor coating so the glass is resistant to both scratches and stains. www.sevasa.com

Booths #3105 and #3301: CRL Now Customizes Security and Transaction Hardware
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. now is manufacturing customized versions of its full range of transaction windows and accessories. In addition to metal frames suited to diverse applications, the company also carries hardware for frameless barriers and sliding security windows. Products include automatic and semi-automatic windows and pass-thru assemblies in bullet-resistant and non-bullet-resistant models. Accessories include electronic communicators, speak-hole covers, deal trays, security transaction drawer units and package receivers; safety and security mirrors; keyed and electromagnetic locks; digital keypads for access control; dead latch electric strikes; self-closing windows; and panic and deadbolt handles for all-glass doors. www.crlaurence.com

Booth #2403: Multi-Point Security in a Single-Point Size
Nationwide Industries in Tampa, Fla., has introduced several new products, including the patent-pending KLAW™ 2-point mortise lock. The 2-point system fits into a single-point space. The simple but effective mortise lock allows users to use single or 2-point locks in the same routed profile. The lock can be used with the company’s new, patented Regal™ handle. www.nationwideindustries.comservices 

Booth #3823: Vesuvius Offers R&D, Technical Service to Glass Fabricators
Vesuvius, a supplier of fused silica rolls based in Belgium, now provides research and development and technical service support to glass fabricators in the Americas, Asia and Europe. The company has established three globally positioned roll fabricating platforms to service the glass industry. The company’s most recent developments include complex fused silica bending molds for windshields and back- and sidelites, and high-purity, dust-resistant lightweight fused silica furnace linings. www.vesuvius.com 

machinery and equipment
Booth #3923: Glasstech Highlights Tempering and Roll-Forming Technology
Glasstech Inc. in Perrysburg, Ohio, will highlight its FCH2™ architectural flat glass tempering system and the roll-forming technology used by its family of cylindrical radius bender (CRB) systems.  The FCH2 architectural flat glass tempering system is a gas-fired forced-convection system that processes clear or coated glass, including hard- and soft-coated low-E glass.  Under normal circumstances, the FCH2 can heat clear glass at a typical cycle time of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness and high-performance, soft-coat low-E glass at a typical cycle time of 33 seconds per millimeter. CRB systems use computer-controlled, flexible upper and lower beds to bend glass and roll-form complex shapes. The CRBA™ produces parts up to 1,700 millimeters wide by 2,400 millimeters long and will temper or heat-strengthen glass as thin as 3 millimeters. The CRBA produces up to 180 loads per hour. www.glasstech.com 

Booth #2811: Azon Showcases Azo-Brader™ Components
Azon USA Inc. in Kalamazoo, Mich., will display the latest head and cutter components for its patented Azo-Brader.

Designed to mechanically surface condition an aluminum extrusion cavity before the pour and debridge process, the Azo-Brader ensures that Azon’s structural, thermal barrier systems maintain a secure hold with today’s most advanced finishes—a guarantee backed by a 10-year warranty for approved Azo-Brader applicators. The company will also highlight its Warm-Light® certified fabricator program for insulating glass manufacturers and 10-year warranty for thermal barrier and equipment customers who follow the company’s online E-Quality Audit™ and in-house testing programs. www.azonintl.com

Booth #1531: For.El. Plans to Introduce Laminating Line
For.El. will soon launch a PVB laminating line, a project that has been in the works for more than three years. With the new line For.El. will offer a broad range of production equipment, including glass storage, laminating, cutting and IG manufacturing. According to information from the company, developing a laminating line was a clear choice due to the continuous development of glass and [interlayer] performance qualities, as well as the exponential growth of power source costs. “These last years it has been obvious that lamination is indeed the route to take instead of other techniques for manufacturing highly efficient thermal and acoustic safety glass,” the company said in its announcement. www.forelspa.com

Booth #2751: CMS Showcases the Newest in Glass Machinery
CMS North America in Caledonia, Mich., will exhibit its latest glass processing technologies: the Deltagrind, Runner 3.70 and the Vertec.

The Deltagrind is designed to grind all four sides of rectangular and trapezoidal glass shapes. CMS says the Deltagrind’s vertical design allows for minimized use of floor space, with maximum output of a continuous, uninterrupted flow of parts. The Deltagrind can produce seamed, flat pencil edges while automatically reading the shape of each part. CMS’s Runner 3.70 cutting table has undergone a redesign. The new Runner 3.70 is fast, accurate, user-friendly and reliable, according to CMS. The machine includes a new compact control pedestal that was redesigned for minimal interference with improved workflow and user-friendly capability. CMS’s Vertec machine, designed specifically for the shower door market, can execute complex internal and external drilling, milling and grinding cycles easily and quickly. The Vertec has a modular vertical design that allows the operator to load it manually or from a conveyor. It also works in conjunction with edgers, washers and automatic loading and unloading equipment. www.cmsna.com

Booth #2123: Glassrobots Robo Temp Offers Latest in Convection
Finland’s Glassrobots Oy has delivered an advanced design in its Robo Temp™, a flat tempering machine that combines convection and radiant furnace technologies. The company says the machine is fast-becoming its success story, with nearly 20 machines already set for delivery by the end of the year, and more than a half dozen of these going to U.S. companies. Glassrobots says the Robo Temp will boost productivity while achieving high quality in production–especially of low-E coated glass.  www.glassrobots.fi

Booth #4331: Billco Unveils Glass Washer, Adds Enhancements
Billco Manufacturing in Zelienople, Pa., will showcase its new glass washer at the show. The Titan glass washing system offers enhanced processing capabilities with easy maintenance, according to the company. Billco also will display three additional machines at the conference. The FlexiGlyde is an automatic spacer application table for insulating glass manufacturing. FlexiGlyde features a dual-head design that produces units with TruSeal and Edgetech spacer systems. Billco’s CNC 2200 Series glass cutting system will offer performance enhancements with its edge deletion technology, while the Versa Clean Series washer features a versatile design with unique processing capabilities. www.billco-mfg.com

Booth #3111: Edgetech and Partners Prepare to Display
While the Super Spacer® will once again be featured, Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech I.G. Inc. also is bringing its Form8tor® vinyl profile bending system, EZ-RAD grid placement table and the Eco Coat glass protection system to the show.

The Form8tor, manufactured by Uni-Form Engineering, aims to increase productivity levels through patented tri-rotational technology that allows up to eight bends to be produced at one time. The EZ RAD grid placement system, developed in conjunction with Nupro Products Inc., is designed to reduce production time by assisting in the assembly, transportation and placement of grids on washed or unwashed glass. Eco Coat, developed with Eco Coat Glass Protection Systems of Canada, can be applied to glass and frames to protect against freight damage and construction debris. www.edgetechig.com 

Booth #4323: Nordson Makes it Easy
Nordson Corp. in Westlake, Ohio, is showcasing its DuraDrum™ IG bulk meters that it says deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives in insulating glass production. According to Nordson, the DuraDrum provides an all-electric, sealless pump, that allows easy operation and virtually none of the maintenance associated with seals that wear. The DuraDrum IG meters install easily on linear extruders and most edge sealers, or manual systems for fourth-corner patch or handgun use.

The company also is introducing its AG-900+ dispensing applicator, ideal for backbedding. The zero-cavity style of the automatic applicator has been redesigned to provide clean cutoff while working with a wide range of materials and temperature settings. www.nordson.com

Booth #515: The Mule Lifts with Ease 
Safety is foremost on any company’s mind, and now Quattrolifts USA LLC in Henderson, Nev., is offering the Mule, a machine designed to help small glazing businesses that don’t operate overhead cranes reduce their risk of injury when moving glass. The Mule also helps reduce the manpower required to handle heavy glass lites in the shop. With one operator, the Mule can lift large lites that normally would require three to four handlers, according to the company. www.quattrolifts.com

Booth #2417: J&S Machine is on a Roll
J&S Machine Inc. in Ellsworth, Wis., will spotlight the CR 148 IM roll-bending machine. Capable of bending multi-radius parts with up to 36 radii, the CR 148 IM can use the profile data stored in its memory to program radius and arc length information. An advanced hydraulic system provides precise positioning of the rollers. According to the company, the height of the tooling mount accommodates specialty tooling for bending storefront and curtainwall material. www.jsmachine.com

Booth #2531: Bystronic Flexes
Its Machinery Hauppauge, N.Y.-based Bystronic will showcase its fully automated shape-capable first’flexspacer line. The system includes a three-brush pair washer with electronic speed control, an automatic ESA application robot with a grid marking device, a tandem gas fill with an assembly press for krypton and argon filling and a hotmelt sealing robot with corner wiping tool. www.bystronic.com 

Booth #2219: Kawneer to Showcase Green Design
Kawneer Co. Inc., headquartered in Norcross, Ga., will showcase four major product focus areas at this year’s show: green design, protective glazing, pre-glazed/pre-assembled and thermal design. Among the featured products will be the new Paneline® EL security entrance. The company’s first brochure printed entirely on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper also will be available. It outlines the company’s brand promise and capabilities, including its product segments and areas of focus, such as impact-resistant products and sustainable solutions. The company’s new interactive LEED Planning Tool, developed to help navigate the complex LEED certification process, also will be available. Visitors to the booth can pick up the tool, which guides users to the specific Kawneer products and solutions that meet the requirements for each targeted LEED category. www.kawneer.com

Booth #3007: New PPG Brochure Highlights Certified Fabricator Program
PPG Industries in Pittsburgh has published a new brochure highlighting the Certified Fabricator Program (PPG/CFP), a group of glass fabricators certified by PPG to provide a full range of high-performance PPG glass products. These products include Solarban 70XL, Solarban z50 and Solarban 60 glasses. The brochure also includes a map of PPG/CFP member locations and contact information. The new brochure details the benefits of PPG/CFP members’ offerings to their customers, such as priority access to select high-performance PPG glass products, accelerated lead times, in-stock replacement glass and regional sourcing. www.ppg.com

Booth #2021: EFCO Promotes A Greener World 
EFCO Corp. in Monett, Mo., has made available its new Building Green with EFCO brochure that focuses on the company’s energy-efficient products. EFCO manufactures earth-friendly products comprised largely of glass and aluminum. These include architectural aluminum windows, curtainwalls, storefronts and entrance systems for commercial architectural applications.

The brochure encourages others to participate in the LEED Green Building Rating System. www.efcocorp.com 

Booth #3122: Viracon Introduces a Revolution in High Performance Glass
The new VNE coating from Viracon in Owatonna, Minn., combines low reflectivity with solar control. According to information from the company, the VNE line combines attributes of traditional low-E coatings and hybrid low-E coatings into a new neutral low-E category of coating. VNE63, the flagship product for the VNE line, is joined by VNE37, and new additions to the platform are currently undergoing research and development. VNE63 is available to maximum producible dimensions of 72 by 144 inches and VNE37 is available to the maximum producible dimensions of 84 by 144 inches with a maximum unit size of 65 square feet.

Designers can combine the VNE coating with different glass colors and silk-screen patterns for a higher level of energy performance. www.viracon.com

Booth #302: A PSA Just for Muntin Applications 
ARclad® 8626 from Adhesives Research in Glen Rock, Pa., offers a first pressure-sensitive adhesive tape specifically engineered for the long-term performance requirements of interior and exterior SDL bars in muntin applications. According to the company, the product conforms well to painted, glass and muntin surfaces, while eliminating the risks, cost, time and resources associated with the use of silane primers. The product’s foam-to-surface wet-out prevents the ingress of moisture, including cleaning solutions that potentially could cause delamination of the bars. ARclad 8626 resists thermal expansion and contraction of aluminum bars, as well as relative humidity. www.adhesivesresearch.com

Booth #1613: Capital Tape Answers Call to Market
Capital Tape in Cleveland has developed the 5200 series glazing tape in response to market demand for higher peel adhesion and tack. The new tape series can be used on PVC profile, aluminum and wood frames. The company says the tape features quick adhesion after just a short dwell time. Capital Tape also plans to showcase additional glazing tapes for hollow metal glazing, storefront and curtainwall applications. www.capitaltape.com

Booth #1915: CCWW® Aims to Get the Fog Out
Crystal Clear Window Works USA (CCWW), headquartered in Nashville, restores insulating glass units (IGU) using environmental processes under the brand “get the FOG out!” According to information from the company, CCWW’s proprietary methods and technologies for removing moisture and fog, extending life of a thermal pane unit, and recovering thermal performance of residential and commercial windows has provided a cost-effective, environmental alternative to replacement. The company says they have, along with its franchisees, restored more than 2 million square feet of glass that would otherwise have been dumped in landfills, and diverted 7,500 tons of greenhouse gases. www.ccwwi.com

Booth #711: Contractors and Designers Can Depend On Dependable 
Dependable Glass Works in Covington, La., says it can provide architects, contractors and designers with all of their architectural glass needs—laminated glass, textured glass, cast glass and more. The company’s water jet cutting capabilities allow it to shape glass to the user’s specifications and do cuts-outs as required. The company also fabricates hurricane- and bullet-resistant glass. www.dependableglass.com 

Booth #1001: Dry Glaze Option Now Protects Storefronts from Impacts
The ProTek entrance and storefront systems from YKK AP® in Austell, Ga., are now available with dry glaze Dupont SentryGlas Plus for large missile applications. The design of the ProTek systems and the properties of the dry glaze SentryGlas Plus enable a gasket to replace the interior structural silicone seal typically required on blast- and hurricane-resistant products. According to information from the company, the use of an interior gasket lowers material and labor costs, improves the aesthetic appearance of the application and helps to mitigate quality concerns associated with the field application of structural silicone. www.ykkap.com

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